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    Book i read.
    Wednesday, November 30, 2005
    Avoid this mistake.
    What do you think of this? Creating so many spider food but without a real content. This kind of site owner give us a bad name. This is sooo version 1.0 and making too much spider food will get you ban for life time. This not the way to get on top of search engines result. Yes you can get on the top list for several days and after that your link will be deleted by the major search engines. What? Can't wait for awhile? Shame on you.

    Another reason is to show related ads of Adsense in a fast way. Adsense will read the spider food and assumed the site is about Adsense. Come on, is this what you want to teach our kids? Some of you might say that it is ok to do that but over-doing it is not ok. You will never see your page again in the search engines result and people will avoid you in the future. Loosing visitors means loosing income. Some site owner hide their spider food and blend it with their site ( huh? a deja vu? ). Some even going over the brigde by using META TAG loaded with spider food. Sooo version 1.0 dude. Search engines ( Google in this case ) getting smarter every single day with more complex method of indexing your site.

    Why not use the H1,H2,H3 method instead? More search engine friendly and you don't have to stuff million of words into one tight space. Some said that by using H1, H2 and H3 can improve your index but again, search engines keeps changing their method. I nice article about H1, H2, H3 tags is from I'm not a SEO guru but a guy ho uses his logic before writing. If you're looking for SEO guru, i have a news for you; THERE'S NO REAL SEO GURU. Ohhh....another smashed dream eh.

    Most of the so-called SEO guru are nothing more than a cheater. Before you get angry with me, i'm not saying ALL, but most. As you all know, 70% of service of product are fake and will not do you any good. Yes, some company do help you with SEO but even they can't guarantee you a 100% "4th of July party". You can do your own SEO by keeping an open eyes for changes from the major search engines. Read their policy changes or their report release and you can understand ( not 100% ) how SEO works. For a start, why not read what Google have to say regarding this.

    Google 1 | Google 2
    posted by Jamloceng @ 3:41 PM  
    Don't lie to me.
    So you thought it's easy for you to lie and get away with it eh. I do know if you're telling the truth or not. Don't lie to me or i'll take away your Xmas gifts. i know my readers are honest down to earth kind of person and i love it. I want to give you a secret on how to tell if someone is telling you a lie.'s not my secret but i've found a site that teaches you how to do it.

    You can tell if the person telling you a lie by just looking at his or her eyes. Before that, you might want to read this article from In their disclaimer, they...better read it yourself.

    Warning: Sometimes Ignorance is bliss; after gaining this knowledge, you may be hurt when it is obvious that someone is lying to you.

    Nasty eh but this might help you with your bank loan. You don't have to buy a lie detector from the FBI or CIA just let the nature do all the work for you. Below is a diagram that can gives you the clue.

    After you are done reading the first article, you can now put the "know-how's" into action by reading the next article here. Body language is not a new language. I found that body language is amazing. Before this i never knew if someone scratching his ears means something. Ermm...maybe i'll buy some books about body language. To tell you the truth, body language books are selling like crazy and now i know why. Once a guy told me that he caught his girlfriend telling lies by using methods that he learned from a body language book. At that time, i never thought our body can talk.

    Enjoy your reading and don't try to reserve to method will you. This article is for you to detect lies not to create lies and get away with it. I just spoiled the fun out of you eh...LOL.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 1:12 PM  
    Show me the money.
    Hi again. I do hope you feelling well. I'm searching for a simple way to track my visitors stat and right now i'm testing Pretty cool service with so many stats at your finger tip. I can view how many page being viewed per person, unique visits and much more. For a free service, this is the best tool for me. No, i'm not working with them in any form but just happy to give you some update. Looking at the country flags, it's nice to know that my readers are not just from Malaysia but from all over the world.

    You can see who clicked your Adsense by using their service. But, you'll never know which actual Adsense they've clicked. To use a real Adsense tracking tool, you might want to try asRep. From what i've read, this free tool can track your Adsense clicks. Did i said free? Yes, it's free to use and with their "helpdesk", you can ask anything about this tool.

    Maybe someday i'll use asRep as well if someone decided to donate to me his hosting. Nah...just joking with you. Keep a detail track of your Adsense if important. You can compare which post are getting more clicks and which are not. Yes you can track your Adsense using channel but it won't hurt to get some details.

    posted by Jamloceng @ 12:50 PM  
    Bl.oggers are stupid; said the journalist.
    What in the blue heaven was that all about? This is too much coming from a journalist. This must end now or we'll go for a strike. I can't stand it anymore and i need to do something about it. Are you with me? If yes, read some more.

    Got your attention right away eh? No, this is not a war between journalist and me. The thing made me create the firely headline just to get some attention. Ok, that was my second reason but my main reason is the question about bl'ogger being a journalist. Several weeks ago, most media talked about how can a bl'ogger become a journalist. Some popular Malaysian bl'ogger got upset and started to cry. Nah...just kidding but seriously the media actually attacking bl'ogger. The reason was....keep reading.

    Our own local bl'ogger got attack ( or he thinks he's being attack? ) with the media recently. This guy who called himself a Sultan is no stranger to local readers for his article about entertainment and his addiction to a reality show. With the 'full-time bl'ogger' title in his hand, readers are getting bigger. So what made he's being attack by the real journalist?

    From my humble opinion, he's just a bl'ogger and not a journalist. Knowing how to write doesn't mean you are a journalist. First, journalist must take the full responsibilit for his or her article. To archive that, you need to work with a company to retain trust from readers. You must know the law before writing anything such as Akta Penerbitan ( Publishing Act ) and such.

    It's that easy to become a journalist in this cyber space? No, online journalist still need to act just like any other journalist ( newspaper, magazine etc ) but with more responsibilities. Why did i say that? Because your articles are being read by million of readers. Yes, i'm worried everytime i push the 'post' button because i know my post wil be read by millions. Back to our Sultan.

    He claimed he's the press at a press conference so were told. Now the real press is mad about this. I do understand how that felt ( no, i'm not a journalist ) and with a bl'ogger doing what the press are doing, for me is lil' bit rude. Let the real jornalist do the job and bl'oggers, stay as bl'oggers. It's hard to be unbias for a start and that's why i'm still abl'ogger and not trying to be an online journalist. Most the so-called journalist only copy and paste type. Who love to copy and paste? Yes, bl'oggers because we only quote what the real journalist wrote.

    A reader of mine asked me is it cool to be an online journalist. And my answer is all above. I'm not a journalist and not trying to be one.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 11:50 AM  
    Tuesday, November 29, 2005
    Adsense Conflict.
    After re-read my post Adsense Gain All, my brain just can't stop wondering about it even more. In the post, i was talking about AdBrite and how Adsense Onsite taking one step ahead. I'm seeing this topic as a small publisher not as a big Adsense publisher. Can Adsense Onsite really help small publisher to generate income even more?

    Adsense Onsite is a platform for advertisers to choose with site to advertise on. The reason i bold the word choose is because it just too general. As a small publisher of Adsense, i can't control what ads should be on my campaign. Filtering it only can provide me only a small percentage of control. Looking at Adsense Onsite, i'm facing with a new conflict.

    If i use the filter, will the advertiser sue me or something? Adsense Onsite is a new thing that's why so many question for them to answer. I just received an email from Adsense support team. But the answer still blurry to fully understand it. Below is my email to them.

    Original Message Follows:
    From: "Jamloceng"
    Subject: Other
    Date: Fri, 25 Nov 2005 03:43:25 -0000

    Can i control which advertiser that signup with Adsense Onsite? Can i reject the advertiser or it's you who decide? Does the ads relevent to my content?

    Plain question but with a long answer. The reason why i brought up 'Does the ads relevant to my content" was sometimes Adsense ads are not related to my content. Here's the scenario, my content is about Working from home via internet and an advertiser decided to place his ad using Adsense Onsite but his ads got nothing to do with my content. Will the ads keep on showing even if it's not related to my content? Now let us read the reply from Adsense support team below.

    Hello Jamloceng,

    Thank you for taking the time to email us. Our Onsite Advertiser Signup program uses our site targeting feature, which allows advertisers toselect individual sites or groups of sites on which they want their Google ads to run.

    If an advertiser bids to run ads on your site, it's because they've determined a match between what your users are interested in, and what they have to offer. Advertisers can create customized ads for the sites they select, so they can directly message your users in a highly targeted way.

    However, you can use your Competitive Ad filter to prevent ads from specific advertisers from appearing on your site. Please note that all AdWords ads are held to the AdWords Editorial Guidelines ( ) and Terms and Conditions ( ).

