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    Book i read.
    Friday, September 30, 2005
    eBook publishing
    After you have read my tips regarding being a writer, maybe it's about time to give out the next rule. Publish it! Yup, it's time to get serious. Take out your note because this gonna get, just kiding. Ready?

    Before i go into the details, let me explain about eBook publishing. As you know eBook is eletronic book and usually it is in PDF format. To read the eBook, normally you need to install Acrobat Reader, Microsoft Reader and several software you can download for free. Ebook publishing is a replacement for normal book for you to read from your computer. Don't get me wrong, eBook can be anything; a report, diagram or even maps. You can insert images into your eBook to make it more interesting.

    Adobe Acrobat (not the reader) is widely used among eBook publisher. Easy and fast for a non-techie eBook publisher. Using it, you can add images, links, page index, sound and anything you could think of. PDF format for your eBook is small and that means, you can distribute it more faster than any other format. Readers only have to download the eBook from the internet and you know that internet never rest.
    Read more.

    What's next? Choices are in your hands. You can give away your eBook for free sample or you can sell it. People continue to look for info about specific topic so if your eBook falls in those category, why not sell it. Let say your eBook about gardening, setup a simple website to promote your eBook. Get a webhosting to that can setup your virtual bookstore website. For more info about internet marketing, point to this link.

    Let say you can write a really good kids story. You can give away a free preview to readers before they actualy buy it. Put only the index and several pages in the previe version. Pick the most interesting page in the preview version. Readers will ask for more and how can they get more? Yes, by buying the full version of your eBook. Stephen King used eBook for his novels and he was making big income once. I hope this article can fire-up your desire to become a writer. Publish your eBook and send me a copy.
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    Wednesday, September 28, 2005
    Music promoting
    We use internet all the time, emails, surfing, pleasure etc. Why not promoting your old songs using internet? Read my previous post here. Using P2P network can also help you to promote your songs over internet. Just slip those songs into your "Shared Folder" and off you go. A nice info about P2P can be read here.

    Man, my post getting shorter every single day. Need some vitamin C for my body. Happy promoting.
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    Something's wrong
    Sorry for all those light posting lately. I'm kinda busy to the max with my job plus i'm making a new template. Hopefully everything will get much bette next week or so.

    Now the Malaysian Idol officialy ended, i guess life for most of us,back to normal eh. Daniel won? My lips are tight shut. As you can see, i've put a vote button at the bottom of my page. Feel free to vote my humble space. I do hope my post can give a "head-knock" to readers.

    As Ahmad Dhani from the band Dewa once said " Aku bukan suara rakyat dan tidak ingin menjadi suaranya". Meaning "i'm not the people's voice and i'm not going to". My post are about almost everything. I've received many emails asking why all those "nice" posting and the answer is, i'm still "looking from behind the hill" about certain issues. Once i've done my research, i'll put something nice here. Mean while, enjoy the short post.

    Some of my close friends noticed something about my postings and they are right about it. Nope, i'm not telling you. Ok, i'll give you a clue, read all of my post in August and try to related to it. Every post during that period of span are related to one and another. Still don't get it? Shame on you LOL.

    Don't forget to vote for me!!
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    Tuesday, September 27, 2005
    Biggest library
    "Do you know how to make a duvets?" or "What is the best pillow in the market". Questions and more question. To get answer quick why not follow my way. Use the internet! Simple eh? Not quite simple. You need to narrow down your question so that you get the exact answer.

    Where can you go to get the answer? Why not use Google Answer. Their service comes with a small fee starting as little as $2.50. The answer you'll get is in details so no need to pitty your $2.50. They will provide you with links, tip and tricks or better, some diagrams. What is the best way to find an answer? Keep on reading.

