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    Friday, March 31, 2006
    Adsense is chasing away readers?
    Any blog or website need some exposure; small or big. Loosing a reader will hurt my blog; will it? Or will i see more income from Adsense?

    If you clicked on Adsense ads, you will be redirected to the site according to the ad you just clicked. Yaahoo...the publisher just made some money from the click but "darn", just lost another reader.

    For a not so popular blog like mine, every visit counts. I'm building human relationship with my readers and i'm looking for more readers. Adsense is chasing away my readers? Let me tell you the full scenario from the start.

    For a "first-time" visitors, they normally did not bookmark my blog. Why? Because they are the firs timers, they never heard of my blog before. They will only bookmark my blog only if they found it's worth bookmarking. Now what if readers clicked on my Adsense, they will be directed to another website and i'll make some money from it. So what is bothering me so much?

    This is what; most users will click the close button instead of clicking the "back" button ( which will bring them back to my blog ). It's easy to be forgotten in this case don't you think so? Imagine if you already in the website you just clicked from my Adsense, i'm sure you will click the links you can find from that website. The more you clicked the further you're from my blog.

    I'm hoping that Adsense can change their javascript so that it will open a new window when someone clicked on Adsense. Not only i win but Adsense too. I still have a change to "impress" my readers and Google still can make money.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 1:39 PM  
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