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    Wednesday, January 18, 2006
    To install Linux or not to install Linux?
    Here i am looking at 2 computer. Both need some major re-install and i'm thinking about Linux. All of our software are Win32 based and we use it all day long.

    Most of the software from Linux are more then enough but there's a problem. We use AutoCad for our plans and i can't find CAD software for Linux with the same function as AutoCad. What to do? So i tried LinuxCad but it's not even close. Well, i've decided to try something new, emulate it! Did i made it?

    For the first computer, i use Fedora as my main Linux. Fedora detected all the hardware without any problem and it's time to install the softwares. Again, everything went well such as OpenOffice, FireFox etc. Still AutoCad is the problem.

    I tried using Wine to emulate AutoCad. Ok, i admit, Wine is working well with Counter Strike but AutoCad? Nah...still trying. Ermm...should i recompile Wine? Not really, i just need to get the correct setting. So back to my Win32 computer and check AutoCad DLL files.

    Still no anwser so i decided to remove Fedora and install Debian Linux. Tweaking it a bit and walla...AutoCad is working fine from Debian. Well, not that close but close enough. Heeyaaa...i'm happy with the result and i'm going to remove out Microsoft products from our system and start using Debian or any Linux OS. Another firm is using Debian to run their AutoCad and it's working well too.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 5:39 PM  
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