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    Friday, March 03, 2006
    Suse 10, here i come, almost.
    Some said Suse 10 is far better then Suse 9x in terms of installation and hardware support. Heading to OpenSuse to get their ISO so that i can play around with Suse. I'm downloading the ISO using torrent as i type this post. Ok, i'm getting Suse and Utoto all at the same time.

    Maybe i need to clear thing a bit. The question about "What distro of Linux i'm running" is not a new to me because i got it alot in emails. So let me explain it to you. Yup, history lesson again, so bear with me.

    I tried all sort of Linux distro and most of it Debian-based linux. I don't know why but i felt ( maybe i'm wrong in some way ) that Debian-based Linux work perfectly on my box. I tried from the most popular Linux down to the less-known Linux distro. Let me list out the distros i have tried since 1997 in no particular order.

    1. Corell Linux
    2. Debian.
    3. Slackware.
    4. Mandrake.
    5. Suse.
    6. Red Hat.
    7. Fedora
    8. Gentoo
    9. Xandros.
    10. Ubuntu.
    11. Yellow Dog.
    12. TurboLinux

    1. Knoppix
    2. Slax.
    3. PCLinuxOS

    BSD flavour.
    1. FreeBSd
    2. OpenBSD
    3. FresSBIE
    4. NetBSD
    5. DragonFly BSD ( not my type of BSD ).

    That's all i could remember. Like i said, i tried to many GNU/Linux and BSD distros. The funny part is, i'm stuck with Win98 at office...hahahaha. I still can emulate AutoCAD so that it will run properly on Debian or Suse. Some said AutoCad runs smoothly on Mandrake..huh i need to dig out my CD collection AGAIN! Oh well, one step at a time.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 3:06 PM  
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