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    Tuesday, February 07, 2006
    Don't waste your money-beware of eBook scam.
    An email to me from Ed Graham about an eBook he bought recently. He told me how angry he was with eBook author making more money from users. He just wasted $90 for an eBook that do nothing.

    In the eBook, Ed told me that the eBook just pointing to bunch of affiliate links. Yes, this is annoying about eBook buiness lately. Let say an eBook about making money from internet and you bought it with high dreams. Paid for it and installed it but in it, full of affiliate links asking you to buy something else.

    "If you want to get more money, check out this link [affiliate links]" or "Track your money using service from XYZ" got the idea. Honestly, it's nothing wrong with eBook linking to affiliates. Some topic, no affiliate needed because it just straight forward but some topic just can stand on its own.

    You can build wealth by reading eBooks because some are great. If you're serious about making money from your blog or website, listen to me and get Adsense. It's easy and you don't have to figure out which is which, just copy and paste. Adsense is just easy to generate income not just for active blogger like me but anybody can gain more income using Adsense. Single-moms, housewives, students can use Adsense to pay their bill and such. Even some bloggers quit their day-job because of their Adsense income!

    You don't need many blogs or website to generate incomes. It's how you promote it is important. But if you already running several blogs, you can add Adsense to it. To make sure you get the most of Adsense, you need to promote your blogs or website. Combine both ( Adsense and promotion ) will make huge different. Getting on the top spot of major search engines is important to gain more income from Adsense or your affiliate programme. Creating a good-looking website means nothing if you can't sale anything. To get out the words faster to the public, you need some promotion.

    I hope Ed Graham gets the general ideas about eBooks and how he can make more income using Adsense.
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