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    Thursday, February 09, 2006
    The forgetten keyword search method.
    Are you a webmaster or a blogger trying to make some money from AdWords, Adsense or just trying to get the No.1 spot in search engines? I'm going to give you a sample on how you can get the nichce keywords to optimize your income or popularity.

    I'm using Google Suggest as the main part of finding keywords. It's easy and as we all know, Google is the biggest search engine and why not we use it. This service is in beta version but it'll do the job nicely. Google Suggest will give out the counts of the keywords that you search. It's an "auto-complete" but better, it will help you to gain more money.

    I'm using the keyword "make money" and Google Suggest will you how many time that phrase(s) were search by users. This will give you the perfect idea about what type of keyword users searched and using it as your niche keywords. Now this tip is useful for three type of people:

    1. AdWords Advertisers.
    2. Adsense Publishers.
    3. SEO providers.

    For AdWords and SEO, mostly they will look for what is the most popular keywords. By using the most searched keywords, they can maximize their ads and pagerank easily. To make it easy for you to understand, look at the formula below:

    Most Search Keywords+Optimizing Website or Ads = Income+Popularity.

    For Adsense Publisher, this is important as you can create more targeted content so Adsense will show the most profitable ads. After knowing what keyword to choose, you can insert related keywords into your content to get a nice keyword density. Ok, let us go back to the tip shall we.

    After you have type the keyword "make money" or any keywords of your choice, look at the right of your screen. The left side of Google search result are the AdWords ads ( see how important it's to AdWords Advertisers ) and we will use it as your guideline for your Adsense campaign. Now scroll down and look for the text More Sponsored Links.

    Click on the text to see how many AdWords ads are installed for you. The more AdWords, the better it will be. Adsense ads are taken from AdWords and we want enough AdWords ads for our Adsense. If the AdWords ads just in small figure, forget about creating content for your Adsense and move for the next keyword you can think of. Repeat this several times until you found the best keywords.

    The the keyword Make Money, only two page of AdWords shown. Don't get me wrong, i'm not telling you that the more AdWords ads, the more income you can gain from your Adsense! Adsense is using what they call Smart Pricing and it might effect the price of the keywords. So how to find the highest price? Do you really want to know? Then move to the next step.

    You can use any PCP engines of your choice such as AdWords. Now, i'll use Overture in this tip because it is easy to understand. I've found a site that combine the price of the keywords and the popularity of it. PixelFast is a good place to start looking for keywords price. Just enter your keywords and in seconds, you will see the bidding price of the keywords.

    I'll use Recruiting Software in PixelFast and voila...the highest bid is $20.11. Create your content about recruiting software and your Adsense will give out ads about it. Yes, that means you'll be paid in higher value per clicks. First of all, let me clear some things out. You are NOT getting $20 per click from your Adsense because you have to split the money with Adsense. Compare the price before you decided to stick with one topic. How to compare it? Do you want me to comtinue after my evening coffee or do you want me to continue now? LOL...i know you'll answered that.

    To make thing simple, just check out the links below:

    1. PixelFast.

    Above is the most heavily used keywords pricing search. Another way to find popular keywords is by using Google Zeitgeist, Ask Jeeves etc. Most major search engines host their own popular search or maybe you can ask President Bush. Ok, i lied about Bush, i was being sarcastic LOL.

    Happy keywords hunting. If you feels that my articles interesting, you can submit it to Digg, Delicious or any social bookmarking.
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