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    Monday, January 23, 2006
    Help, i can't install Gentoo Linux.
    The title was from Aku_Kecik and i know how frustrating it was for a new user. Aku_Kecik decided to install Gentoo Linux and overwrite his hard disk entirely. Yes my friends, all of his Win32 files ( doc, xcl,mp3 etc ) is down the drain. This is what happen if a wise guy decided NOT to read the man ( manuals ).

    Gentoo Linux is not for newbies and it is pain in the back to figure out what is what and which is which. For newbies, please use LiveCD before installing the full package. Please make sure you back-up your existing files or to be on the safe side, install Linux on another hard disk.

    Having the latest computer doesn't mean that Linux will work fine. Most of the time, yes it will run smoothly but sometimes you need to tweak here and there. The reason they created the man and requirement is for us to read before installing Linux. I can't help Aku_Kecik regarding his lost files because he formated it! My advice, don't cry over split milk move on with your life.

    To be honest, setting up Gentoo is hard ( well, not that hard for hardcore users ) for me too. If you want to use something easy, get Suse, Fedora, Ubuntu or just use the LiveCD first. Please don't blame me if you screwed your hard disk. I can't give out every single details about Linux, that would be forever to write. Read the manuals and requirements before you install not after you've installed.

    F**k you! I can't get my Windows XP back and all of my files are gone. You said it is easy to use Linux but f**king liar! All of my school works were in the drive. F**k you bas**rd Jamloceng.

    Thank you for your nice words Aku_Kecik. i'm the one on trial? Since when people who are lazy to read the manual can blame someone else over his/her mistake? Oh well, i hope Aku_Kecik will try Fedora or Ubuntu next time.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 5:08 PM  
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