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    Monday, February 27, 2006
    The myths about Adsense keywords.
    Bloggers and webmasters are looking for a way to make money from Adsense. They are looking for the highest paying keywords in the market. They spent hundreds of dollars to buy keywords so that they can built the most profitable content to feed Adsense.

    Shall we take a look at the myths?

    "Mesothelioma is the highest paying keywords!". That was true several months back but now, mesothelioma is not the highest paying keywords. Let me explaine what is happening behind the curtain of keywords. Adsense comes from AdWords and you must pay close attention to AdWords in order to understand the basic of Adsense keywords.

    You must look at keywords like the stock exchange. Yes, you must think like the stock traders in Wall Streets or Bursa Malaysia. No, i'm not a nutcase but i'm telling you the truth. Keywords is a living thing, same as the stocks. Think like a stock traders? How? Before that, i must explain to you about what i meant by "keyword is a living thing".

    Keywords are based on what words people use to search and how popular the keyword was determined by how often the keyword was typed. Now, we must understand what triggers the popularity of the keyword. Same as stocks, what triggers it will determine how high the price will be. I'm sure you already got the idea what i meant by think like a stock traders.

    You can guess what is the next high-paying-keyword, but you can't 100% sure if it will triggers the price. To make thing more easier to understand, remember that the above paragraph.
    Keywords are based on what words people use to search and how popular the keyword was determined by how often the keyword was typed.

    Yes, the main keyword in the paragraph is PEOPLE. As a creature of habits, we tend to change our mind a lot. For an AdWords holder, he or she can change the keyword bid in seconds. They also are looking for the right keywords for their AdWords campaign. For Adsense publishers, the more they change their minds, the harder for us the get the highest paying keywords. That reveals another myth about Adsense.

    The more popular the keyword, the higher the price. That is not true at all. Again, we must look at AdWord to understand about Adsense keywords. Many people reported that the popular the keyword the lower the price. AdWord holders will not bid for the higher price if they saw a sharp trend of popularity of the keyword. The reason is, more clicks on their AdWords means they have to pay more to Google. Using pure logic, we will see a drop in the price of the keyword as the popularity of the keyword rose.

    You can use the popularity of the keywords just to predict about the general trend not as the main tool. Using Google Suggest can help you to predict what keyword is in. Overture, Wordtracker or 7Search is another great way to predict your keywords. Let say that you saw a sharp increasment of the word "ecruiting software" and you want to create a content about it. This is what you have to do:

    Search the keyword using Suggest, Overture, Wordtracker, 7Search or any other tool you can get your hand on. Compare the popularity of the keywords and the estimated price. Again, the price is NOT fix because keyword is a living creature. From there, you can predict what keyword is paying the highest or the lowest price. This will leads to another myth of Adsense.

    The less popular the keyword, the higher the price. At first, yes that is true but gradually the AdWord holders will lower their bid because no clicks on their AdWord campaigns. Why pay more when we can save the money right. By lowering their bid for the keyword, they can save money but they can put their ads for a longer period of time.

    I know some of you bought the keyword list and not making any money from Adsense and now you know why. Remember what i told you about think like a stock trader? Look for the latest trends and use it for your Adsense campaign. Creating a website or blog just for Adsense is against Adsese TOS, just to remind you guys.

    Let say you got a keyword that is paying the highest price. Then you have created a content around it, now what? Ok, you'll upload your content to your website or blog. Then what? Start counting the cash? Not really true in this scenario. Again the life of the highest paying keywords are short and again it is a living thing. Shall we take a look what i meant by that?

    Adsense takes about one week to give you related ads for your Adsense. Now, search engines takes about 2 months to get on their list. Will your keywords showing the same price tag after 2 months? I don't think so. What was the search engines talk all about? Easy, people will find your website or blog from search engines. If they can't find your blog or website, your Adsense worth nothing. No people means no clicks and no clicks means no money for you...duh.

    To end this post, i'm looking at keywords buying is not a wise idea. First thing is, we don't know the "life span" of the keywords. What if the keywords you bought was the 2004 list? Do you think that list still survive todays AdWords campaign? Again, look for the trend and make use of it. Don't look for the high-paying-keywords only, create a quality blog or website and the money will follow. No use using keywords too much if you can't attract visitor to your blog or website.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 11:47 AM  
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