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    Thursday, February 09, 2006
    I forget all about it but it's here.
    Yesterday, i received a package from Ubuntu. "Who sent me this Linux CD's?" i asked myself. After several minutes ( ok, it took me 3 hours to figure out this thing ), i remember about asking the free CD from Ubuntu last month. You can ask for the free CD's by filling in the form at Ubuntu Linux. Starting last year, i've been talking about Ubuntu pretty loud. The reason? I just support any Linux distro...easy as that.

    In the CD's containing 2 CD's. First is the Live-CD and the other is the full Ubuntu Linux installer. As a debian Debian user once, Ubuntu is easy to use. To be honest, i use Suse Linux as my OS and Win98. To be on the safe side ( actually, i'm lazy to install the full Ubuntu ), i use the Live-CD. The setup was fast with no major hick-ups. Ubuntu detected all hardware without problem at all and voila...Ubuntu is running nicely on my computer.

    As usual, softmodem was not a good idea if you want to run Linux. You better change to external ( hardmodem is what we call it ) if you're serious about using Linux. For me, Ubuntu detected my NIC and my existing LAN setting ( with router on top of it ).

    Ermm...can i emulate Windows softwares from my Ubuntu? I don't know yet, maybe the full installation might. As we all know, i use AutoCad heavily so i'm wondering if i can Wine'd AutoCad since Ubuntu is using Debian core.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 3:44 PM  
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