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    Friday, January 06, 2006
    2 steps to get serious clicks FOR SURE!
    Why clicks are important for us? Well, if you're an Adsense publisher, every click counts. If you're selling a product ( affiliate programme ), a single click can generate huge income. Remember, a single click means income. This tip is not only apply to Adsense but to all method of making money or not.

    I've read Brian Tracy book about making money and i found a term that he wrote in his book. Brian Tracy wrote about the "cheap-cheap" song. Spend less and earn more, that was it all about. But i'm using a reverse method from his method and by apply it to my blog, i've made several hundred dollars richer.

    If you already making several thousand dollars monthly, don't read this tip. But if you found that this tip can increase your income, please do so. Don't walk before you learn how to crawl.

    This is how i make money from clicks and you can use the same method. It might work for you or it might crash your income in no time. I is working nicely for me after using the reverse method. No, you don't have to buy anything or pay me because as you all know Jamloceng just love to share. A donation to me is a good idea. Are you ready to get those clicks?

    Don't answer all the question.
    This work great with Adsense and i can see 25% increase in clicks. Still can't see the whole idea? Every penny counts and so does Adsense clicks. Let say you're writing an article about money making from internet. Don't answer all the question playing in the readers mind. Leave it hanging or half-done. Bamm...Adsense is answering all the questions. How you might asked and here is my answer.

    Adsense will show related ads according to your content and by leaving the answer to Adsense to answer, you can get more clicks. Another good thing by not answering all the question is curiosity kills the cat and that is good. I'm not saying go out and kill a cat but why not using the same method in your newsletter, website or blog? Have you received a newsletter and how fast your finger clicked the link? Yes, that was the same method. You want to know the answer fast because the newsletter was not answering your question.

    If you are an Adsense publisher, using this method can increase your income. But using Adsense alone is not enough, you need to know the "in's and out's" of Adsense. Don't waste your time looking at the zero's in your Adsense account, get SMART.

    Don't point, just lead.
    In the movie Jerry Mcguire, Tom Cruise kept saying "Show me the money!" over and over again. You are not going to use that method because you need to reverse it. Let say you are an affiliate member of a product and you need buyers, this is what you need to do. Don't point but lead your buyers to your affiliate link. Let me ask you a question, do you like someone dragging you so you buy their product? I know i don't and i'm sure you too hate it right.

    Why don't you create a way to lead your buyers to click. Make a plan about your sales by reading your buyers like a book. Ask yourself what you want and why you must buy the product. Draught your content before you publish it and save your time. Keep it short but interesting. Talk about keeping it short, from now on let keep a less link in mind. Less links mean more click. Content with million of links most likely not getting any clicks. Try keeping 2-3 links in one content. Remember, we don't want to make the buyers dizzy so we need to lead them.

    I do hope you can try this tips to increase your sale and profits.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 12:36 PM  
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