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    Thursday, January 26, 2006
    How NOT to use emails to promote your bussiness.
    If you thought e-mail marketing was revolutionary, wait until you see this. Don't just email your client, you need something extra in order to get the orders. I know some of us use email marketing way too much and seeing no revenue.

    If you've been using e-mail to market your products or services online, you're probably sick and tired of problems like:

    1. Bogus spam complaints that can instantly cripple your business.
    2. E-mail filters that mistake your messages for spam...
    3. "Bad" or expired e-mail addresses that bounce back to you.

    ... and all the other drawbacks of e-mail marketing that lead to unresponsive e-mail campaigns. But now there's a way you can BYPASS e-mail altogether! And it's guaranteed to change the nature of Internet marketing as we know it!

    Using this new non-emails system can increase your sale about....well almost 90%. This is great for small start-ups company and every sale is important to. You can read more about this system here.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 10:12 AM  
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