    Let us look at the second paragraph shall we. What does this means to us?

    If an advertiser bids to run ads on your site, it's because they've determined a match between what your users are interested in, and what they have to offer.

    As a bl'ogger, i wrote about almost any subject came across my mind. I don't have a specific topic and does this means i'm loosing money from Adsense Onsite? Most probably yes, i'm loosing money. Now back to the main question, can i customize Adsense Onsite bidder? If ( a big IF there ) my content solely on one page, maybe advertisers can place their ads there but what about my mainpage? I'm still waiting for their next answer and i'll get back to you ASAP.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 3:07 PM  
    Monday, November 28, 2005
    My favourite books.
    Do you have a book that you really like and keep re-reading it for all these years? I have one and i'm sure all of you need to read this book. Dale Carnegie is my favourite author for English book. His books are so great i can't stop reading it. I'll found new things everytime i read the book and i'm addicted to his books. So what are the books? Below are the books i really love to read.

    The books above is a must for everyone. It's like a handbook with plentty of ways to improve yourself. I bought the books about 3 years ago and still i enjoy reading it. Yes, i do love to read books and i found that Dale's style of writing is simple to understand. Go to your nearest bookstore and get his books because Jamloceng say so. Before you start your car, i would like to share you my own experience about bookstore. Not about the bookstore but the owner of the bookstore.

    There i was in a famous bookstore looking for book. I'll to buy at least one book monthly. I can't find the book i'm looking for so i asked the workers. The also can't find the book so they asked the boss. In his mid thirty, he came to me and politely asked me how can he help. So i told him i'm looking for a special book. He rushed to his computer and pocking his keyboard with letters i can't see clearly. After several times, he told me the book i'm looking for is not in their list. So i asked him if he could phone the headquaters if they have the book with them. He called and again told me that the book is not in their list.

    So i talked to the officer on the phone and ask him why was the book not in their list. That guy told me that the book is not a popular or a best selling book. What, i almost shouted at him. Don't tell me you haven't heard about Sir Winston Churchill biography. Sir Churchill's name is written in every single history book in the world and he told me that he never heard of Sir Winston Churchill? Gosh, what is the point working at a bookstore if you don't like to read. He told me that he doesn't have time to read! Oh boy, coming from a guy who run one of the largest bookstore don't have time to read was not a pretty side. Then i asked the guy on the phone how many book he read in a month and guess what, none. The last time he read a book was back in 2003. Gulp, so long ago?

    If you need to buy a book, make sure you're heading to the right bookstore. Maybe Malaysian are lazy when it comes to reading. Read anything you can find on your dentist's desk or go to Amazon to find the latest books in the market.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 7:22 PM  
    Hands up and get naked.
    After their effort to combat bribery, now they are facing a new challange. Yup, they will stripped you and ask you to do the ear-squat. Maybe this their new way of getting some info from the prisoner. I'm battling with my own mind about this matter. After listening to their explanation, i can't stop wondering about it.

    Datuk Seri Musa Hassan, our Deputy of Royal National Police said in his interview with the press, no camera in the lock-up. I wonder how can a camera ( mobile phone camera in this case ) been brought into the lock-up? Was it because nobody actually follow the rule while in the lock-up? Or was it because somebody thought it was fun to capture a naked women in the lock-up? Another question rambling in my mind that is, are the prisoners safe while in the lock-up?

    Before this i've heard about abusive act in the lock-up but now i believe it. Datuk Seri Musa Hassan told the media that it is normal for a women police officer to question women prisoners but is it normal to strip the prisoner? I have no idea about this. Maybe the police department should rule out some black and white rules. Now, was the prisoner protected under the human rights? Again, i have no answer for that question. Tell me what do you think about the picture below. Rings any bell?

    Maybe you'll say that the picture was taken in some prison in Iraq but no, that was taken in our local prison. Shame on them. Our government condemned how the US troops treated prisoners in Iraq but look who's talking now. In Harakah, a newspaper owned by PAS stated that the ISA prisoners also been stripped while in the prison. Don't ask me, ask the prisoners what actually happened in there.

    I know not all of the polce officers are the bad cop. Many of them are doing their jobs with respect and we thank them for it. The police need some "overhaul" in their own law. If this kind of thing happens again, don't blame the public for not trusting them. We need someone to protect us not to strip us. I'm sure they will do everything in their power to obtain our trust and giving the public a sense of safety. I do hope they can improve their service soon. What's next?
    posted by Jamloceng @ 6:48 PM  
    Template dilemma.
    Choosing the right layout is like putting a 100 zillions of puzzle together. I'm thinking about changing my template again ( i can't remember the exact count ) because i love to make it look nice and tidy. I've been working for a new template for months now but still, i need some fresh ideas.

    Looking at my sidebar, with too many text it's time for a change. I need a more pro looking categories but doing that with Bl'ogspot is too messy. Yes i know, jump to WordPress but i kinda like here. Most of my readers already put my link in their bookmark and my pagerank sits a the "almost-the-king" rank. Back to the template design shall we. I'm trying to find to most easy-on-eyes design and below is what i had in mind.

    A combination of smooth colour with red on the header and the footer seems nice. Maybe i might add some drop-down menu using HTML for the extra links. I'm short of time lately and i don't want to make the template in hurry. Maybe a new design will popup. What do you think about this template? Post your idea to my email or maybe if you like to help me in creating this template, send me the source code and i'll put your direct link. Haven't code CSS for almost 2 years i think, so bear with me. I'm kind of rusty when it comes to CSS language but i need your help. Clone this design and i'll give you a link. Hey, for a pagerank of 4, direct link is huge for you. Anyway, off to my codes.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 6:10 PM  
    Friday, November 25, 2005 WAP the story.
    What do you get if you add Jamloceng+RSS+WAP? Well, you'll get J-Wap. Mobile phone are getting smarter every single day. Most modern mobile phone support WAP for users. You can read news, browse and such with your WAP mobile phone.

    Next big wave for bloggers is to enable their blog with WAP. Even now blogger can blog from their mobile phone and it's the next big thing for us. To make use of WAP, i'm teaming with to enable WAP users to read my post at anytime. Please remember, this is still in beta version so if you can't read my post don't throw any bombs yet. If everything is ok, you can more advance feature from J-Wap. Right now, it's just a test and error level.

    To read my post from your WAP mobile phone, just enter in your mobile browser and you now can read my post. Maybe this service can add images as well. By converting my RSS to WAP, you can easily read my post without having to use a computer. No matter where you are, you can use your WAP mobile phone to view my blog.

    This new service is not guarantee to work with some of you but i have a solution to solve this problem. Just use Mobile Yahoo!. All you need to do is add my blog to your My Yahoo! and you're ready to go. For more info about Mobile Yahoo!, click here.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 4:16 PM  
    Thursday, November 24, 2005
    Are they transparent enough?
    Most of Adsense publisher will blend their Adsense ads so it would look like its apart of the website. By looking at the blocks, you can clearly see "Ads by Goooogle" and what is that for? Now let us look at this topic from another angle shall we.

    I'm talking about small publisher not the "huge visits per day" publishers. For the premium publisher, they can customize their ads without breaking the TOS. For a small publisher, we can hide the words because if we hide it, we just broke the TOS with Adsense. We can hide the border and change the colours to blend it with our site without any problem.

    Now to the real question i would like to ask you ; who will clicked the ads? Yes, of course the readers. Can you see where i'm leading you with this topic? In my honest opinion, only a fool site owner will try to fool their readers. Doesn't make sense at first read right? Blending the ads with the website is the get somebody click on the ads and fooling the readers is not a good idea. It's like you thanked them but you call them fool. In the long run, more and more readers will feel cheated and at the end of the day, you'll loose your readers ( aka income ).

    Yes, at first i do blend my ads but after several weeks looking at my blog from my readers point of view, gosh i knew this is not a good thing. I felt cheated by my own blog! How's that for a rip-off of the year? Some even go for the extreme blending such as making the ads look like menus and some even mimic the ads. How many of you accidentally clicked the ads? Guess what, the publisher is making even more money from it.

    In my opinion Adsense is not playing a fair game with us. I know they put "Ads by Goooogle" on their ads but a good webmaster can hide the words using several methods. More clicks meaning more money for the publishers and even more money for Adsense. I'm not attacking Adsense but i'm questioning if allowing blending method is fair for readers. Maybe Adsense should look into this issues from our point of view.

    Lets talk about fair game. If someone clicked the ads, what will he or she get? Another site selling some product or service right. How about money, do we get money from that click? The answer is no. We are being fed with another ads and they hope we buy something from their site. Should we accept this click? Hell yes only if we can make some money from it.

