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    Thursday, March 09, 2006
    Japan's invisible man.

    Wow..this is cool, an invisible man walking around town. Japan invented so many great stuff, what else they haven't invented yet? A talking dog? Wait, they already invented that.

    It looks like as if three men walking behind are seen through the body of graduate student Kazutoshi Obana during a demonstration of optical camouflage technology at Tokyo University on Wednesday.

    The demonstration conducted by Professor of Engineering Susumu Tachi is an early stage of his research that he hopes will eventually render camouflaged objects virtually transparent by wearing an optical device. - via CNN.

    What else? An invisible spycam? That would be huge buzz for us all. What about an invisble nuclear site? No wait, Google Maps deleted the Chinesee nuclear site and that made it invisible right? Oh well, i'm waiting for an invisible iPod.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 2:22 PM  
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