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    Friday, January 20, 2006
    The Chronicles of a Blogger:The Penguin, the Blogger and the Computer.
    Ok, i know that was a mouth-full tile but for me that was the best title to describe my post. Yup it's about Linux again but this time "The Blogger" is not going to be the King. This is about my previous post.

    After setting 2 computers with Linux, guess what....they hated it! Bah...can't blame the "Long-live-MS-i'm-a-die-hard-fan-of-yours" because they just can't press the F1 button from their keyboard. All they need to use is AutoCad, OpenOffice and some nice Linux games but NOOO....they want more. The best part is, they don't really need those advance function from MS. No, i'm not talking rubbish about Microsoft mind you.

    So i asked them what is the "advance" means. At first, they keep their beaks shut tight but after several knife thrown at them, they finally gave up. We want to play games! Whaattt??? Is that the reason? I'm affraid that is the reason. This time i wouldn't do for free! Oh yes...i can see those big money rolling to me now.

    Wasted another several hour installing XP and several software that we bought earlier. Some of you maybe will say something like "Why don't you ask them before installing Linux?" Good news folks...i did asked them and how to use Linux and they said yes. Before that, i've shown them how Linux looks like and they just love it.

    I told them that they can still play MS based games by using Wine but NOOO....!!! Oh well, a lesson i will never forget is Once a MS fan, will always stay that way. Maybe yes and maybe be the judge.

    posted by Jamloceng @ 4:26 PM  
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