    Loosing my readers is something i'm not looking forward to. I don't want my readers to feel cheated. I know i'll see a drop in my Adsense ads but human relationship is far more important than clicks. If my readers feel that my ads are interesting, they can click it but fooling them into clicking it is out of the question. Will we see another policy change from Adsense in the future? Time will tell so to say. My suggestion to Adsense is to keep the border so that readers can spot which is which. A thicker border might help the process. Adsense even can enforce a new rule about the border such as website owners cannot use the same colour as the border.

    I know plentty of creative publisher out there will figure out a way to blend their Adsense ads. These selfish publisher will do anything to generate those clicks. For me, my readers are everything to me. Not just readers from Malaysia but also from the rest of the world. If you don't want to click my ads, that's fine with me. You can always donate to me as your sign of support or buy a real ads so i can put it in my blog.

    I'm keeping my blog less ads and trying to gain more readers. As you can see, i brought down one of my Chitika ads. Chitika's script tends to slow down my page loading. Again, thanks to the hate mails shooting me with a barrage of bullets. See, getting hate mails not that bad. Maybe you should get some hate mails couples of time after this.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 5:29 PM  
    Another hate mail with a bullet in it?
    Before i start writing, i would like to apologize to my loyal readers for posting too many Adsense tips. I know deep down, they only wanted to see some quality article from me. I thank you for the hate mails because it's time not to be leaning on one side only.

    This has been going on about a month now with several hate mails coming from my loyal readers. At first my ego was too big to read it but after several week looking at my visitors hit, i knew something went bad somewhere between the line. Again, my ego is too large for the universe for me to understand about this. "What went wrong?" i said to myself one day.

    After re-reading my posts, i knew i broke my on rule that is "quality article". A big slap hit my face was the feeling i felt. It doesn't matter how geek i am or how cool i'm, but it's about how well i'm doing. Dephine, my loyal readers since my first post decided to slap me some more.

    Hello Jamloceng,
    As you already know, i have been supporting your bl'og since your first day bl'ogging. I really enjoy reading your article but lately my finger kind of heavy to click my Bookmarks with your link on the top place. Everytime i opened you Feeds, it's about Adsense and more Adsense.

    I know you just want to help us in retainning income but over doing it can cause your reputation as a blogger. If you really want to blog about Adsense, maybe you can create a new home just for Adsense. Me and my friends are you loyal readers and i'm sure you don't want us to be the was readers.

    After reading her email, i knew i'm the main problem for all those hate mails. Now i'm ready to kick some serious arsse for all of you. Maybe i need some inspiration to blog but that is not an excuse any more. Drop me a line if you want to see that might help me inspirated.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 3:58 PM  
    Busy helping readers with money.
    After my post about making money from auto surf, i've received several email asking me about this method. Yes you can make money from surfing the internet and it's easy.

    All you need is a computer and internet connection and you're done. Surf for only 1 hour or less and you'll get pay for it. This method suits best for those who don't have a website yet. But if you have a site, maybe you can get the Adsense method. Ok, back to the autosurf programme.

    Before i move on to the details, i do hope you can try my tips that i have given out for several months now. If you're from Malaysia, this is another method to generate income from the internet without paying a dime. Not everyone heard about autosurf yet ( new to Malaysian ) so why not start now. It doesn't hurt a bit to try because it's free and you'll get $100++ daily.

    Some autosurf have a limited time offer so to gain more income, start registering now. Do you want to a secret? Holiday season is near and now is the best time to start your autosurf programme. Why? Because autosurf companies will give out free gift, coupons and more. Not only you get paid but you might stand a chance to win something.

    As you all know not all autosurf companies are honest. Most of them are scam and i've tried several autosurf service before. For your information, 80% of the autosurf companies are scam and making a living on YOUR money. Choose wisely before you invest in any autosurf programme. Surf around for infos about the company you want to sign-up. Once the scam companies gone, so does your money and forget about sending them emails asking for refunds.

    Now that i've covered the basic stuff, it's time to look for the honest autosurf programme shall we. Always look for a company that is in bussiness over 5 years. That is a big indication the company is an honest party and you can invest your money in it. Check if they have any bad records from the internet or ask someone who can help you. Also, look if they are verified with the third party verification company such as NetBIA, eTrust etc.

    First read their agreement before you sign-up. What is it for you, payment method, special offer and much more stuff you might want to check. Don't just simply sign-up for a bogus offers because a friend told you so. Please print their agreement for your safe keeping. Email to the company if you have any question regarding their service.

    Below are the most respected autosurf companies and i joined them too.

    Highly ranked.
    Tsunami Gold - You will get $19.00 just for signing with them. They are confident about their service, they are offering you the money. What make their service special is, not only you can surf and make money but with several method offered, you just can't say no to their service. If you search from their site, you will get paid. Not only that, reading their newsletter can also give you some extra money. If you're looking for a fast and secure way to make money from home, you might want to try this service. Remember, once you've registered, you'll get $19.00 and you can leave if you don't like their service without losing your $19.00.

    StudioTraffic - With 6 years experience in their hand, this is one of the major player for autosurfers. Free registration and a free give away for you. Yes, a $10.00 free gift only for you. I have review about this service previously. If you missed the review, click here.

    5%Daily. - You will get free $5.00 just to sign-up your name. You only have to surf 50 site daily to get 5% for it. You can withdraw with StormPay and you can ask a payout at $10. With a fast payment. 5%Daily also can help you generate income from home.

    12DailyPro - You'll get 12% daily if you use their service. Pretty cool service and accept StormPay. To gain more income, you can upgrade your account only for $6 and surf 12 site daily. Another NetBIA trusted company, you can be sure about their service. Some extra feature about 12DailyPro is, they will coach you on how to get more income from their service.

    Malaysian First Autosurf - This is just not for Malaysian but also for everyone. Reports said that their service is fast and payment always ontime. For Malaysian, if you're too affraid to invest in oversea autosurf companies, this is the option for you. Get a free $10 upon signing up. To read more about their service click here for Bahasa Melayu or English.

    All above autosurf companies are what i have been using to get some extra money from autosurfing. Some uses StormPay as their payment method and some uses direct checks. But all above highly recommended by me. I'm a Malaysian and i'm making some extra money from it so you don't have to worry about scams.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 2:24 PM  
    Wednesday, November 23, 2005
    It's flood time.
    Sorry for late post for today. I just can't stay awake because last night it was heavy rain. Yup, mini-flood hit my home. At 3 a.m my father called me and with a heavy eyes i asked him if anything is alraight. Then he said, take a look outside the window and it's flooding. The water almost an inche from my fron door and if the rain getting heavier for another 2 hours, i'll pack my bags. I stay up just to make sure the flood is not getting bigger.

    To make sure i don't fall asleep, i made coffee and watch a live football match between Manchester United and Villareal. What a boring match. From time to time, i went out to check the water level and it's getting higher. I told my wife to get ready to move from our home. I don't really care about stuff in my home but my 3 months old daughter is my main concern. I just can't imagine her in the heavy rain.

    Thank God everything was not that bad. At 4.30 a.m the water level getting lower and i just need some fast cleaning. Yehaa....a lost haruan fish in my garbage bin. Took the fish to the scale and it weights about 2 kg. Not bad for a mini-bad day. Release the fish to the nearest swamp...bye-bye fishy.

    I woke up at 8.30 a.m and im'm late to work. Work as usuall but with heavy eyes. Close my computer and cancel all my meeting and ZZZZZ. I'm hungry, me need hungry.

    For those in Kuantan, please be carefull during this monsoon season. Keep your kids close to you and lock all doors and windows if you have to move out. Shut the electrical source and double check you have your kids with you. Place your important documents in a high place.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 4:14 PM  
    Tuesday, November 22, 2005
    Smooth surfing generate $150 daily?
    How do you use your broadband? Surfing, emailing and that's it? Ok, you upload your website and update your blog then what? How about using your broadband or dialup to make some money? In just 1 hour you can make $150 just by using your internet. No, this time i'm not talking about Adsense mind you. I'm talking about an easy way to generate income from home using your computer.

    Today i would like to introduce to you how to make some money from home without lifting a finger. Ok, that half true but you don't have to have a website! Yup, no programming or any uploading needed if you use this method. Pretty easy to make money? Yes and no. Yes you can make $150 and no if you still reading this post.

    Do you hate watching the ads on tv? But this is something similar but you got paid watching it. Don't worry this is not a 120 seconds ads but simply a way to make money from home. Before that, who should use this extra income?

