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    Friday, January 27, 2006
    Caring or condemning?
    Recently a "not-so-pretty" thing happened in the local blogsphere. To make thing short, a blogger decided to ask his readers to click his Adsense. This clearly against Adsense's TOS.

    This is how the story goes. A blogger spotted another blogger asking his readers to click his Adsense. Then the blogger posted his finding in his blog. Now things getting ugly since his blog is a famous ( is it? ) blog and his readers started to flame the other blogger. The blogger who posted the finding is not the one to blame entirely but the comments from the readers are little bit off track.

    Stupid idiot…should i report this to Adsense Team or should we wait him to realize that he is wrong? Maybe this punk dont read the Term Of Service at all…i’m thinking to report it to Adsense Team before Adsense team decide to ban all Malaysian…thanks [removed] for reporting this…

    Is this how we advice people? Yes, the blogger who asked his readers to click his Adsense made a huge mistake but by looking at the comments, this is not the right way to advice others. Everybody made some silly mistakes once in a while but using bad words or cursing is not helping either.

    Looking at the person who commented, he too got flamed by other bloggers. Darren from is one of his victim. He copied Darren's article and put it in his blog like it was made by him. After several complaints, he apologized to Darren for his stupidity.

    Now the funny part is, how can this person gave an advice to others? I can't see how he is the "right" one to advice others. Cursing is not giving you the status-quo, it will leads you into more enemies. Maybe his main idea about blogging is Adsense because in his blogs are full of ads. I tried looking for his email but guess what, i can't find it. Is this what we call splog ( spam bloggers )? I'm not the one to judge his true intention but most of his content are just copy and paste.

    Nothing wrong copying a small part of the original article but please give backlink. Bloggers love to quote interesting article because we are not journalist! Be nice to other people before you open your beaks. This is why i love to read book from Dale Carnegie.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 11:48 AM  
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