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    Wednesday, February 22, 2006
    Learn Morse code.
    What is Morse code? According to Wikipedia:
    Morse code is a method for transmitting information, using standardized sequences of short and long marks or pulses — commonly known as "dots" and "dashes" — for the letters, numerals and special characters of a message. Originally created for Samuel Morse's electric telegraph in the mid-1830s, it was also extensively used for early radio communication beginning in the 1890s. - via Wikipedia

    I'm thinking about learning Morse code one day. Who knows, one day the earth is at it's last day; i can transmit my last message to my wife or cancel my bank loan. Is there a software that can create Morse code or receive the code? I mean, chatting with my friends using Morse code should be fun. But wait, we have encyption during chats.

    Can we create an encypted-Morse code soon? I don't know, maybe the software already in the market. Seen or used one of it? Drop me a line.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 1:56 PM  
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