    I'm sure all of you use Google everyday ( i am ) to look for stuff. The problem is you are not asking the right question and don't expect Google to play "mind-reading" with you. Let say that you are looking for a duvets. For Google ( and most of the major search engines ), that was too general. You will get a mixed search results. Be more specifics when asking the question. Let say you are looking for "How to make duvets cover", Google will give out more specific results. Another example, if you are looking for "Star Wars Episode VI" you will get result regarding toys, shirts etc. That is not a good pratice with Google. This is how i use Google:

    Star Wars Episode "+VI"

    By adding the sign "+", Google will know the exact thing you are looking for. Put a "-" sign, Google will show not so accured results. You can also do like this: Star+Wars and again the result is not on your range. If you are looking for a specific file, you can always try this:

    do:filetype:pdf "Duvet tutorials"

    Google will show you only the PDF file regarding Duvets tutorials. Another way of finding file is by using this syntax in Google :

    ext:doc recipe "for internal use only"

    Let me explain it to you about this syntax. The ext:doc is the file type ( document,pps,pdf etc ) and the "for internal use only" is the title of the file. You can change it to anything to suits your search greed. Let say that you know the file is in your company's server. You can use this method with Google:

    ext:xls budget site:com

    Long story short, Google will give you the result of the file ( *.xls ) within the site (*.com ). Hope this post can help you in finding the "Great Answer for Duvets". Later
    posted by Jamloceng @ 6:27 PM  
    Geek workout

    Are you a fat geek? Time for some workout, G-Style! It doesn't matter if you're a fat geek or a 6-packs geek, workout is important. Are you ready my "Fellowship Of Geeks"? No personal trainer needed and free too.

    Work that face.
    Get some really hard C+ coding and try to change it to Harry Porter next issue. After 10 minutes doing that, you will crunch your face. Keep doing it for another 10 minutes and take a deep breath. Congratulation, you just finished your face workout.

    Work that neck.
    Now you can feel the fire burning inside, it's time to work that neck. Geeks of the world, listen to me, get that 42 inch monitor. Do your work about 1 feet from that screen. You'll workout that neck by noding several hundred time. Do this for 2 set of 100 noding. Feel that muscle.....feel it man!

    Work that eyeballs.
    Turn your 42" monitor to the "FULL". The brighter, the better. Take off those contact lenses of yours and try not to blink. To get the best result, do this at the nearest "photoshop".

    Work that arms.
    Get 20 of those new MSDN manual book per arm. Don't hold your breath hile doing this, we don't want you to be on the FrontPage. Streach those arms for 10 minutes and be "creative".

    Work that fingers.
    Surf any website that contains a "pay-per-click" programme. Look for "Ads by Gooooogle" and do your workout. Click your mouse as fast as you can for 20 minutes. To make things easier, use a "wireless" mouse.

    Work that belly.
    The easiest is, go for a "sun" bath. That will burn those extra "buffer" of yours. Strap your belly with any USB cable to get those 6-packs abs.

    Work that legs.
    Jumping is great for legs workout. Do this by the "sea" with an iron "gates" along the beach. Jump over those "gates" for 30 minutes and you're done. Please beware of those man-eating "Barracuda". Once you got home, do this jumping workout by jumping over those "windows".

    I do hope you can follow my simple workout plan. This will not guarantee any "flash" result. After 2 months, you will screaming for "Yahoo" to see the great result. Feel free to "buzz" my YM if you have any great workout.

    Word of notice : This is for reading pleasure only. Do at your own risk.
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    Our currency in danger
    Every country using US dollars for their floating currency. For me, this is dangerous. For example, the oil price is hitting the "danger marking" and that is causing the world to suffer alot. Oil prices are based on US currency and that effected the whole world. Automobile industries will die and to be frank the whole economy will drop tremendously. Iran have decided not to use US currency anymore but they will use Euro currecy. A good step by the Iran leaders in order to protect their economy.

    If the US currency drop sharply in the future, the poor country will suffer the most. Medical supply will pops with a higher tag and so does the oil price. Stock market in those country will plundging at the lowest value. From what i read, the US currency is not based on gold. They just print the paper money millions of dollars per years. Currency that is not based on pure gold is not worth than 20 cents per piece.

    The world is dominated by artificial money! Yup, not the real money but paper that is not based on pure gold. Our former prime minister; Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamed once suggested Islamic countries to use Dinar. He knew the danger of solely using US curency and to make sure poor and developing countries survives when the artificial money gone down. Dinar is gold and the world gold price is the most stable value compared to US currency.

    Malaysia's converted US currency ratio was 1:6++ and that is huge ratio. Think what would happen if the US currency drops without any warning? We will feel the deep pain of course. George Soros once emptied our pocket by using US currency speculation. He didn't use gold to held our economy but he used US currency. While he's doing that, the richer countries getting more richer and the poor countries asking help from the World Bank with huge interest. Just look at Indonesia, they still struggling to pay the loan to the World Bank.

