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    Tuesday, January 03, 2006
    Syndicate Change.
    Before i go on, i must apologize to my syndicate readers for the major change. As you all know, i published my full syndicate but now my syndicate only showing the first 100 words count.

    The reason is, someone is using my content without my permission. These person not even gave me the credit for my own hard work. He or she made my article as it is theirs and edit my article to suit their needs. Some even put an affiliate code inside my content. Wow, what an honest attitude that was...getting paid for other peoples work.

    Thank you to Janette Clark from California for telling me about this matter.

    Hey Jamloceng,
    I saw your articles in a website and i'm sure the author is you. Take a look at the website ( i'm not going to give a free promo for a theift) and you'll amazed. A friend of mine saw your articles too from several blogs. If this is your domain, sorry for the trouble.

    A lazy website and blog owners hoping to get away with it. I will take this matter to their hosting so that thier website and blog will be closed. Why can't they give me a credit? Why must they edit my article? Why can't they respect other peoples work? For me, these people is not an honest person in the world.

    What if someone saw their website, he or she will say Jamloceng is a rip-off! I'm not just building a blog but i'm building human trust. Just imagine if someone got inffected by a virus by visiting the fake website or blog. I can see the headline stated "Jamloceng put a virus and destroying my computer".

    An article of mine, with an affiliate code init being abused like i'm a dead person. Yes, they might be a scam affiliate programme and yes i'm the one who they will put the blame on. Only get something from my blog because i reviewed the products or service. Buying something not from my blog means you're open to credit cards scam. In 2005, credit card and identify fraud are growing rapidly and causing several millions per month.

    I'm hoping 2006 going to bring me more joy but boy i was wrong. This year going to be hard year but i'll stay calm facing this matter. If you are using my article without my permission, please remove it as soon as you can. But if you found that my articles interesting, please give me a direct link and don't edit it. I know my English is not at the best level but i hope you can leave it as it is.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 3:54 PM  
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