    1. Housewives.
    2. Single moms
    3. Students.
    4. Everybody.

    Free to register to get some money? Nope, i'm not pulling your leg but this is the real thing. Don't believe me? Why don't you read the testimonials below.

    Thanks a lot, i am speechless and salute you for your work keep it up that way,i and many others will support and spend more!!
    Kind reagards!!
    Happy member/investor/spender.

    Hello Members,
    I was inquiring about my account balance reading 0. I recived a reply very fast letting me know everthing was ok. The system is doing an update of all the account balances. I'm very pleased with the administration and how fast they have returned my emails everytime.
    I had a question. Excellent job and thanks for evrything!

    Bob S


    Thank you for the update...Yes the New site is outstanding and very attractive. Thank you for all the efforts of making the surf-for-cash-site more solvent, trustworthy and above all profitable.

    "Keep your SITES high"

    Gene Brown

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    I know this long post might be boring so if you are ready to get those extra money from the internet click the link below.

    I want to join your programme.

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    Adsense gain all?
    In my previous post, i've wrote about Adsense new function called Onsite Advertiser released by Adsense not so long ago. Let's go deeper into this topic shall we. I'm watching a new wave of advertising with the release of Adsense OnSite.

    Pro - This will force advertiser to choose from any publisher they want. They don't have to rely on Adsense to decide where their ads should be. This can cut their cost tremendesly in short and long run. Most popular site or blog can gain more income and control. If ( a big IF ) Adsense allow the publisher to control who can advertise on their site, i'm sure the more popular site will see a stream of income in short time.

    By using Adsense, publishers are actually using a "2-in-1" method. First the contextual method and the Adsense OnSite. This can get those profits rolling in much faster. Combine with advance Adsense method, a faster gain is in our hand.

    Con - Looks like Adsense is pushing AdBrite to the edge lilttle bit more. Most of small site depends on advertisers by using AdBrite. AdBrite is using the same method ( or is it Adsense ) as Adsense to generate some income. As we all know AdBrite is not a contextual method and they are one step behind Adsense. Not just AdBrite, another advertiser portal called Chitika also suffering the same "hard knock on the head". Even tho Chitika can be use as a contextual ads but it can't be use together with Adsense.

    Both AdBrite and Chitika are widely use by small publisher to generate income. Are we watching the death of both advertiser? At the time i wrote this post, i don't have the answer. Maybe we can see much more advance function coming from both advertiser in the near future in order to compete with Adsense OnSite. If that is their main concern, i'm sure we can gain benefit from it. A healthy competition among advertisers mean more income for us or is it the end for us?

    Maybe in the near future Adsense,AdBrite, Chitika or any other advertisers will put some special requirement for publishers. Maybe they will sponsor only the popular site with huge visitors. Again, this is my personal view and i do hope small publishers can still continue gainning income from ads. As for me, i love to hear your opinion regarding this issue.

    posted by Jamloceng @ 3:36 PM  
    Adsense new feature.
    Yes, another Adsense update for you. You can gain new advertisers directly from your webpages by using Adsense new function. This can get more income directly to your Adsense account.

    Your content is valuable. And starting within the next two weeks, advertisers will be able to bid for placement on your site right from your web pages. With Onsite Advertiser Sign-up, a new feature of AdSense, your AdSense ad units will display an 'Advertise on this site' link that takes interested advertisers to a page which you can tailor for your business. On this page they can see your details about your site and the Google AdWords program. Advertisers who sign up for AdWords through this landing page will create an ad automatically targeted to your site, and your site alone. And more advertisers competing to display ads on your site means more revenue for you.

    Before Onsite Advertiser Sign-up becomes active, we recommend you customize the landing page advertisers will see when they click your 'Advertise on this site' link. Just follow these simple steps to customize the landing page with your logo, color scheme and site description today. You can also view our demo for additional feature information and images.

    If you'd prefer not to participate in Onsite Advertiser Sign-up, you can opt out before it starts by visiting the My Account tab.

    You can customize according to your own needs. To read about their new function, start here. Remember to use only a 100x100 logo before upload it to Adsense OnSite.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 2:31 PM  
    Wordpress goes live.
    WordPress is free for all now. No more invitation or Flock account. If you want an option for your blog, this is an alternative to Bl' With their limited but cool template, you can blog as usuall with

    Just type in your name and email and off you go. Make sure you select a nice name and catchy. That would be easier for your readers to remember your blog. The name of your blog will be just like Bl'ogspot. For example :

    Let me know if you have setup a account and if your content worth linking to, i'll put it in my blog. To get your free account, please click here.

    posted by Jamloceng @ 1:56 PM  
    Holiday gift for you.
    Holiday season is near and i'm giving out a free Tablet PC for you. Yes, it's free for a limited time only. You'll never get this special holiday gift from any blog. This is only from Jamloceng to my readers out there as my token for your support and emails.

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    This promotion is a limited-time only and getting a free Tablet PC for your holiday season is too much to say no. Thank you for you support and if i have any more free gift, you know where to get them.

    I want to get this free gift from Jamloceng NOW!
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    Monday, November 21, 2005
    Are we human enough to be a human?
    I got an email from Mr.Shaiful asking me about something. Something that is simple yet hard for some of us. His question made me look back at my ealier age. Before i show you his email, let
    me explaine to you why the answer so dear to my heart.

    I was at my early 20's at that time. At that time, the world economy facing such a hard time. Many people got fired and finding a new job is not an easy task. Those who still hang-on tight to their
    job facing a pay cut. There i was standing under the hot sun with $10 in my pocket. I saw something that changed my view entirely.

    I saw an old women with her 2 years old child sitting on the hot pavement asking for food. She hold on to her child on one hand and small sign stated "Work for food" on it. Deep inside my heart i wanted
    to give her $5 so she can buy some food. Half on my self keep telling me to give her the money and the half keep saying no.

    Then i remember what my father said to me. "If you made some good deeds,you will get something in return too". Would my father lie to me? This is the last $10 in my pocket. Then with a heart put on the right track, i've decided to give her $5. Tears started coming out from her eyes. She asked me what kind of work she can do but i said none. God work in miracle way and i agree with it. About 20 metres from her, i saw $50 in the drain. At that time i know this what my father told me before. You need to give to receive.

    So back to the email, Shaiful asked me why do i give out tips about Adsense. I truly believe in the kindness of human relationship. This is what i've been doing for my blog.
    Maybe from my tips about Adsense changed a "$10 person" to "$10,000 person". Maybe in the future i need some help and someone willing to help me with a smile. We must give in order to receive.
    I'm doing this for free and deep inside my heart i know i can be the "$10,000 person" soon.

    If you have some money, food or energy to spare, consider helping your local charity group. You can donate to tsunami or earthquake victims. Nowdays, we tend to receive but not to give. This
    makes me sad. I do hope this answered Shaiful question.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 1:42 PM  
    Search engine marketing
    Search engine marketing is the biggest profit pulling method for any internet marketer. By using this method you can save money a time. As you all know, search engines arethe front-desk when it comes to internet. By using search engine marketing, you can get your site or product viewed by millions of "soon-to-be" clients.

    How can you get started with search engine marketing? Easy, just use Google. Why Google? Because Google is the most popular search engine around and by using it you can pull the traffic in just weeks. Some search engine use Google search result too and you get listed in other search engine in auto-mode. First you need is to submit your site to search engines such as Google, Dmoz, MSN and other major search engines.

    A great info about search engine marketing is by Mike Moran. In his book, you can get many tips and tricks you can use for your search engine marketing. Take a look what some readers have to say about this book.

    "A very comprehensive, yet light-hearted guide for internet managers that demystifies search engine marketing and provides practical advice for success." -Piers Dickinson, Global Internet Marketing Manager, BP

    "Getting your site indexed is the most fundamental, yet one of the most challenging, aspects to search engine marketing. Search Engine Marketing Inc.: Driving Search Traffic to Your Company's Web Site is a detailed and comprehensive guide through the pitfalls and opportunities of this complicated subject. I started reading Chapter 10, "Get Your Site Indexed," and haven't really put it down since. It is a wonderfully well-written and detailed reference that you will come back to again and again to get more out of your SEO efforts. From price engines to paid placement, Chapter 14, "Optimize Your Paid Search Program," covers everything you need to know about paid search. I have yet to come across a more useful book for SEM pros. From budgeting to bid strategy and optimization, Mike and Bill take you through the steps to create successful paid search campaigns. Whether you are just starting out in paid search or are already a power player, you will learn something new from this book." -David Cook, Search Marketing Manager,

    I've give out some tips on my previous article about this. The tips on my articles are the most basic methos but if you need some solid help, you can use WEBCeo. This great tool can help you in your search engine marketing plan and cut your time to half. With a fast help from their team, you can ask about anything and they will help you in minutes. No more time wasting to get start with your search engine marketing plan.

