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    Thursday, March 16, 2006
    Adsense Q&A -- A Forgotten Stupid Formula for Adsense Publishers.
    Another email about Adsense in my inbox. I just love reading my readers emails and sometimes i'll pick a question and try to answer it in my blog.

    I still don't make a dime from Adsense. Why and how to get started?
    I've wrote several post about Adsense in my blog but this time i'll try to add a twist to it. From my point of view, you can make massive income from Adsense by pulling several methods. Before i go into the details, i'm not a guru or such, i'm sharing my own experience with you. So don't call me "The Grand master" or "Guru" ok. By the way, the question above was from Greek_Kidz.

    I'll start with the "WHY" first to make sure Greek_Kidz can understand the ground of Adsense. I like to give Adsense a new name; ADD SOME SENSE. Yes, you must use your common sense in order to get some nice juicy check from Adsense. Put yourself into your visitors shoe and then work from there. What i meant by "put in the readers shoe" was, you need to analyze the DO's and DON'Ts.

    Ask yourself a question; "Do i enjoy looking at ads and more ads?" or "Will i click the ads?". These kind of questions might help you in order to figure out what is the best for your Adsense plan. Again, ADD SOME SENSE into your question. That is how i put my Adsense in my blog and it works. This is not a 100% result for you but i doesn't hurt to try. Always ask questions before publishing your pages. A wise man said "Crawl before you walk".

    Where did you put your Adsense blocks? Will it interupt your visitors? Those are the questions related to the position of your Adsense blocks. Again, ADD SOME SENSE before deciding to place your Adsense ads. Where is the best position? What is the best format? What is the best secret colour? To answer that, you need to read the tips that made publisher $25,000 richer. I don't have all day to explaine everything to you, but if you want more tips about where to put your Adsense, please read Joel recommendation.

    Now it's the HOW part. For this section, i must divide it into two parts; MORE and LESS. I'll explaine the MORE first okay? If you want to go to the restroom, better go now-this going to be looooong one.

    In order to make money, a businessman will sell more product right? Now, let us put it in reverse shall we. In order to make more money, you need to built more webpage or blogs! Simple as that and that is what the big boys did. See, just a common sense used. Let me go into the details on MORE. You need to do:

    1. Built more websites or blogs.
    2. Put Adsense on every pages of your existing site or blog.

    You have two option now; built more pages or put Adsense on every pages of your existing website or blog. It's wise to combine both method and you'll see more income from Adsense. I saw webmasters placed Adsense only on the front page and the rest of the pages are not making them any money. Just imagine what if they put Adsense on every pages of their website? Yes, you're correct indeed; more money. Now that i've covered the first section of MORE, shall we go to the next part?

    The LESS section normally falls for the "I only have one website" kind of person. If you thought they are not making any money, think again. They only play smarter and that resulting more income for them. I'm talking about people who uses high paying keywords. They search for the most expensive keywords and turn it into gold. These guys don't have to create multiple website to earn revenue because they already making money from one website or blog only! Another evidence of ADD SOME SENSE. I'm not going to cover how to find the high paying keywords because i've wrote about in my blog.

    So Greek_Kidz, i hope you can sleep well now.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 4:18 PM  
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