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    Thursday, February 16, 2006
    Bush administration, the next millionaire using Adsense and AdWord.
    Yes, you read it right. President Bush will be the next millionaire by using Adsense and AdWords. The reason i said that is because if Bush administration won the fight with Google, all of the database that can be use for Adsense and AdWords are in his hands.

    Imagine all those top paying Adsense and AdWords keywords in Bush's office. Wohaa...maybe Bush administration can share some of the top 10 keywords if he wins the court fight with Google. I'm guessing, in the next future ( if Bush won the case ) we will see more blogs and website solely for Adsense and AdWords. Forget about searching keywords, all the top paying keywords are in their hands.

    Ok, i know this post seems to be weird but consider this post as the "What if..." post. What about keywords from other search engines? Wow...millions of top paying keywords laying around in White House. Come on, give us some hint about the keywords will you...or maybe not.

    Oh well, since i haven't blogging for almost a week, maybe this post can cheer you up. I had a bad fever and i just stay at home,laying on the bed doing nothing. Woke up and play with my 6 months old daughter and sleep some more. The medicine given by the doctor were strong at making me sleeping on the dinner table.
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