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    Wednesday, March 15, 2006
    Noise cancelling for better focus.
    I'm not alone and i'm sure most of you just hate noises while working. The phone ringing, co-worker cracking jokes, sound from high-heel shoe from a girl next door etc is what i call "annoying noise". I can't focus on my work if the noise level is high, especially the "co-worker cracking jokes".

    So i use Sennheiser PCX 250 headphone. It work really well and i put it on all day long. A perfect fit for my ears and the it's an semi-active noise canceller. It can filter out noises thati've mentioned above and i don't have to worry about noises anymore. Well, as i said, it's a semi-active not active canceller but better than nothing right? Some said Bose headphone is just overpriced, but it's worth buying if you ask me.

    Using a high quality headphone i second to none if you don't play some white noise. It will cut out almost 80% of noises around you. Sometimes, even my co-worker have to shout at me to get my attention. I'll put on some classical music like Mozart or anything that doesn't contain any vocal in it. That helped me alot in focusing the job in my hands. You can also listen rain drops mp3 as your "musical filtering tool". Notice how we respon when it's raining? Yes, a nice soothing feeling and made us happy inside-out. Same goes for white noise.

    A nice software to use is BrainWave Generator ( shareware ). With so many presets to choose from, you can filter out the noise around you. Have fun filtering the noises. Roger Johansson, have a nice post about what can noises can do to you and what type of noise cancelling headphone to use.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 3:08 PM  
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