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    Tuesday, February 28, 2006
    Deja vu again.
    I just hate deja vu sometimes. It flashes images that is not pleasant to my mind. Just now i saw 4 bloggers came to me with big axe's in their hands. Huhuhu...want to chop off my head eh?

    I have to admit, deja vu can save lifes. I have no solid evident how but i strongly believe it can. Many books about deja vu or hypnosis of sort will point out that deja vu can help you to gain safety and such. Yes, i do believe in deja vu and i'm looking for a solid answer for it. Or was it i blog too much? Maybe or maybe not.

    Talk about deja vu, lately more and more bloggers use some sort of income making from their blog. Don't get me wrong, nothing wrong with that but over-doing it is not a pretty picture. A blogger that runs solely for Adsense will publish..errr...."unrelated" post. The word unrelated is the best that i could think off. These bloggers will write almost about anything that associated with high paying keywords ( so they thought ) and not knowing about what they just wrote. Nice eh? Well, thanks to "free-for-all-articles" directories, creating ( or is it pasting? ) content based on "high-paying-keywords" is easy. Just copy and paste and pray that the money will start rolling in.
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