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    Monday, March 13, 2006
    I have an idea- WikiTorrent.

    I use Wiki heavily for my blog and torrent for my downloading method ( normally huge file like Linux's ). Why not combine both service? Yes, Wikipedia and Torrent in one software.

    As we all know Wiki is the biggest online library and torrent is the easiest tool for downloading. This is how my idea going to be. A torrent client will search Wiki file so that i can edit/add it. Not only that, it will searches torrent users that have the same file as i am. Once the torrent client found a match (from Wikipedia and other torrent users ), it'll validate the file before update it to Wikipedia.

    For example, if John have the latest update of Wiki file, the torrent client will notified me about it and ask me should i "merge" the file with mine. By using A.I, the torent client can put an "updated" version of file to Wiki. Let say i have create a new paragraph and Johns Wiki file does not have the new paragraph, the torrent client will "add" my new paragraph and "merge" it before update the file from Wiki.

    I know this sounds complex but once you understand about it, it's easy. We don't have to go to Wiki everytime we wanted to update files from Wikipedia. Not only that, by using torrent as the main tool, we can "share" the latest update among us. If you would like to make this software, please release it as Open Source for varies OS ( Windows, Linux, BSD, BeOS, Mac etc ). You can release the software at your website or blog but please give me some credit for my idea. All i'm asking is a backlink from your website or blog. A link from within the tool also a great help.

    Please spread this idea to Digg, Delicious or any social bookmarking service or put a link from your blog or website.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 3:07 PM  
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