    Search engine marketing also can get your Adsense back on track. Why not use both for your site or blog? Not just you can sell your own product but you can get some extra income from Adsense too. Yes, some already made million from their Adsense plan. Read my previous article about a guy that made million from Adsense.

    Now let us recap this topic shall we.

    1. Download WEBCeo for search engine marketing.
    2. Read Mike Moron's book about search engine marketing.
    3. Get an extra income from Adsense.
    4. Create a blog in minute with "Blog-In-A-Box".
    5. Get new ideas for your marketing strategy.

    Combine all above and you can start making income from your search engine marketing method. Remember, do not share this tip if you don't want your boss to know. This is the secret weapon for those who wanted to be a full-time internet marketer. I do hope you can success and you have all of my support. Get moving will ya.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 11:36 AM  
    On the 20th November 2005 is my first wedding anniversary. I know some of you might take a vacation in Bali but with a shortage of cash ( still waiting my checks ), maybe i'll go to Bali next year. What made this anniversary so special was, on the 19th August was my daughter birthday then Eid-Mubarak. Wow, talk about triple celebration.

    A friend asked me how i met my wife. The answer is easy, she was one of my colleague and the rest is history. The reason she asked me was, she's still looking for the right man. She's in her mid 30's so no wonder eh. "How about online dating service?" i asked her back. "Ermm..never thought about it before. Can i trust this online dating service?" she asked me while i'm having my hot coffee. "Why don't you start with local online dating portal" i started explainning to her about local online dating service. "What, need to pay for their online dating service?" she shouted.

    After several minutes explainning to her about the process, she seems to calm down. I do understand her situation and don't want somebody take advantage on her situation. "You can get back your money from your online dating portal if you want" i add. She just went into "ermmm..."

    Several months passess and i received her call early in the morning. "Hey, i'm getting married to my online guy" she said. "What online guy?". "Remember you told me to try online dating several months back?" she asked. "Yup, what that have to do about your onloie guy?". Then she explained to me how she registered to an online dating service and getting plentty of emails from guys.

    Goog for her and i'll be at her wedding day in December. I've to admit, before this i was kinda off my trust issue about online dating. Yes, i know millions of couples found each other using online dating method and some still looking. But hey, always open for opportunity is good thing. Maybe you'll not find your dream couple in week but keep it open. Some day you will.

    If any of you want to give me an anniversary gift, email me and i'll give you the address. I do hope to see a nice Play Station 2. Yup, i always wanted a PS2, a great way to waste my time.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 10:55 AM  
    Friday, November 18, 2005
    Fast cars
    I'm a fan of F1 race and i support Sauber-Petronas F1 team. With their new name BMW-Sauber F1, i do hope to see more podium from the team. This seasson Ferrari seems getting less podium compared to Renault team. Maybe Ferrari not getting the right engine and that made them less scarry.

    As we all know BMW just bought Sauber-Petronas and will start with a fresh engine. This team getting better and better every seasson and with a hands full of funds, the can produce a better car for 2006 lineups.

    As BMW Motorsport Director Mario Theissen explains: "The new team name more or less chose itself. It reflects the makeup of the team – run by BMW but with a core of almost 300 Sauber employees. Plus, the 2006 car was developed by Sauber’s proven engineers."

    Sauber’s Technical Director, the German Willy Rampf, will continue in his post at the Hinwil location. Heinz Paschen, meanwhile, remains Technical Director in Munich, where not just the engine but now the entire powertrain will be built. Walter Riedl will be responsible for coordination between the two locations in his capacity as Project Manager.
    via Official site.

    A bright future for this team and with their own wind-tunnel, they can test the cars without any problem. Armed with 300 employee, they can challenge Ferrari and Renault team. Now to the bad news, Petronas decided to stop sponsoring Sauber and that will somehow erase "Malaysia" from the track. We only host the F1 in Sepang but i do miss looking at the Malaysian flag on the cars.

    Still in romours state tho. Some said Petronas will still sponsoring Sauber but not as the main sponsor but in supplying the fuel and some technical aspects. Some said Petronas will head to a new team with new drivers. After 10 years in sponsoring Sauber, maybe they decided it's time to focus on something else. Our right to become the host almost at the end since FIA are not happy with the audience attendance.

    Motorsports in Malaysia need some boost and that is no short term plan. Maybe after 10 years, we still need an extra boost. Show your support and make our motherland proud. I can't enter FIA site, maybe they are updating some sort. Read here for more about F1.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 6:43 PM  
    Computer myth
    An interesting subject brought up by my friend. To be honest, i have no idea if what i'm about to write is real. This might scare some of you so please back up your data ~ just joking. What with that serious face? Smile will ya. Now back to the myth, this might not be true but it might, who knows.

    A myth ( is it an urban legend ) about the big boys made a promise to each other in order to make income. The suspects are Microsoft, computer maker and software maker. What kind of promise? Here's the situation, in order to make sure a fair cut of share the big boys decided to force users to buy faster computer. want to know how? Read below for me urban legend.

    First the Operating System maker will use a 16Bit code meaning using a slow computer meaning less complex apps. From that sentence, you can see the link between the big boys right. Then the OS getting smarter with their 32Bit code and requires more powerful computer to run more complex apps (such as 3D games or video editing). Now the OS maker already shipping their 64Bit OS and guess what, more power to run it.

    The OS only focus on making the OS and helping the software maker to understand their OS better. The real problem is with the computer maker. They need to make a sacred promise with hardware maker ( memory, processor, hard drive etc ) and give them their cut. Ever wonder why computer are expensive? This might be the link for the untold urban legend. Is it true we need a powerfull computer to run a 3D computer game such as Counter Strike and such? Again, this is just an urban legend and i don't believe it ( yet ).

    Maybe you should understand about the technical side of computer, software or Operating System more. But, what if it's true? Then, this might be the biggest rip-off since the JFK stories. Can we get our money back then? I doubt it so don't start shooting blank bullets yet. What a scary myth dont you think so? Again, don't use this article for your school homework. This urban legend haven't got a solid proof.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 4:41 PM  
    Unwanted Adsense PSA.
    I sure most of you already read the tips and trick to generate income from Adsense. If you still didn't read it, please read here. I know what you will say "Another Adsense article eh?" but hear me out, this is a simple tip for you. Less in 2 minutes, you get paid even Adsense don't want to pay.

    The reason i wrote this tip because a reader of mine asked me why did he saw "Donate to cancer research" ads.
    Hi Jamloceng,
    After applying your tips, i saw some ads about cancer,wildlife etc. That is not related with my content at all.
    Scott Benjamin

    Well Scott, this is my answer for your question. Public Service Ads or PSA in short are ads you're not getting paid for. In other word, free ads for good reasons. If you don't mind displaying those ads, you can always allow it. But if you want something related to your content, consider adding a filter from your Adsense account. Just put the URL of the PSA ads into the filter and next time Adsense will block.

    I know you'll be asking "How do i get the URL without clicking the ads?". Google is kind enough to provide us the solution with their Adsense Preview. Install it and you can see or config some function for preview purpose. It's easy to understand and install their tool. Did you that you can use different ads to replace Adsense PSA? By using this, you can make money from PSA without violating Adsense TOS.

    A nice PSA replacement is from AlternateURL. You can config different size to suit your Adsense blocks. Plentty of setting for you to play with like colours, text and more. All you have to do is pick the size and copy the given code so you can paste it in you Adsense code. Below is where you paste the code:

    <script type="text/javascript">
    google_ad_client = "pub-your_Adsense_ID";
    google_alternate_ad_url = "Paste your code here"

    You can add it from within your Adsense account or just simply paste it directly into your source code. Make sure you have selected the right size. The best thing about this service is, you can search for the highest bid and set it as your keywords. Now you can enjoy getting paid from the upaid ads. I do hope this tip can help you get rid of those PSA and please remember, content is king.

    Another email asking what is the best alternative to Adsense. This email comes from Suzilla and i'll try to answer it in a short paragraph. The reason she asked is because she still waiting for an approval from Adsense.

    ...still waiting for Adsense to approve my application. Any idea for an alternative to Adsense?

