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    Friday, February 24, 2006
    How to brand your blog - Basic review.
    This morning, an email from Zahid rose a nice topic for me to write. He asked me about branding his blog and what required to brand it. I'm no marketing guru but i can answer question about blog. I'm going to make this post short and sweet so you can get the general idea about branding your blog.

    What is your name?
    All of us use our name in business, filling in forms, applying for loan and such so your name is important. Let say your name is John, would you like people to ask "Who?". Built up your name to get the right attention.

    Pick a name ( your real name or company name etc ) that will make a lasting impression. Look at the big brands in the market such as Sony, Xerox, Googles and more. Let we examine Google for example shall we. I'll break it down into several sub topic so you can unerstand about branding your blog. I know Google is not a blog but hey, this is just for example only.

    1. What's that sound?
    try to use a name that sounds different or funny. Look at Google, people will remember it easily because the sound is funny. Our mind will remember things that are funny and different. Remember how Edward De Bono and Brian Tracy told us about mind mapping? Yes, the same concept applies to your name selection. This is what you need to do in order to pick the right "sounding" name for your blog. Pick at least 10 name that came across your mind. Don't think about it just write down what ever came across your mind. The more spontaneous the better your selection of name. Keep your list for at least ten days.

    On the first day, look at the list and cross-out one name that you don't like. Keep the remaining name in a safe place. The next day repeat what you did on the first day until you have reach the ninth day. At the last day, voila the last remaining name is your blog name.

    2. Avoid the confusion.
    The name or, which is yours? Avoid picking a name that will confuse visitors. Let say your blog name is but your visitors actually visiting because they thought they are visiting the right blog. If you're into Adsense or any affiliate programme, that means you will see a drop in sales and i'm sure you don't want that. Another thing is avoid using X and Z for your name. Just like Xerox for example, we can spell it as Zerox. Avoid those two letters before picking your name.

    3. Keep it short, shorty.
    Maybe this is the most important thing you should take good care first. Use a short name for your blog branding to make sure people remembers it easily. The keyword here is ETR (Easy to remember}. The easier to remember a name, the more efficient your blog branding will be. I know looks cool but there is a better way to get the ETR working. Use the 10 Days method as your guide.

    That's it for now and i hope Zahid can try the tips i've given out. Another way to understand how name branding is important, you might want to read how some brands got its name.
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