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    Thursday, January 19, 2006
    Interview with Martin F. Krafft, Author of The Debian.
    OSDir is a great place to dig some info about Open Source technologies and news around the globe. I read their article daily and some might scare you if you never try Linux before.

    I was a long-time Windows NT beta tester (up until 3.51), and a Netware junkie. When I found that Microsoft had ignored every single one of my elaborate suggestions and wishlist reports in 4.0, and that NT 4.0 was a clear deviation from the path of a server operating system towards colours and animation and junk I didn't need let alone want on my production machines, I took the chance to say goodbye to the world of double-clicks and blue screens and downloaded Slackware. That was in 1995, or thereabouts.

    Slackware was a pain to use, my ethernet card wasn't supported, and the driver I hacked up didn't make it into the Linux kernel tree, so I kept changing and recompiling it whenever a new kernel came out until I grew tired of it. I didn't really use computers much from then o (post-puberty has *so* many other interesting things to offer) until I got my first laptop and a friend introduced me to Red Hat. After a few months of learning and cursing and still enjoying it, I grew patriotic and replaced Red Hat with SuSE, but Yast and rc.config gave me the creeps; I didn't even last for a week.

    So, in the beginning of 1997, traumatised by the Chameleon, I installed my first Debian system and never looked back. Debian "rex" was a major pain to use, and the upgrade to "bo" completely hosed my system, but I liked what I saw. When "hamm" came around, I was sold and started to support Debian users around me, going to fairs and representing the project, and using the mailing lists. I didn't see much of "slink" while I was finishing my college degree, and when "potato" was released, I applied for developership, which I attained in early 2002. via

    For me, Martin is doing great with Debian/Linux and i'm looking forward for more Linux users from Malaysia.
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