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    Friday, March 31, 2006
    A cow is smarter then a blogger--said Kreamlin.
    Yes, it's true; a cow is much more smarter compare to a blogger. Some said cow is the dumbest creature on this planet ( some said even on Mars ) but after comparing it with a blogger, the cow won the race.

    First thing first, who in the blue heaven is Kreamlin? Well, Kreamlin is my friend and we talked about blogs and blogsphere yesterday. He gave me several "interesting" facts about his discovery. Are you a blogger or are you the cow sitting behind a computer? Read on and answer the question for the sake of the human race.

    A cow never lie.
    A cow just eats all day long and spit out some saliva once in a while. The cow only doing what it knows best; eating, sleeping, eat some more and spit some more. Have you seen a cow drinking a cup of coffee at Starbuck? No, because that is not its nature. But for bloggers, we lie so much from Alaska right down to Singapore, even FedEx can't handle it.

    A saw so many blogger that lied to their readers. Yes, they wrote some nice content but i'm sure Linux don't run EXE! Why wrote something you don't know? Here's why, most of these bloggers are placing Adsense in their blogs. Yup, they need to look "smart and clever" so they wrote things that they don't really understand. Earth to Mars.....drop that attitude will ya.

    A cow doesn't speaks in riddle.
    It moooo's and never quacks. If it want to eat, it will moo, if it want to sleep; it will moo some more. What an easy life eh? And don't forget, honest life.

    For blogger? Oh boy, they spoke in riddle even they can't understand! Weird eh? No, i'm not talking about using those 3L|t3 language. Why is that? Again, these bloggers are Adsense publishers and they will kept on repeating keywords so that their Adsense will show the right ads. Some got smarter and not just repeating the same keywords but inserting related keywords.

    I saw a blog ( not from ) using that method and i can't understand what the post all about. The only thing i can understand was money, income, revenue, profits. The content was about miniature boat!

    A cow stupid enough to spams.
    How true it is because a cow don't use a computer for its daily life. The only "dirty" thing a cow did in public was leaving its dung behind. Come on, its a cow remember? Don't expect a cow to go to the nearest toilet because it won't.

    Bloggers just love to spam each other. "Hey, i found a great website that teaches you how to hack iPod [direct link here]" and that comment was supposed to be about a cat. Now you know why i disable comments from my blog. Spam filtering is not my full-time job mind you.

    So we talked about for another hour about cow and blogger. Too many "interesting" comment from Kreamlin and might started a molotov-cocktail-throwing scene if i post everything.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 10:53 AM  
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