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    Monday, February 27, 2006
    Will Google dominate the internet like Microsoft did?
    For several month i have this draught of this post. Yes, i do draught my post before posting it to my blog to make sure everything in my mind going the right way. At first, i didn't want to give this post a serious thought but i just can't get it out of my mind. The question of "Will Google dominate the internet?" for me is a huge question. Here is my view about Google and my view might be wrong in some areas.

    For a starter, let us look back at what Google was at the early stage. Yes, Google was just the little kid of search engines trying to walk along with the big boys. That boy is now officially one of the big boys. Everybody nowdays use Google like it was part of our kidney. I must admit, i use Google pretty heavily for my online life and i just love it.

    Then Google making several step forward by offering new products and services to the public. Of course before releasing it to the public, Google normally select several beta testers from all over the world. Have you stop by at Google's "more"? There you can see Google has been expending their service such as Adsense, AdWords, Labs, Scholar and more. Fo me, all the new services are great not just for day-by-day usage but for research and learning new stuff. Believe me, i'm hooked with Google. If Jamloceng said so, you better listen to me closely.

    Google is now covering almost every aspects of the internet and that scared the hell out of me. Looking at Microsoft anti-dominate court cases, people need more freedom for their real life and for their online life. It's just like "I don't want IE in my Windows, so i'll sue them for $40 millions" kind of thing. People nowdays give an eye for their privacy and security. For Google...errmm i don't know about them.

    Already people are suing Google for reasons i don't want to touch. Some claimed that Google doesn't respect their privacy or Google is showing some private data and such. Does Google over-done it? Perhaps they Google should take a look at their policy more often. I'm referring to loophole in their policies such as doorways and such. Too many loopholes mean more "court-attending" for Google and i'm sure they will try to preserve their company's image in any way they could find.

    What about privacy? Does Google snoops around when we use their service? Several forums reported their finding about Google tracking users who used any one of their service. I don't know if this is true and that is why i do not reveal the URL of the forums. As you all know, i will not post something that is not comfired yet. So this post will be sticky for a while.

    From my point of view, everytime Google launched a new service, people will swarmed like bees to get their hands on it first. Nowdays, people not just want to try the new service from Google, they will blog about it in hoping to be the first to spread the new ( you know the drill, SEO+Adsense bla bla bla thing ). I'm looking at Google from the positive side. New service means more option for us.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 10:57 AM  
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