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    Friday, March 31, 2006
    Respect me or die in the milk bottle!
    I rarely blog about myself but sometimes i need to get things out from my system. This is my evil side and i'm not proud of it. As a human, i have my own limit. I'm talking about respecting your neighbour and how that can bring more smile ( or sour ) into your life.

    On Monday i had enough with my neighbour. Enough is enough. Not that i haven't talk to them nicely but this is off the line. As you all know, my 7 months old daughter need more sleep compared to her father. Come on, we all know babies sleep more often and if they don't have enough know the rest.

    Not just me who complained about the neighbour but most of us had enough of the noise. Yes, they made lot of noise and we just had enough. This has been going for about 2 years! Notice how nice we were but this neighbour just don't understand Malay. This neighbour brought along his friends and boy, more noise that was.

    Last Saturday i had enough of this noise makers. My daughter can't sleep and i can't enjoy my weekend properly. I must admit, when i'm mad, i am mad. Rushed outside and saw those noise maker making more noise. Time to strike back with a 0.12mm gun in my hand little patience left i shout at them.

    They ran in panic and i chased them. Don't tell me i haven't warned you...i'm kinda mad at that time. You can run but you can't hide.

    Monday, just got back from work and saw the noise makers looking at me; scared. This time they don't have time to run. I put on my "i'll-kill-you" face and i can see they face turned pale. Now they know i'm serious and i need my respect.

    For an hours and half i brainwashed them but this time no more Mr.Nice Guy for them. I told them to shut up or i'll call the police. We'll see what will happen after this.

    Everyone need some time out and so does me. If anyone invade my privacy, they are asking for trouble. After a long day at work, i deserve a nice quite time with my family. On weekends i need some quality time with my family too and some space for my own. I like to read books during weekends and i can't read my books in hectic surrounding.

    So what the milk bottle got to do with this story? Nothing i guess just playing with some headline.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 5:09 PM  
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