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    Wednesday, February 22, 2006
    The 5 Best Timewaster Websites
    I found this link and this is fun. Okay, now i'm feeling a bit guily about playing this "timewaster" website. Some are fun but some are just took too much time LOL. If you are online during office hour, don't visit these website or you'll forget about fetching your kids from school.

    1. Darth Outsmart you - Nice game but very demanding ( grrrr...)
    2. Draw your dream house - Draw it, save it and do whatever you want with your house.
    3. Home Run - Drunken master for you to smack around.
    4. The Dancing Skeleton - Aaaa...a classic video of the dancing deadman.
    5. Beauty and the re-touch - Oh, how painful the truth is. This is how a photographer retouches a fashion model with average-level looks and converts her into a knockout bombshell Cover Girl. See a real-life digital disassembly of a magazine cover... and the real truth underneath.

    6. I'm bored - Funny and hilarious website that will make you laugh.

    7. Blogspot - Oucchhh....that was hard.

    So you think you're a smart guy eh? Why not take this test.
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