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    Thursday, January 26, 2006
    Another bad blogger.
    Why can't blogger write their own article? Why must this lazy blogger blog? This is not the first time my article being copied and now i'm getting really mad. I can't track back my articles so don't think lazy blogger can get away with it easily. I'm not going to make this my full-time job but in order to protect my hard work, i can guarantee you, i'll will take action.

    Hi to the abuse team,
    I would like to complaint about my copyrights. One of your users took several of my articles without my permission. The link to this blog is Below are the articles taken from my blog:

    1. The Chronicles of a Blogger:The Penguin, the Blogger and the Computer. ( the original post from my blog is )

    2. Islamic link ( the original post from my blog is )

    3. Pendapatan Adsense ( the original post from my blog is

    4. Make money from internet ( the original post from my blog is

    This blogger is breaking the rule of CreativeCommons ( I'm not happy with the way blogger copying my original articles for their profits sakes. I suspect this blogger is making money from Adsense by copying my articles. The Adsense ID of this blogger is pub-7376351046621707

    I have all the rights to ask to delete this blog account without any prejudice. All of my hardwork from researching ( books,internet,tv and all sort of media) is being copied without my permission.

    I hope BlogDrive will delete this blog as soon as possible to mantain a good public viee of your service. This email will be sent to several address such as Adsense and local government bodies.

    I do know that BlogDrive respect others hardwork and i'm sure BlogDrive will cherish and respect my hardwork.


    Am i being hard? Not at all. I'm protecting my hardwork and my reputation. Jamloceng is not a 5 years old school kid blog but Jamloceng is a well known blogger in blogsphere. That is why i'm angry at lazy bloggers, they will bring my reputation as low as it can gets. Many people are reading my blog and they know i'm an honest blogger. But this must end now.

    Copying my whole article is one part but not giving me the credit is another part. These lazy bloggers just broke 2 rules of content copyrights. Will they go deeper? Yes because i saw a blogger inserted his affiliate code in my article! Just imagine people who bought or use the service from this lazy bloggers. Yes, you're opening the door to theives and hackers. Your credit cards and identity is being used with your permission. Always get products or services from Jamloceng. Why? Because you all know Jamloceng is an honest person.

    As for the blogger above, i will track him or her down. I just filed a complaint to his or her ISP and they will take action. Why did the ISP read my email? Again, this is the proof that Jamloceng is an honest blogger even the ISP read my email.

    Why can't these blogger blog on their own? Why must they steal other peoples hardwork? I'm sick of this kind of action.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 11:49 AM  
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