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    Monday, March 27, 2006
    How to annoy me--Read and learn how to get blacklisted by Jamloceng.
    It's about time to write about the DO's and DONT's. I'm not saying that i'm in my "mood-swing" phase but just to lay down several rules before sending me emails/YM/calls.

    Don't buzz me every 5 seconds using Yahoo! Messanger. I can't reply every YM because sometimes i've work in my hands. Don't worry, i do read your YM but buzzing me is not a wise thing to do. Sometimes, my readers just buzzed with nothing written in it. Oh boy, don't make me add your ID into my "hatelist" because i hate adding people into my blacklist.

    Don't ask to ask--just ask.
    I got this alot and really annoying. "Can i ask you something?"..that's it! Please ask and i'll try to get back to you. Dealing with several hundreds emails per day is not my full time job so please understand if i'm not asnwering your question. Sometimes i'll answer similar question in my blog so that others can read it too.

    Call me from office while i'm in bed sick.
    This really piss me off. When i'm sick, i'm sick so why the need to check if i'm home or in Vegas or some sort? I'm sick so i'm not going anywhere mind you. I've work hard for the company and they kept "giving me the hermm" thingy. Still don't trust me? Come on, i've been working for the same company for nearly 9 years. The best part is, they will hung up after i said hello. Wow..that was so 12-years-old. Grow up! Ok i know this is not related to blogging but it's annoying.

    I'm not a parrot and i don't repeat myself.
    I do hope people will treat me like a human not as a parrot. Asking the same question several time will most likely to end up in my spam list. My readers know that when i answered any email, it's in details. Again, i'm handling not only one or two emails per day and repeating myself is not funny at all.

    Don't sell me your penis or breast enlargement pills.
    Ahh...the classic spam of all. I don't need your penis enlargement pills or cream. I'm happy with my current "buddy" thank you. Hello...that was so 90's spam! Wake up, we are now in the Web 2.0 year. I know in marketing, sex sells but don't try selling it to me. Take it somewhere else because i know it's a spam.

    Redirect me and you'll be in the list too.
    I hate when people using re-director in their emails. Don't paste your affiliate link that will redirect me to some wierd website please. Not only i'll add your email address in my blacklist but also in my HOST file. Yes, i'll block your URL ( including your re-directors URL ).

    Now that i've lay down some rules, please read it before clicking that "Send" button. One more thing, don't call me a snoob just because i don't reply your email or YM. Happy reading folks.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 10:40 AM  
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