    Here an alternative to Adsense it's called Bidvertiser. But if you're looking for some serious alternative to Adsense, try Chitika. Do try both to get some extra income from your blog.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 4:00 PM  
    Are we the badboys?
    Many site, forum and blog block IP's from Malaysia. The reason, because Malaysian equals to badboys. If this keeps going on, we will miss out infomation or profits. Just like any other users, we also want to get the latest info but sadly some nutcase doing it the other way. The results, a blanket ban for the rest of us.

    I've seen and been to site, forums and blog that block IP from Malaysia. This is just frustrating for me and maybe for my fellow friends. Doing a blanket ban is not new to us and i kind of agree with them. Some of us are badboys and i do respect their policy to ban Malaysian users.

    Back in the 90's, we were banned from the major IRC server. The reason was some of us love to flood other users. We use some IRC flooding script and boom, we were the king of the server...not! For me IRC is not the place to show-off your scripts. It's fine to use scripts but using it just for fun is stupid. What type of flood we used to play with? Text floods, DCC floods and some annoying inviter bots running from our modems. At the end of the day, many users starts to complaint to the IRCs admin and they decided enough is enough. The next day, these IRC flooders started to cry because they are not the king anymore. For the rest of us, we got no where to go because of the blanket ban. I know how an IRC admin feels because i'm used to be an IRC admin and i don't blame them for banning Malaysian chatters.

    How about bans from forum? Yup, that also a big problem for us. For most of us, we love to share and get info with the rest of the world. But again, some looney nutcase started a war within the forum. The best part was, that guy asked his friends to join that forum and support his fight for no good reason. I've seen this idiotic stunt and resulting a blanket ban by the forums owner. "What did i do?" i asked myself. After some digging, i knew that some users from Malaysia started a war.

    Ealier on, i talked about missing out some profits from the internet. I'm talking about missing out some money-making chances via internet. for example decide to take Malaysia from their list and resulting a huge lost for us. We can't make money from the internet anymore. For those who registered with ClickBank, you're lucky because you can generate income from them. Another example is from eBay. No, eBay got nothing to do with this but sellers from eBay just didn't trust us. They don't want to do bussiness with us and our sale going down the drain.

    I suspect a false chaince of information circulating in the internet saying that Malaysians are badboys ready to wreck them. I don't blame them entirely. It's hard to trace who actually started the false information but i suspect some admins with the problem with us giving out some general infos. Yes, it's hard to filter out every single IP coming from here but putting the whole IP in the blacklist is not a good thing too. In terms of making profits, we are lucky we still can make money from Adsense. But another problem pops from Adsense publisher. Some Malaysian just love to click! Give us a link and we will click it zillion of times in one minutes.

    When I activate my AdSense campaign, not much more than 5 minutes go by before they are all over it.. Multiple clicks from the same Internet IP's in Malaysia, Poland, Hongkong etc. (I tried to exclude certain countries in my AdSense account, but they seem to go through proxies, so its not much use)
    via JoelOnSoftware.

    If this continues in the future, we will see a major turn from Adsense. As an Adsense publisher, this can be a almost true news and i don't want to lose my Adsense account. I make some income from internet and with that steady figure, loosing it is just too much. So how do we educate users with .my IP's? Maybe you can give me some ideas and i'll post it back here.

    Curiosity killed the cat and that explain why we love to get into trouble. Internet is kind of new to us and we want to explore the internet more. But over doing it can get you killed and you'll drag the rest of us along. With huge new cats emerging, i do hope it's not too late to educate them.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 1:49 PM  
    Tips on how to be the most popular guy in the world
    What a long title that was. Well, a friend gave his tips on how to be the most popular guy in the world.

    1. Hack Google.
    Yup, you will on their frontpage. Then zillions of free back-links pointing to your blog in just minutes. Make sure you leave your photo and full home address in the hacked page. That will increase your rank.

    2. Buy Microsoft.
    Another guarantee way to get to be the most popular guy in the world. To make things more catchy, sell Microsoft the next morning. Prepare to face the media waiting at your front door.

    3. Make a virus.
    This will place you in the techies section but still, you can get popular with it. Make a virus that will display a message "Hello world!".

    4. Run naked.
    Naked during a live Grammy Award coverage and run from one side to other. After a hard time with the police, you should kick in the no.3 spot in 24 hours.

    5. Get big.
    Get a huge breast tranplant and lie about it. This is a slow method but you'll your own star of idot at a corner of a beauty shop.

    6. Lie about Linux.
    Say that you are the real Linux author but you still working with Microsoft.

    7. Elvis is still alive!.
    ...and he's living next door to you in Vegas.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 10:31 AM  
    Thursday, November 17, 2005
    8 ways to improve your article.
    1. 70% of your content are crap.
    Delete old and absolute article because most of the time we speak crap. Just like most bloggers love write something not that cool. They pnly write because they feel like it.

    2. Be Unique. Don’t be like everyone else.
    Do you like to be called old fashion? Change your style and be unique. Create your own style of writting. Look at other popular blog and study their style of writting. Getting funny with readers is plain stupid so stop doing it.

    3. Clear point.
    Have you read a blog or website with long introduction? Do you like that kind of style? I know i don't. Couple of line for introduction is the best. The next paragraph is you real point. Make several paragraph if needed but stay short.

    Drop unwanted ads.
    If you're using too much ads in your blog or site and it's not making your money, drop it. No point keeping those annoying ads and chances are, your readers hated it too. Keep a minimal ads. Stick with Adsense if you like.

    4. Clean those dead links.
    Search engines just hate dead link. Make a monthly plan to check for dead links in your article. Not just search engines, i know i hate dead links. If the link is dead for sure ( dead domain or site ), edit your articles and replace the dead link with something similar.

    5. Stop feeding the monkey.
    It's time for you to stop reading feeds and copy it. If you read too much of other people article, your brain will stop working. It's okay to read feeds but make sure you are not going to write anything after that. I pick my topic a week before i actually wrote it. Keep that topic for a day or two, then write your article.

    8. Kill that copycat.
    You think copying other people article cool? Write your own original article because readers want something new and original. You will get a massive link from other using your original article. Guess what, Google just loves popular blog.

    Eight ways? You mean six ways right? Well, who's counting anyway.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 5:06 PM  
    Down the memory lane?
    To laugh or not to laugh; that is the question. The reason a put up thi post because i was triggered by Franks Sinatra evergreen song. So i said to my self "if i can turn back the time, what can i find from the internet" and guess what ;such a funny stories,web design and such. Thank God we have web archive to play with.

    Do you ever wonder how Google looks like back in 1998? Yup, not a "cool" design but hey, that was in the 90's. What about Bl' Yup, the good old days of bl'ogging. Another grand-daddy in the internet is and wow..i had a good laugh looking at their "hypies-flower-power" design. That reminds me of my several first site back in 96, simple yet annoying design. Blah...not knowing HTML was the anwser. is a world-known techies portal and again i can't stop crying from laughing. Looking at their sponsor banner, it just like yesterday i had the most "powerful" hard drive ever. 'Quantum Fireball 3.28 gig for $349.00" darn, that was the most expensive drive i ever bought. Now, with 40 gig drive you can buy it under $130. See how fast technologies moving towards our imagination? Yup, faster and getting cheaper. Who can forget when we talk about the old-timers. I'll leave it to you to check out their site.

    But wait, what about those irc and IM site? Don't worry, i've put some effort to search for your fav old-time softwares. For, nothing changed much but still amazed me on how fast the technology is moving. MSN Messenger is another IM tool i just forked out. is one of the most famous site and take a look at their design. I can't do this anymore, i can't stop laughing and smilling. Why not search your old-time-fav site by using this WebArchive. Have fun looking at your own old site that you just hate.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 1:43 PM  
    Wednesday, November 16, 2005
    I2Hub shutdown
    A new internet protocol funded by public and private paties is now officially shutdown. Internet2Hub is a new research for universities around the globe with fast connection. I2Hub was given a law sue from the entertainment industry. Students were using it as a file-swapping way to get DVD movie under a minute. P2P was the main reason I2Hub shutdown by the entertainment industry.

    I2Hub founder Wayne Chang declined to comment on the network's closure, citing potential legal concerns. Visitors to the service's Web site on Monday found a nearly blank page with the terse message: "R.I.P. 11.14.2005"

    On April 12, 2005, the RIAA announced its first actions against individual users of the i2hub network. In its statement, the RIAA filed 405 “John Doe” lawsuits against university students across the United States. Several hundred more students would be targeted throughout the year, clearly indicating the high paced activity of this network.

