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    Monday, February 06, 2006
    On Sunday, i dug my old CD's and found Corel Linux. you can guess my age eh? Corel Linux was started by Corel on 1998 and has been discontinued.

    If i'm not mistaken, Corel Linux will scan your drive for virus before installing the actual Linux. The funny part is, Corel Linux is searching for viruses made for Windows. Oh well, better be safe right. Since 2002, Corel Linux is pointing to Xandros.

    The interface? I can't really recall but i'll give it 3 out of 5 stars. Setting up Corel Linux is "not-so-breeze" kind of setup. As we all know, most Linux having hard time detecting hardwares because most hardware's driver are made for Win32. Same goes for Corel Linux as it can't detect my modem. Yes i know, Linux will not detect softmodem but with some tweaking, you can get your soft-modem to work.

    My Canon printer also not the list. Bah....i'm sure Corel Linux can be more fun to play with but after using several distros, it's time to say good-bye to Corel Linux. Corel for me is the best when it comes to image editing softwares but not OS's. I'm using Suse Linux for my desktop and my internet servers and it's working great.

    Talk about internet server, a friend of mine just nuts about Solaris. He can talk all day long about Solaris and how great it is and so on. Yes Solaris is great for servers and i use it alot before i migrated to Suse. It's just a matter of choices, maybe you love butter and i love cheese. One thing i love Solaris is, it's fast and hardware friendly too. Maybe i'm an avid user of FreeBSD, so this is a bias comment but hey, you can try Solaris if you want.

    I'm going to make your life easier today. Just don't get mad at me if you crash your hard drive. Try Suse, FreeBSD or OpenBSD if you really want to get those extra "rubber-burning" experience.

    Last year, an email asked me to try SkyOS as a part of their beta test. Well, i can't take any offer for beta testing anymore because of "lack-of-time" issue. Maybe one day i'll get SkyOS and we'll see from there. By the way, what happen to Ketupat Linux? Ketupat Linux was made by Malaysian using RedHat ( correct me if i'm wrong ) core.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 10:46 AM  
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