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    Friday, February 24, 2006
    Can we improve our Adsense ads using tagcloud?
    Some of you have noticed that i have a tagcloud in my blog. So, what's got to do with Adsense? Well, nothing to be honest. I'm using pure javascript to generate those tagcloud, so as we all know Adsense doesn't read from javascripts.

    Back to my post, the answer is maybe. Yes, i typed "maybe", tagcloud can improve your Adsense ads. I've seen many bloggers are using tagcloud and their Adsense ads are improving really nicely. Again, Adsense will not read from a script so how those bloggers create the tagcloud? By coding it manually of course.

    Poking at their source code, i can see their tagcloud is not in scripts but it was done manually. Just create some keywords that looks like a tagcloud and feed the Adsense bot. I'm sure this is against Adsense TOS but yes, the ads are improving and more related to the content. Some of the bloggers are even smarter, they use Adsense Section Targeting and it improves the ads about 10%. No, i don't have a solid data to back that statement about the percentage but looking at their Adsense ads, it's working nicely.

    If your tagcloud is in scripts, forget about it. It will not improve your Adsense ads but if you want to use the manual tagcloud, be prepare to read Adsense warning or banning email. Don't play dirty just play it safe and legal too. A nice example of a person using Adsense is Joel. He made $25,000 from his Adsense and he play it smart and legal. If i were you, i'll be using Joel's method to make money from Adsense.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 2:37 PM  
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