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    Friday, January 06, 2006
    Blogs are menace to search engines?
    A long debate about getting blogs a higher page rank is not new in blogsphere. Some said blogs only for spammers and some said the other way around. I'm going to give you a simple phrase that support blogging and that is "Even A Small Voice Counts".

    Not just in blogsphere but in real life a small voice can make huge impact. I believe that everyone is important in their own way. Take the general election for example. Who rules the country is based on counts and that is the prove even a small voice can make big. So, is it fair to say blog doesn't deserve a good ranking in search engines?

    According to Nick Wilson, some blogs are not worth a peek. I do agree with him but only with blog with no quality but many blogs out there are just great. Below is the list Nick said don't need a peek from search engines:

    * Community blogs
    * News blogs
    * Personal blogs
    * Expert blogs
    * Consultant blogs

    Well, his review about the type of blog was too general. Why a community blogs doesn't deserve a juicy rank from search engines? It is for community and it need a good publicity. I respect his point of view about this but again, even the smallest voice counts. I'm against splog or rubbish blogs and this is the type of blog that doesn't deserve a rank at all.

    But search engines can't stop splog in one night. They need to filter their index list and that normally took about 2 weeks. Before that time-frame, splog will get indexed by search engines.

    Some blogs are trying to make profits from their blogs and getting a good rank in search engines can bring in more money. I don't see anything wrong about the type of blog listed above but splog is a big NO-NO.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 11:02 AM  
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