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    Friday, January 20, 2006
    Things you can do with your old computer.
    The reason i wrote this because an email from Mimi told me about her old computer. She wanted to throw it away but hey, Jamloceng is here to safe the day.

    Get penguin'd - Yup, install Linux and enjoy the new look and feel. Linux can run from an old computer without major problem. Ok maybe you need to tweak here and there but you can learn Linux faster. If you never tried Linux before, maybe it's time to install Linux. You got nothing to lose if your old computer smoked, that is better then throwing it away.

    You served. - While Linux in your old computer, why not turn it into your private internet server. You can host your own blog from the old grandpa. Not just that, you can setup your own online radio, host your images or mp3's. Just imagine how much you can save money if you host your own blog.

    Be the nice guy. - Give it to orphanage home and walk with your head high. I know this will make you look cheap but they always welcome any kind of donation. We need to give something in order to get something. Not only you help them to learn computer but you can boost your self-esteem too. Hey, it's not about money it' about helping another living soul.

    If you can stop em' em. - Yeah...another source of income. Plug your old computer to the internet and people can surf by paying you some money. Download FireFox and set it as your main browser. It's faster and safer to surf with FireFox so you don't need to wory about crashing the computer if someone decided to surf an infected site.

    Upgrade it. - It's cheaper to upgrade compare to buying a new one. You can get cheaper price from your hardware vendor because you can bargain with them. is the right place to shop around and usually at the start of the new year, the price will go lower. Replace your old processor with a new one and why not add a powerfull graphic card also.

    The last resort. - Sell it at any price and go to sleep.

    See, it's not that hard to re-use your old computer. To be honest, Linux is running fine in my old Pentium II computer. I know...i know...i talk too much about Linux. I hope Mimi can re-use her old computer soon.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 2:04 PM  
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