    I2Hub can be the next internet for internet users. With a fast connection, we can work at a faster phase. I'm talking about SOHO owners. We can expend our bussiness more faster by using this new technology. If the end users are using much faster connection, just imagine the benefit will the servers owners get. For me this is a win-win situation if I2Hub made public.

    For me, we can't blame P2P all the way down. It's up to the users to pick the legal or illegal path while using their internet connection. I see this situation in different way. Will we ban the doctors because they know what kind of dangerous medicine? No, we don't ban the doctors. Yes doctors know how to mix medicine and turn it to dangerous drugs but they don't use that knowledge for illegal things. Now back to P2P issue, why must the entertainment parties shutdown the technology? Technology will stands on its own but how we can educate the users IS the main issue. To me, the law has its own loophole and that is something we must look at with a serious attention. Will they ban a porn site? I doubt it because porn also generates income but P2P doesn't. Is it because of money? Will they ban the usage of hard disk from all computers in this world because P2P users stored their illegal copies in it? Again, i doubt it.

    Where is the line? Or is it the line is too fine to find? As i said before, technology is technology and its up to the user to pick the path. Maybe the public should tell the RIAA how we feel. Before this the RIAA is the only one who loves to sue users and i think it's about time to change the law. Give the public more education and educate us with the laws. Laws, what can we do about the law? Does the law on their side our it'll will benefits both of us? I'm not saying that i support any illegal action via internet but i support the technology that might benefit the world. Up to you to think about this. For me, the thin fine line should be so thin.

    posted by Jamloceng @ 11:15 AM  
    Tuesday, November 15, 2005
    Question & Answer (template)
    Hi Jamloceng,
    Looking at your blog, i want to know how do you make your template? Do you use any special software? Can you tell me how to edit the HTML in my template. - BlueGurrll.

    To answer that question i only use UltraEdit as my HTML and CSS editor. My HTML and CSS not that strong but for the intermediate level, i can manage doing it by hands. I know some of you don't know HTML and CSS, so using a text editor is not the first choice. But if you want to learn ( the hard way ) how to code in HTML and CSS, any text editor might help you. You can also use Notepad if you like but i prefer UltraEdit (shareware) because of its function in identifying varies languages. If you want a freeware text editor you might want to get NotePad2. Small and fast to understand tool for your Notepad replacement.

    If you think using a text editor is much hassle, don't worry you can always get another great freeware with GUI. With icons and menu, maybe this is for you. NVU can help you in understanding HTML, javascript, CSS and more. Maybe this can help you in getting started editing your own template. Try NVU first before trying those hard to understand web editor. Once you've mastered NVU, you might want to try Dreamweaver for more advance function. As for a blog, NVU can handle it nicely.

    But if editing by hands or software still too much for you, why not use templates? Just search for "free+blogger" in Google and you'll find many free stuff to choose from. Before you edit your template, make sure you understand your template syntax. A good place to start is here. Make a back-up of your sorce code before editing your CSS and HTML code.

    For a great professional looking, you can get it with "Blog-In-A-Box". This software can cut your time into half and providing your with so many template. With 300++ design to choose, you can set up your blog in minutes only. More time to blog and less on technical matter. Below is the sample of a nice looking template.

    I do hope this answered your question regarding editing HTML and CSS in your template. I know this is too general answer but i hope this can give you some basic idea on editing HTML.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 4:45 PM  
    Hide your email easy way
    Several method to hide your email address from spambot. You can use a script where those who want to email to you must fill a form instead of a direct email. Then the script will send the email to you thus keeping your email free from spam. Another old school method by using images. You make an image with your email address on it. This is great for those who can afford to get a script.

    Another method is by using a relay email address. One will send to the email address shown on your site and it will send the email to your original email address. To use this method requires a database server and normally you must buy this service. Another lame method is by using your secondary email address. Any spam email will flood you secondary email but not your main email inbox.

    Another easy way to use is by using a special characters for HTML. Most spambot indentified the "@" sign but not &#64. That is the special char for @.


    What is that? That is my email address using special chars. Spambot can't read it from your source code and spam-free for you. To see the full list of the chars, click here. I do hope you can play around with the special chars or write some script that can encode your email or your whole site source code. Don't over-do this, the search engine will not index your site if they found "crappy" chars in the source code.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 3:34 PM  
    Millionaire bl'ogger with AOL
    Weblogs Incs has been sold to AOL for $25 million. With many topics and bl'gger, they already made fortune using Adsense. With huge traffic, Jason and his team made almost 1 million from Adsense alone and several ads portal. Being a popular bl'og network, Jason manage to pick almost 100 bl'ogger to bl'og for Weblogs Inc. According to Jason's bl'og he might reach the 1 million dollars per year soon.

    AOL's agreement is the biggest price paid for a network of blogs, or Web journals, analysts said, although it is a smaller price compared with recent Internet acquisitions by media companies such as News Corp.'s (NWSa.N: Quote, Profile, Research) $580 million deal to buy Intermix Media Inc. (MIX.A: Quote, Profile, Research)-

    This proves that you can actually make some nice income from your own bl'og. Ok, you might not make several millions for your "pets-fan" bl'og but if you make a huge network of bl'og, you can sell it to Microsoft or Sun Microsystem for $30 millions. By using Adsense, you can make some nice extra income from bl'ogging. In my bl'og, i've released some tips about Adsense and some of my readers actually saw a skyrocket figure from their Adsense.

    posted by Jamloceng @ 2:07 PM  
    Encrypted Bots.
    Bots authors will include encryption to hide from anti virus or any network sniffer. Bot authors are getting clever each day and that means more sleepless nights for security team. Before this, bots ( trojan ) used raw data for giving any TCP/IP commands but with an ecrypted source, this will make it harder to detect using any default sniffer setting. By controlling millions of computer, bots owner can release spams, virus and phishing scams.

    Security company facing some hard knocks on their heads if an encrypted bots are created. It's even harder to track down the author and its source. Three Dutch trojan authors were arrested and put under Dutch cybercriminal laws. They hacked 100,000 computers from around the world, now what if they use they encrypted version of the trojan? They use a trojan horse called W32.Toxbot to control those computers.

    The bot writers have a choice of a variety of encryption technologies, according to Meyers. They could use SSH, SSL (Secure Sockets Layer), ROT-13 or a proprietary method, Meyers said. Such a bot would be harder to craft than today's bots, but worthwhile, he said.

    "The longer they keep their bot in place, the better it is for them, the more money they are going to make," Meyers said.

    So how does a virus got its name? I've found a link that might help you in understanding how viruses got its name.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 1:39 PM  
    Linux in your Palm
    Linux will gain its way into the Palm device soon. I'm looking forward for the next step in Palm using Linux as their OS. Easy and cheap ( maybe not free ) OS means cheaper Palm device for us. This indicates a lower price in Palm devices in the future and more control for users.

    LIPS Forum, launched itself into the mobile OS market, as an alternative to the likes of Mirosoft of Symbian (see 'Lips' Forum For Linux Lovers). One founding member of Lips, PalmSource, is particular well-known to the readers of this Website and no stranger to Linux.

    PalmSource was once the software arm of Palm, Inc., the company that kickstarted the handheld market we know today. Spun off on its own a couple of years ago, it has struggled. A couple of months ago, Japanese firm ACCESS - known chiefly for its mobile Netfront browser - acquired the platform developer.

    A new step for Linux in providing alternative to existing OS's in the market. Palm device users might face a new function and more durability in terms of usage. As we all know Linux can be inserted into the smallest device such as wrist watch without any problem. This was done by minimizing the code path thus making it small in size.

    For desktop users, maybe it's time to jump to Linux for your alternative. I'm not saying Linux is 100% safe but with a fast fix, you can get the most out of it. Any Linux developer in Malaysia? I'm thinking of making a Linux apple pealer ( jk ).
    posted by Jamloceng @ 1:11 PM  
    Forgotten SEO, the easy way
    This is a lame method but you'll get a super-fast rank in SEO. The fastest you'll get a nice rank most probably in 1 months or less or worst; 6 months. If you're making a website to sell products, time is money. Getting a fast and high rank from the major search engines IS money.

    No need to spend hours of your time to create your site if you use this method. Want to know how? Easy, just register an expired domain. Yup, how lame was that. Bear with me, this is how this method work. Most search engine will keep a record for any domain at least 6 months. Let say you've decided to re-register, chances are most search engine already have cached that domain in their list. You've already cut your time in promoting your site into half. Don't believe me? Try it and you'll be amazed on how fast you'll get sales and traffic.

