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    Wednesday, March 08, 2006
    I prefer a text version of Seth compared to video version.
    I'm not saying that i hate Seth Godin but i rather read his blog next to watch his speech. His speech was great but the style of his speech was not like Seth. From what i seen before, he really pumped-up kind of person while giving speeches.

    His style while giving the speech was like i watched some Multi Level Marketing marketer who just learn how to make a public speech. Again, i'm not one of Seths haters. His is a great person but i prefer his blog. Maybe in the video, a mood-swing hanging near Seth. If you want some inside story about marketing, Seth is one of the best.

    In the video, Seth was talking about Google and the title of his speech was "All Marketers are Liars"! Ermm...Google equals to liars? Watch the video and you'll understand what he is talking about.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 4:18 PM  
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