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    Monday, March 20, 2006
    Blog blockage? Here is how to unblock your idea.
    As a blogger, sometimes i just can't think properly. You know, what to write or where to start kind of thing. Sometimes, too many idea is not leading anywhere. Below are the steps i use to get things started.

    Read spammy blogs.
    What? Read more spammy blogs? Uh, well yes. The reason is, so that i know my blog is better compared to the spammy blogs. That will gives some boost before i write for my blog. Sometimes, spammy blogs contained some nice content too ( yes, they copied from some other blogs ) and that can jump-start my idea.

    Do something you never done before
    Ahh...the most classic example. This can give you a new fresh view of things not just regarding your blog. Cook for your kids or try lock-picking or anything. You can use that experience for your blog! Neat eh? Make sure it doesn't involves a knife or a gun. You want to make sure you are still breathing before you blog.

    I know it's hard but give it a try. For 10 minutes a day, you might get your focus on the right track. Breathing is important and meditation can help you with your blood and oxigent circulation. Yes, more blood and oxigent mean your brain wil work better.

    Map your idea.
    Using a mind mapping tool really help me in getting things done. Not just for my blog but also for my life. You can map your ideas on a piece of paper or you can download a mind mapping software. Heck, even Google put a big whiteboard for mind mapping in their office.

    See from a different view.
    Don't laught but sometimes i'll sit of top of the highest building i can find and just enjoy the view. Trust me, it can help you in shifting your view about blogs or life.

    Flash some ideas
    In my previous post, i wrote about subliminal. This is not a new thing for me because i've been using this method for years and it helps. I know you might say "rubbish" but hey, never hurt to try eh. A great software for you to try is Subliminal Blaster, a free tool for you to play with.

    Sleep on it.
    This is what i called, the last resort. Need to say more?

    I'm sure you have your own way to get those blockages out the system. There's no right or wrong method here, just my private view about blogging and how to blog.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 6:08 PM  
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