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    Wednesday, March 15, 2006
    An open letter to my computer.
    Dear Computer,
    How's life? I hope this letter is not taking much of your time and i know you're a busy computer. First of all, i would like to say thank you for all the good time we had...all the ups and downs. Since 1997, you have been my best friend and i hope this will continue for another span on time.

    i would like to file a complaint about you and the things inside your rusty casing. First thing is, your casing is rusty and i don't like looking at it. I know the rust was from the big flood we had in 2002 but it seems to get annoying. You need to change your casing in order to look nice when my daughter is using you.

    Your hardwares are old stuff and i can't run those latest 3D games or software. I know you're old and lack of memories but getting a bigger RAM not going to solve my problem. It's hard to find SD-RAM nowdays and it costs a fortune. If i want to upgrade your RAM, i need to get a new mobo ( motherboard ) and again, that will fork out more money from my wallet. Let say i bought a new mobo, then i need to replace your Slot-1 CPU with a typical CPU slot. Finding a Slot-1 mobo is like finding my car key in the ocean. At that time, your CPU was the fastest around and i'm proud to use it but now, a 450 Mhz Pentium 2 is not that fun anymore.

    Running 3D game with a built-in slot with 8Mb sharing memory is utterly out of question. I tried running the latesst FIFA game from EA and your memories failed to run it properly. I know that game wouldn't boot but, i just can't help it to install it. Your mobo also runs on non-USB port and that is a big shame. I can't copy file from my USB drive to your hard drive.

    I must say that i love your hard drive. It has survived the out-surge several time and by by using SpinRite from, i can recover most of my data. Again, if you could change the drive to a SATA would be nice.

    You're running an Operating System that can be attack by virus and i don't quite fond of that. I have to backup my data and sometimes re-format my FAT32 drive. That took me several hours and i'm sure you too don't like to waste your time. Your OS crashed almost 5-10 times per month and that really made me want to smash you to the wall. After updates and more updates, your OS still runs like a mad cow. No, i'm not saying it's a bad OS but i'm sure it can be better. Downloading Service Packs after another on a dial-up is like walking from Malaysia to Chicago on bare foot.

    Your OS kept forcing me get their latest OS in order to run this and that. An OS should work for me and not forcing me to buy their latest OS in order to get the latest updates. Runnig a "close" softwares and OS is pain at the back. If i want to open a document made from their latest product, i can't open it and a message box will ask me to upgrade.

    I hope you can read my open letter in a calm maner because i just install Ubuntu and man it runs great! No need to upgrade my hardwares and no more waiting for softwares to boot. Thank you so much.

    PS: You still need a new casing tho.

    posted by Jamloceng @ 1:05 PM  
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