    I've seen this info put on sale for $30. What a rip-off. In here, you not only get the latest info but free one too. This is the info most of the internet "guru" kept secret. This method can help you inprove your Adsense campaign fast. Getting the right attention and rank can change your view completely. After getting the right rank and traffic, you can enjoy some great sales and your Adsense will skyrocket. To assist you with your Adsense, consider getting the best tips here.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 10:38 AM  
    Monday, November 14, 2005
    Feel's like Windows?
    A new Open OS was created with the feel and look similar to Windows. ReactOS is the name and it's free to download. Not just a free OS but an Open OS. You can get their source code and edit it like it was yours. Looking at it, seems like working with Windows. They said, it will work with your existing hardware. I don't know about that because i never try it before. This is what they have to say about ReactOS:

    First of all, ReactOS is not a clone of Windows. ReactOS is an operating system that is compatible with Microsoft Windows applications and drivers. Some of the reasons are the same as the reasons for developing Linux (an open-source UNIX clone)? In short, Linux is a great operating system, but it is not the answer for everybody. There are a lot of people that like Microsoft Windows, but are very frustrated with Microsoft's policies on various issues.

    The 9x family of Microsoft Windows is based on DOS, and shares many of its weaknesses, which is the primary reason why Microsoft Windows has such a bad name. The Microsoft Windows NT family of Windows, however, has a solid design. Not everything is perfect, but without access to the source code, there is no way to fix it, so a compatible operating system must be built from the ground up.

    Before you click their download button, it's wise to read what it is all about below:

    Please bear in mind that ReactOS is still in pre-alpha stage and is not recommended for everyday use.

    Yup, still in pre-alpha stage. Unless you're willing to fry your mobo into pieces, go ahead download it. My greatest respect to the developers of ReactOS. They actually building this OS from ground zero with the feel and look of Windows. Ermm....why must they make a smilar GUI to Windows? Why can't they make their own GUI? But still, they know what they are doing and i'm hoping to see their first official release so i can try it. To take a tour, please click this link.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 7:13 PM  
    Windows for the hardcores
    Thought you have all the tips and trick for your Windows? I don't think so. Wait till you have read thousand of tips from this guy. To be honest, i've been following his work since the early days and still amazed me with his tips. Tips about BIOS, hardware, software, OS's, registry tweaks and so much more. I don't want to write much about this great site because it's so huge, it'll take you several hours to read it. With plentty of home-made patch and fix, this is the place for you to learn.

    At first the name was Axcel216 now with a new domain, i do hope you can update your bookmark. Ready to get your hands dirty? Wait no more, click now. To save you some time, download the full list of the tricks and tweak:

    Windows 9x/NT4/2000/ME/XP/2003 + DOS 7.xx/8.00 : W95-11D.ZIP [1.25 MB]
    posted by Jamloceng @ 6:57 PM  
    Yahoo buys Konfabulator
    For those who are running Konfabulator, they are making their life easier. Konfabulator can get varies info from the internet and you can read it from your own desktop. To be honest, this is not a new thing because for Win98 users that feature already been installed for them. It's called Active Destop. You can actually config your own Active Destop without downloading Konfabulator ( it's getting harder to type Konfabulator )

    To be fair, Konfabulator execute really well compared to Active Desktop in terms of features. Because of the big hype around Konfabulator, Yahoo decided to buy Pixoria. This small start-up in Palo Alto has been bought by Yahoo is giving away free download and come bundled with widgets that allow users to directly access Yahoo services such as weather, finance and Web search.

    Yahoo has acquired Pixoria, maker of a scripting application called Konfabulator that allows people to run mini desktop applications called widgets. These tiny apps can perform simple tasks or put content from the web on their desktops. (Think alarm clocks, calculators, RSS feeds from favorite sites.). Apple has helped mainstream the concept of widgets with its new operating system Tiger. But Pixoria was doing widgets first, and Konfabulator runs on both Macs and Windows.

    To know more about Konfabulator, better read their history in their own words here. If you are running a slow computer, better not use it. Why? Download it and i'll know why. Fully supported for Windows and Mac, this has been a smart apps nowdays. To get it, simply click this link.

    So what is this Active Desktop from Win98? Let say it was the grand-daddy for Konfabulator. To see an example what Active Desktop can do, click their link here. This is old news but for those who still want to know about Active Desktop, you can try it on your Win98. I have no idea if XP still support Active Desktop because i'm using Win98 ( hahaha...stop laughing will ya ). I've found a link about Active Desktop for XP so play around with it before getting your hands on Konfabulator.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 6:46 PM  
    Minor adjustment to layout
    Just finish editing my bl'og layout. With a new colour and header, it look more tidy. What do you rhink about it? Smooth colours with a contras header seem to suit my need. I'll always change my template untill i get the right touch one day. I'm looking for a simple nice looking template but easy to navigate.

    For me template is important. I hate looking at some site or bl'og with images and info all-over the place. For me, making a template simple is the best. Easy for me and you to move around is the main goal. I do hope you enjoy my new look. Got any suggestion? Drop me a line and i'll get back to you.

    Recently i'm facing a problem with Bl'ogspot. I can't make a direct post using wBloggar. The post will go into the draft section. After several times, i knew this is not my fault. Then i login to my account and noticed a weird memo from Bl'ogspot to me.

    Blogger's spam-prevention robots have detected that your blog has characteristics of a spam blog. (What's a spam blog?) Since you're an actual person reading this, your blog is probably not a spam blog. Automated spam detection is inherently fuzzy, and we sincerely apologize for this false positive.

    Spam-blog characteristics? Because i post many article at one time, i'm a bl'og spammer? That was fun don't you think so? No wonder i can't make a direct post, they flag me as a spammer. Well after giving them the info they wanted, everything went fine now. They also kind enough to reply to my problem.


    Your blog has been reviewed, verified, and whitelisted so that it will no longer appear as potential spam. If you sign out of Blogger and sign back in again, you should be able to post as normal. Thanks for your patience, and we apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.

    Bl'ogger Support

    I do hope i'll not facing the same problem again. Well, back to bussiness now.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 5:41 PM  
    Am i lucky?
    Woke up this morning with an odd feeling. Something great will happen today but i don't know what. I thought maybe my Adsense regime just hit the $500 daily. I checked my Adsense account but, nope. Ermm...what is it then? I have no idea. The feeling still strong and still i can't figure out what.

    Do you believe in deja vu? You know, the weird feeling like you've been experiencing your day all over again. Kind watching Tru Calling but in real time. In that series, Tru knew what will took place but in my case, i have no idea. Even as i'm typing this post, that deja vu feeling is "real". What can it be? Someone going to pay me?

    Checked my PayPal account just to see if any donation made to me but nope. Arghhh...this deja vu is driving me nuts. Ok, not that nuts. Maybe someone, deep inside their heart thanked me for something. Was it because i watched too much sci/fi movies? Or was it because i wanted to bl'og so bad yesterday? Reality check, i'm still not crazy tho mind you. By the way, if i hit the $500 per day from this bl'og, i'll go for a full-time bl'ogger. Yup, you can actually make a nice living from bl'ogging. Now, i only get below that figure so figure it out yourself. Arghh....ignoring my deja vu.

    A dear friend of mine just release his new blog on niffty gadget. His bl'og are easy to navigate and it's full of the latest gadget in the market. Feel free to visit his bl'og here. Maybe you haven't notice that i've changed my Pick Of The Month Bl'og. Yup, this bl'ogger kind of unique. She bl'ogs about her passion towards Siti Nurhaliza. Yup, she the hardcore fan of Siti Nurhaliza. check out her bl'og.

    If you want me to highlight your bl'og or site, drop me a line. I'm more than glad to help spreading nice quality bl'og or site. Bahh....the deja vu feeling still strong. I need some coffee.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 3:22 PM  
    Chicken Little review
    If you are hoping for a funny-like-hell movie, you might want to lower that hope a bit. Disney's new animated movie called Chicken Little is a full 3D movie with full of cute animals running like crazy. This is the movie for my daughter but not for me. I was hoping for something like Shrek or Ice Age or something but this is an avarage movie for me.

    "The sky is falling" was the begining of the story. A cute chick ( i'm not referring to Jessica Alba ) caused a major panic in Oakey Oaks. Then, they found out is was a false alarm. Together with his friends Abby, Runt and Fish; they encountered an alien spaceship. They entered the spaceship and the whole new story just started.

    Now the real "the sky is falling" just started and the town in big surprise. Yup, happy ending as always. I must say that i like the animation but not the storyline. You can download and watch their thriller at their official site. To get the DVD, click on the image below.

    posted by Jamloceng @ 12:47 PM  
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