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    Monday, February 20, 2006
    Jamloceng is crazy? Not quite.
    Early this morning my inbox were fulled of emails from readers. Even my best friend "smacked" me a bit. To make long story short, they just don't quite fond of my more recent posts. The reason is, it was craps!

    First of all, i do honour our relationship and yes my post were ugly. I have a solid reason for that. I'm seeing blogging getting near to the "blog-burst" and that is why most of my post were not up to the standard. I want to know what kind of blog readers love to read and what made them keep coming back. One way of analyzing this "soon-to-be-blog-burst" was by posting ugly content.

    I know this seems to be difficult for you to understand but try to look from a different view and you'll understand why. Remember the web-burst in the 90's? After that, blog took over the internet and more people blogs. Is it too many blogs nowdays will bursts the bubble? It might be the answer if we take a look at the history of web-burst. At that time, so many people instantly became webmaster and millions of domains were sold overnight. Same goes for blog-burst.

    Honestly, i don't know for long blog phenomena will stay floating above the wave and i don't know for how long i can blog. For me, i'll take it one step at a time but future planning stands now. Should i move to more stable blog server or should i use Web 2.0/AJAX as my CMS? Too many question but again, one step at a time.

    Hanging tight to one income of source is dangerous. "Don't put all the eggs in one basket" and i do agree with that. Clinging solely to Adsense is dangerous, so better make a future plan fast. Diversify your source of income! If you want to make money from internet, you need to see the internet trend in whole not in smaller scales. After you have looked at the internet in whole, it'll be more easier for you to scale it down.

    The danger of looking at one part and overlooked at the other side will take your blog crumbling down faster then you could think of. My view about blog have shifted to 180 degree since the last 2 years. More and more spam blogs created just for Adsense, more to come in the next 6 months. I know a blogger ( can we call him a blogger? ) run about 6 blogs with million of ads and yes, Adsense in it. The best part is, this blogger will blog about almost anything and i bet he don't know a jack about what he wrote.

    I'm not saying it's bad to create more blogs with Adsense in it but ask yourself, "Can i run all of this blog without sacrifying my dignity?". You can run multiple blogs but what is the point updating your blog once a month? Is it worth doing it? How much does this blogger made from Adsense anyway? Is it about $5000 per month or was that the figure he paid for the host and domain fees?

    Using your blogs as a business blog also not a wise idea but if you mix it with a normal style of blogging can help you alot. Nowdays, more and more business blog emerging and they made huge money. The only logical reason i can relate is, human relationship. Yes, we love blogs because it's more human compared to a website.

    Plan now and save your $$$
    posted by Jamloceng @ 5:44 PM  
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