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    Wednesday, February 22, 2006
    Don't just blog, take notes!
    So you're now a blogger eh? That's great and i hope more blogger will blog soon. New blogger can actually make money using Adsense or any other form of affiliate programme. Today i'm going to share with you my own experience about blogging.

    Domain or not - This is one of the biggest debate among bloggers and still no solid answer to it. For me, it's okay to blog from a free blog provider such as but if you want more personal, go for your own domain. People will find your blog with or without your own domain from search engines sooner or later, so you don't have to worry about not getting the right "spotlights".

    Let us take a look at the pro's and the con's of free blog shall we.

    Free blog Pro's
    1. Easy to setup and no HTML or other "hocus-pocus" codes. With pre-built template, you can blog in just minutes.
    2. No money on the table of course-- FREE!
    3. No headaches regarding server maintenance.
    4. No limits to open multiple accounts.

    Free blog Con's
    1. Can't put advance coding ( limitation ).
    2. Frequent down-time.
    3. Poor search engines visibility.
    4. Associated to spam blog.

    It is up to you to choose your blog domain. If you're not up for a paid domain, using a free ( sub-domain ) blog is where you can start. Once you have the idea about blogging, move up to a paid domain.

    Make some money from blog? - More blogs mean more money? Not really because you need to create an unique blog and huge traffic. Yes you can make money from your blog and it's pretty easy to understand. You can gain $10, $100 or $1000 monthly from your blog by using several methods. I'm sure you have read about how to make money from blog but if you are here for the first time, i'll tell you in general.

    This is the biggest and easiest way to make money from blogs. Advertisers are willing to pay you just to show their ads in your blog. Last year, estimated about $10 billions spent on ads. Don't you think it's time for your to monetize your blog? Come on, that's more then enough for all of us don't you think so? Below is the service you can use to gain revenue.

    1. Adsense - The biggest paying ads service not only for blogger but for websites. More and more people are making money from Adsense such as Joel. In my blog alone, i have gave out tips about how to maximise your Adsense income and some of my readers applying it already made huge income leaps. But if you're looking for the advance method, you need to understand and crack the Adsense code.

    2. AdBrite - Also a great alternative for bloggers. Advertisers will bid each other to place their ads on your blog and this means more money for your. THe higher they bid, the more you can make monthly. You can control who and how the ads should appear on you blog. Use AdBrite to gain money from your blog or website.

    3. Chitika - a new but promosing service to gain high income from your blogs. Fast payout and easy to apply for non-programmers such as you. More people are making money from Chitika serves a new way of advertisement, they are the number one choice for bloggers and webmasters.

    Yes, affiliate programme is not dead yet and it' getting bigger. By using affiliate programme, you don't have to deal will emails or handling and so like. The big boys of affiliate is Amazon, Barne&Nobles, ClickBank etc. What to sell from blog? That entirely up to you and easy to pick the right product.
    My name is Rosalind Gardner, and I earn 100% of my income from the 'Net. Between January 1998 and June 2003, I did business online by promoting ONLY affiliate programs.
    When I quit my day job in 2000, my sites were raking in $30,000 to 50,000 US dollars EACH and EVERY month. In 2002, I earned a whopping $436,797, ($657,801 CDN) affiliating with Internet merchants and selling their products. In 2003 and 2004, I earned much more than that!

    Rosalind Gardner made $435,000 per year by using affiliate programme. Yes, you read it right $435,000 per year and climbing fast. This shows that affiliate programme can generate income from your blog.

    Promote your blog. - To get out from the sandbox, you need to plan your promotion. They way you want to promote is up to you; paid or free method. It is important to promote your blog so that people will know your blog exists. "How can i promote my blog from million of existing blogs?". Don't worry, i've been there before and i'm sharing my tips with you for FREE. Some would charge you for $100++ to promote your blog and that is not a wise thing to do for a new blogger.

    Paid promotion is great if you are willing to spend some money. Many promoting company are giving away cheap fee for you to pick. You can place your own price to get a higher visibility in search engines. You can exchange link with other blog or your can use software to promote your blog in just several clicks. Popular websites and blogs are using a simple method of promoting their websites and blogs using promoting software and it's proven the increase sales and visits.

    If i have more tips for you, i'll update this articles later. If you're looking for more tips, you know where to go. Happy blogging folks.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 1:08 PM  
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