    Then comes the plastic money pouring us with "how-easy-to-use" scheme. Yup, i'm talking about credit cards and how it will make you fall flat on your back. Credit card is dangerous to because they are base on....nothing! Yes i know you'll say credit cards are based on how many you have in your bank account. Now hear me out, let say that i'm using credit cards for my oversea bussiness and guess what, they use US currency.

    Maybe it's time for Muslim countries to use Dinar as their main currency. I'm looking at the "check-and-balance" to maintain a healthy world economic flow. Currency dominating is not a good thing for poor countries thus holding them back to reach their stable economic value. We should change to Dinar to keep the yin and yang safe.
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    Sunday, September 25, 2005
    Monetize your site
    Adsense is the big name for publishers. But if you are looking for a different approach in making money from your website, try this provider. What makes it different from Adsense is it will not display any add blocks instead it will read your content and place a blue link. That link will pops with your sponsor. Really easy to play around once you have read their manual.

    Why wait, try it, maybe you can add extra income for the furture. Their service is fast and easy to setup.

    Enough about Adsense, let's talk about something old fashion but simple to use.Home bussiness is fairly easy for those who always wanted to work from home. Taking survey, read email and much more method for you to stay at home. Working from home has been a "trend" nowdays. Most of US residents work from home. Spending about 3-4 hours per day, is what i'm looking for.

    But if you are serious about making money from internet, why not get this book called Google Profit Generator. No selling but pure profit from the internet,even if you are sleeping. Just make a one page website and you are ready to go. Sound like a scam eh? Not at all. This is how many people (like me) make some money from internet. Adsense is what we call a "money machine". Just like in my previous post, Adsense can generate some nice income for you.

    For even huge income, you are welcome to use tips from MarketingTips. They offer you books and videos for you to start making your own online bussiness. This tips are from a legend in internet marketing, Corey Rudl. You are on your way making $4,500 per month.

    Any suggestion? Drop me a line.
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    Friday, September 23, 2005
    In memory

    Scott Lemmon, Proxomitron Author, passed away at the age of 36 on May 1st 2004. Proxomitron is the best proxy for web filtering. Scott was a great programmer and indeed he will be remembered as one. To try his web filtering software, go to a support site.

    His work is a great and he set the benchmark for web filtering module. Several web filtering software like Privoxy, Muffin and Web Washer not even close to the custom web filtering function that Scott made.

    Fravia, the Europen hacking legend said " Only morons "just do it" without Proxomitron and that is true. Secure your connection and enjoy the best web filtering in the world. Using a web filter can speed up your internet connection. It can filter out those mp3, video, flash movies, dangerous scripts etc. If you're on dial up, using a web filtering can help you alot.

    For a cross-platform web filter, you can always use Proximodo. This is a close clone of Proxomitron and is in beta version. Using wxWidgets as their source, Proximodo seems to work nicely. This web filtering tool also support SSL.

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    Wednesday, September 21, 2005
    Freelance writter

    I've wrote many articles in the internet covering almost evrything. A friend of mine asked me how can he make a great article? After weeks of consideration, i can list out couples of my own tricks of the century. You can actually make some bucks from writting a book, so let's get busy.

    Watching the morning news can gave me several ideas. Most of the latest news are in the morning news and the "scoop" is big. Getting your newspaper early in the morning also helps. Combine both media and write down any idea(s) you came across. Do not write it down on a piece of tissue paper, you might throw it at the end of the day. Get a nice book and write the ideas on it. Just write down your idea no matter if it sounds weird. The Wright Brothers wrote their "crazy" idea and look what they have accomplished, yup an aircraft.

    Your friends can be your star. You can write about other people story, life, hobby and so on. Let say a friend of yours spoke about how he made an ice-cream using his grandma's old secret recipe. Remember the book i told you? This is where you take out that book and write down his story. For me, it's amusing listening to what others have to say during lunch or tea-time. Internet is great place to look for a jump start. Just search for any keywords and you'll be surprised to see the results. Google it ( you can use the Google Search below ) and don't forget to bookmark.

    Things you need.
    1. Notebook / sound recorder
    2. Anything that can writes.

