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    Monday, March 06, 2006
    Stop for 10 seconds and you'll find something important.
    Yesterday, as i walked home, i saw a messy thrash bin. I know it's only a bin but it doesn't have to be messy. Papers flying all over the place and maggots crawling with beers in their mouth. So i stopped at the bin to pick up the mess. Most of us don't really pick up other peoples thrash but for no reason, i decided to clean the bin a bit.

    There i was, getting my hands dirty picking up dirty things and BAMM... i saw something. A check in an envelop between the thorn papers. It's a cash check with a small "sticky note" on the back of the check. Afzan bin Jazzir and the full adress. Ermm... i take another look at the check and it's a whooping RM20,000 ( USD5,000 ). Called the person and he thanked me for finding the check. End of the story, everyone is happy.

    What's the story got to do with blogging you might ask. Simple, not every blog is a junk. A less popular doesn't mean it's a junk blog but a "popular-blog-in-making". So we all read ProBlogger, Blog Herald, Matt Cutt or other popular blogs but sometimes we overlook the less popular blogs because simply it's not popular and doesn't rank well in search engine list. True, but like i said, some of the less popular blog is in the path to make under the bright spotlight.

    I'm not going to reveal the less popular blog now because i want to keep track their progress in a month or so. Maybe the phrase "Don't judge book by its cover" is not accurate. People do judge ablog by its cover. I'm talking about the way the blog looks like or a simple word; template. Blogger just love to use a built-in template and forget about it. This is not a good idea if you want people too bookmark your blog. Again, people do judge your blog from you template.

    Try to look for a different template for your blog. Make it stands above the rest and make it sexy (?) so that people can remember your blog more easily. I know some of you don't know how to code but if you search the internet, plenty of free template ready for you to use. Just copy the templates code and you're done.

    Make sure your template doesn't not contain full of ads or flash animation. Stick to text ads if you really need to show your sponsors. Adsense is a great way to show ads in your blog. A informative way to place your Adsense in your blog to make more money is being discuss here with Joel. Joel made over $25,000 per month using Adsense and he is the right person the talk to on how to place Adsense on your blog.

    Keep your links short. Too many links will lead to...yes, NO WHERE! I know you have thoundsand of friends but think of an alternative way for your links. Learn anything that might help me to improve my blog? Email me please.
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