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    Friday, March 03, 2006
    Turn your blog into an eBook for FREE.

    I'm thinking about converting my blog into pdf file and after searching for the manual, i found a free and fast way to convert my blog into pdf. It's not the exact feature i'm looking for but it's a good start. I'm looking for a way to convert my whole blog and turn it into pdf file. Oh well, maybe i need to search for more info or use my mighty Adobe Pro to convert my blog.

    Shall we proceed? First point your browser to RSS2Pdf. I'm sure you can figure out what to do next because it is easy. Just drop your URL and press a button. RSS2Pdf will convert your blog to pdf file in seconds.

    I wish FeedBurner can compile my whole post and turn it into a pdf file. Or does FeedBurner already offering that to its users? If you have an answer for me, don't be shy to email it to me. Talk about email, i always get emails asking me why i don't enable comment function for my blog. Long story short, i hate spams. That is why i've created my own group. Just enter your email to subscribe to my group. I'm using Google Group to manage my group. You can post your comment there if you like. any idea on how to improve my blog also welcome. Hate-mail also welcome there but don't use bad words of course. See you there.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 11:32 AM  
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