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    Wednesday, March 08, 2006
    Be the pink cat when you start blogging.
    You're stupid....dull etc. That were the comments i got when i started blogging. At first, that was not the best feeling i had but after several months studying other bloggers, i know that i must be the pink cat. Let me explaine what pink cat is all about.

    Here you are, driving all alone just came back from office. With a heavy headache, the journey is not a really pleasant experience. You saw bikes, cars, trucks etc but your eyes stopped at a pink cat! Sure you seen cats all over the place but a pink cat? What will you do? Yes, you'll stop and touch the cat to make sure it is real.

    Now, back to blogging. Are you the pink or the typical one? Study showed that, you only have about 5-10 seconds to grab your visitors attention. Same goes for the "think-pink" method. Be unique and people will keep coming back to your blog. Yeah sure it will take some time to turn your blog into a "million-visit-per-day" kind of blog but why wait? Start now and think pink.

    Once your blog is "pinked" ( i just made up the word "pinked" ), people will tell their friends or digg it or tag it or bookmark it. Viral promotion? You can say that but once you got pinked, you can asure that more people will re-visit your blog. Remember the first day Google start searching back in the 90's? At that time, there's no AdWords or NFL ads..nothing. But Google getting more hits per day. Yes, because Google is pinked.

    Ever saw a little kids showing their hair clips to each other? They thought theirs are more great compared to their friends but the hair clips are just a normal hair clips. Tiffany is great at the pinked. Don't believe me eh? Look at the box and the bags when you bought a diamond ring from Tiffany. Don't you think it look so nice? Again, think pink.

    Like my post? Why not submit it to Digg, Delicious or Technorati. Have fun and don't forget to pinked!
    posted by Jamloceng @ 4:40 PM  
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