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    Wednesday, January 04, 2006
    Last years keywords still valid for this year?
    Looking at the keywords search from 2005, i saw a trend going around and maybe the trend will leap to 2006. Keywords are important for those who use AdWords or a way to get a high page rank from major search engines. Some are willing to pay a high price just to get the right keywords. Let us look at the keywords from last year's search result.

    domains yahoo, domain name yahoo, domain registration yahoo, domain name availability, cheap domain, and so on.

    As you can see, people are searching info about domain. This is a good news for me, meaning more website going to offer more info and products. This is the second wave of internet and we will see it growing bigger in 2006. People have learned from their mistakes from the first internet wave and the buble-burst. So what else from the past?

    dc hair lasaer removal washington, chicago hair laser removal, laser hair new york, colorado hair laser and so on.

    Don't ask me why the laser hair was popular in 2005. Maybe people want to look fresh for 2006 so they search for laser hair removal info from the internet. Which part of the body, i'm not going to find about it. So, don't ask me which part of the body they want to use the laser method. Do you love lemon? Let see if lemon on the top ten spot from 2005.

    lemon law, ca lemon law, illinois lemon law, california lemon law, indiana lemon law and so on.

    Yikeess....lemon law? What is lemon law by the way? At first i thought some country banning the lemon but i was wrong. Lemon law is referring to various state laws protecting consumers against the purchase of vehicles found to be persistently defective. Why do they call it lemon law? I must give them a credit for the name. Talk about credit, where's credit in the top ten keywords list?

    repair poor credit, refinancing poor credit, bad credit, home credit rates and so on.

    Wow so many of us having a bad credit eh. I hope this new year can improve your finance and credit. Well, how can we forget the loans from last year's bank statements.

    home equity loan, student loan, home loans, consolidation loan student, federal student loan and so on.

    From the popular keyword list, student loan was the most popular in the loan categories. That is a good new for me too. More people want to learn more at higher level and that can improve the community state of living. I hope they found the right loan so that they can go to a nice collage.

    Will we see all above keywords going to make big this year? Time will tell and i'm not the one who is hunting for the best keywords. I talked about trend from 2005 and i see a trend about MONEY. Yes, more and more people were looking ways to make money not just from ordinary method but from internet too. From my opinion, people will keep on looking more info about making revenue and this trend will live a longer life. Maybe i''m wrong, but maybe it was related to the trend of buying domains. Maybe this is because they knew about making money using Adsense and they don't want to leave any more money on the table.

    Money and domains were neck-to-neck in search result. Maybe people have found a way to make money from the internet and by getting domains, they can start making money the next morning. Maybe this was true or maybe not but we can see more domain popping up from no where in 2006 and continues in the future. Choose your keywords wisely or your website will be in the sandbox for another year. For me, i just want to blog and i'm not looking for a major popular keywords.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 1:43 PM  
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