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    Tuesday, March 07, 2006
    The Goat is officialy sold.
    Pingoat is a nice pinging tool for blogger. Pingoat ans are no longer under Kailash Nadh administration.
    irst of all let me introduce myself. I am Tim Phelan and I have been making a living online sice mid 2004. I love this business and am totally involved with it.

    It fascinates me and excites me. I am sure most of you feel the same.

    When I saw that pingoat was for sale by Kailash I thought this would be an interesting site to look into. I had used pingoat myself for a few months and I knew that is was used by many of the people I was in contact with online. I also realised that blogging was super hot and would remain that way for quite a while.

    So after emailing Kailash a few times we agreeed on a price based on traffic mostly as he said he wasn't monetizing the site much. We went through the buying process and now we are here. - via GoatLog.

    Well, Kailash never state any figure about the sale but i'm guessing about $10,000 or more. Below is what Kailash blog about the sale., one of my most successfull misc work, has been acquired. In a short span of seven months, Pingoat grew phenomenally and because one of the most popular blogger tools on the internet. Pingoat made me a lot of new friends and vast contacts; Pingoat eventually became my dear pet :)

    Anyway, hopefully Pingoat will grow even further and flourish under the new management. Good luck abd Bye bye Pingoat.

    PS: also got acquired along with Pingoat

    I wish Kailash all the best for his future and study. Kailash, if you're reading this, please answer my email to you quick :P.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 4:32 PM  
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