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    Thursday, February 09, 2006
    Is auto-complete worth to enable?
    Some of use use Toolbar with our browser to make our life easier but most of the toolbar uses "auto-complete". What is auto-complete? It's a function that will complete words that is being typed by you. The question is, is it worth it? To answer that, i have to divide it into 2 section.

    Big searcher - Most of us search alot and by using auto-complete, you can save your time. You can try Firefox with a buikd-in Google toolbar. As we all know Google is the best search engine and FireFox is the best browser and by combining both, you can search faster using Google's toolbar. You can download Firefox+Google Toolbar from my blog.

    Privacy on board - The down side of auto-complete is, it just like an open invitation to a New Year's Party. Let say your computer is being used by several people ( family computer or public cyber cafes ) and you previous search is open for all to see. I'm sure you don't want people to know if you're Elvis person or Paris Hilton person.

    The conclusion is up to you. If you have nothing to hide, auto-complete can save your time. But if you're a "privacy-freek", you can disable it from the option. If you're using Firefox+Google Toolbar, you have to option to disable it in just several clicks and your privacy is safe.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 10:24 AM  
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