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    Tuesday, February 21, 2006
    Do you take off your pants online?
    Couple of hours ago, i saw a blog ( i like her way of writing tho ) who take off her pants online. No, i'm not talking about some Playboy model blog. Come on this is a family blog!

    The blogger seems to talk about her private life too details and that's not a wise idea while on online. She gave out her home number and address, things like that. Maybe she's okay with it but in the long run, she is destroying her own private life. Yes, she's from Malaysia and yes she is still single if you might want to know.

    Being online for several years thought me not to reveal myself too much. The danger of opening yourself too much is dangerous. People can use your picture for wrong reason and for this blogger, people can go to her house! I can't imagine that.
    The reason i love to blog is to get to know people.

    There's nothing wrong about making friends but hey, even in our real life we keep our distance from each other. Just give away your secondary email for your readers to get in touch with you. Talk about email, a friend of mine told me that his inbox is full of spam emails and he just put up the white flag.

    I asked him, is that the only email you have? You've guessed it right, the answer is yes, one email for business, family and clients. No wonder he got "all-in-one-spam" every ten minutes. It is better to signup for a new email ( Yahoo, GMail, Hotmail etc ) for different reason. Let say your primary email is and you can give that only to your clients or family. For the rest, use your secondary email(s).

    I'm using my secondary ( honestly, i have lots of emails ) for my blog. I can focus to one email at a time and it saves me time filtering spams. If i want to read my emails about my blog, i just open my blog email ( ring4blog[alias] yahoo ) and i don't have to gone through headaches. Same goes for my business email address, i can save time and effort regarding spams.

    Nowdays, i'm dealing with 200-300 emails per day just from my blog email alone! But, i can ( at least ) keep the spammer at bay. No need to pull out my hair just to figure out which is which and who is who. I'm using Thunderbird for my email manager and i just love it. Who said free stuff is no good?
    posted by Jamloceng @ 5:06 PM  
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