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    Monday, February 20, 2006
    Another Linux packages.
    This morning, two packages addressed to me. I opened the first package and Fedora Linux CD's was in it. This is strange, i never order Fedora. Another package is Debian Linux. This is getting strange situation for me.

    I sat down, looking at the packages. "When did i ordered Fedora and Debian?" i said to myself. I looked inside the packages and a small card in it. Ermm...a secret admirer maybe? No name or email address on it.
    Dear Jamloceng,
    This is a copy of Fedora for you to play with. I hope you are happy with it. did this person know my address? Oh well, i'll play with Fedora later. Another package, Debian Linux. i remember, a friend of mine from Australia ( Jack the Mouse ) once said that he will post Debian Linux to me to test. This is a modded version of Debian Linux. He made it with his team. Thanks Jack, next time send me some money LOL.

    Again, i'm not accepting any software or operating system for beta testing purpose. But trust me, i'm happy to have all those beta versions. Don't get mad at me if i never highlight your software or Operating System.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 3:30 PM  
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