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    Friday, January 06, 2006
    Was Less is MORE?
    In some cases, i do agree with the above statement. But when it comes to revenue, no such thing is less is more. We welcome any cents at all and making less revenue means that more smaller Adsense publisher will hoop to other option or in some cases, entirely remove the Adsense.

    Adsense team said that the less ads i received, the higher the revenue. That's fine with me but what about relevant of the ads? What if before this 2 ads of Adsense gave me relevant ads but with one ad showing i'm loosing money from Adsense. I'm not happy with that and i'm looking for a way to raise my revenue.

    Before this 2 ads showing on my Adsense ads and i'm happy with that. One of the ad is related to my content or both ads are related to my content. Now not a relevant ads is showing on my blog. Adsense never told us on what basis they deliever their ads and how we can optimize it. "The more keywords, the better" so some said. How much is more and how less is less?

    I saw website with only small amount keywords can get relevant ads. I do understand about this matter because Adsense can't find any valid keywords. Yes, less is more in this case but what if a content with 200-250 words? This is what this article all about. Even with a content that sure will get a relevant ads, still can't get a nice relevant ads.

    Maybe it's time for Adsense to give us the ultimate guidelines about Adsense. Small publisher can improve Google's revenue in long run. Don't believe me? More and more new domains registered last year and i'm sure 60% of the new site will insert Adsense in their site or blog. Now let us do some maths shall we.

    Let say 10,000 new Adsense users and making about $1.00 daily. That is $10,000 daily for Google? Not really because they must must split it with us. What if the figure tripled? So if Adsense is willing to give us the ultimate guide, i'm sure they will generates more revenue in long run. So, what do you think? Is less is more or every penny counts?
    posted by Jamloceng @ 10:34 AM  
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