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    Thursday, March 16, 2006
    I hate liars!
    I saw a website that promises you a higher page rank in Google. With a $200 to pay, they said your page will be on the top list of Google and all major search engines in 2 weeks span. What? This is interesting.

    So i said to myself can these guys be trusted? By the way, i'm using Firefox browser with Google Toolbar with it. You can download your copy of Firefox from my blog. Back to the story....

    I saw the page rank of that website is...... nothing! Ermm...a company that promises you a higher page rank doesn't have a rank at all. Maybe my trusted brower gone wacky-wack for a while. So i wait for another minute and clear the cache and press the F5 ( refresh ) button. Yeaaaa...liar!

    If the company is so good at making your site on the top list, why can they put their own site on the page rank list? It doesn't made sense for a company that offers you a higher page rank! "Hi, i'm a doctor and i'll will operate your brain"-where's the proof? Talk is cheap nowdays, just like Seth Godin said, people need proof not some cheap talk.

    If you're thinking about paying them a fee, think again. Make sure the company's page rank is at least 7/10! Lower than that, forget about it..they're liars! Hey, even Seth gave a speech about "All marketers are liars".
    posted by Jamloceng @ 6:19 PM  
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