    Now what?
    Now you have wrote your idea, it is time to put it to test. Before your publish your article, draught it first. Make sure your draught article is in order. There's no point published an article full of grammer mistakes, typos and so on. Take a look at your newspaper for a second. Now, can you see the frontpage? Can you see the title? You can copy that style into your article. Give your first article a nice title. Let say, you are writing about "Freelance writer" and you want your readers to "actually" read it. This is how I always do, get a catchy title! Don't just simply put "Freelance writers" for your article. We wanted people to read remember. Maybe we can put "Writers for hire" or "Making money writing from home" and don't stop there. Get wild and funky with it. Nope, you are not going to jail for making a catchy title, so why stop there?

    First date.
    Remember your first date? Boy, you look great wearing those nice cloathing with a freshly-shaved face and a box of candy in your hand. Remember the last 2 hours before the date? You ironed your pants and put on some perfume. Why not do the same thing for your article? No, i'm not talking about how to get girls the easy way. I'm talking about the first impression. Make sure the first paragraph exciting as can be. Remember, this is your first date, don't screw up. Give the readers the general idea what the article about. You've made a nice title and readers are expecting a great article from you. Combining the title and the first paragraph, bingo, readers will read to the last dot.

    Cut the crap.
    Make sure the readers understand what was the article about. Don't use those fancy-hard-to-spell-and-read words. Use some simple and easy to understand words. Studies comfirmed that, readers love to read in simple words. Unless you are writing about some rocket-scientist article, you may use those technical terms. Don't hide your real story from the readers. Don't expect your readers to be mind-readers and they are not. So, make sure you publish an understanable topic.

    Don't make long paragraphs. Plain simple rule of mine. Why you might asked? Our eyes need some rest too. The more easy our eyes, the more enjoyable it will be. Try getting shorter paragraph by editing out some "unwanted" sentences. Wow, that was short isn't it?

    Home baked pie
    Try to make your readers feel at home. Don't use too many "i" in your writing instead use the word we and us. Remember, you are not just writing an article but you are building a relationship. You must relate to the readers as just like you are infront of them. How do you act when you're with friends? Of course you wanted that relax and fun feeling right. So, what are we waiting for cowboys? Yeehaaa...let's make friends.
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    Monday, September 19, 2005
    3D software
    I know many of you wanted to make a 3D animation or landscapes. The best 3D tool is Maya 3D and it's widely used by the pro's for making animation and such. Maya indeed the best but it required the high-end hardware to run it and it's expensive too. So, what about the average Joe's wanted to try his hands on animation? Read on Nemo.

    Blender 3D is the answer. An Open Source 3D maker that runs on Microsoft, Linux, MacOS X, FreeBSD, Irix and Solaris can make your life easier. Small in size yet powerfull enough to make advance 3D modelling in snap. With easy to learn interface, this is for you no matter if you're a newbies or an advance user.

    Fast rendering and stable animation frame with millions of wiremesh, i'm hooked to Blender since their first version. Not just that, many plug-ins for you to try to make your "dream-real-like" animations. Their support group is great, just ask if you ran into trouble while using Blender 3D.

    Ever wondered how on the blue heaven the pro's made those nice landscapes? Easy, just use Terragen. It's small but big in function and easy to paly around with their interface. Who used Terragen? EA Sports used Terragen for their Formula 1 2000 for Playstation 2. Not just game maker use Terragen but also Brandy in her "What About US" music video.

    For more advance 3D tool that i use:

    Bryce 3D and 3D Max. Both offers some great deal for advance users. These tool can help you in making more advance realistic animation and 3D. But if you just wanted to learn the basic of XYZ ( axis ) of 3D, better get Blender instead. From there, you can built your skills before using Bryce and 3D Max.

    Instant Downloads
    Blender ( 4.8Mb )
    Bryce 5

    Related Reading
    3D Max ( Modelling, materials and rendering )
    posted by Jamloceng @ 3:17 PM  
    Hooligan in football
    No, this is not about hooligans in English Cup. I'm talking about hooligans in our local football scene. They love to throw firecrackers, left-over burgers and bottles. What was that all about?

    In the news, Datuk Seri Dr Ibrahim Saad ( general secretary of FAM ) stated that the main issue is how the hooligans can bring in those firecrackers. His answer is, that is under the police jurisdiction. Ermm...a question raised from that is, who's in charge of the stadium? I don't think the police got to do with it. It's is under the state brach company ( Perbadanan Stadium Negeri etc ). Datuk Seri Dr.Ibrahim stated a question; "It's not how they bring in the illegal items but where they get it". Again he's blaming the police. This also raises another question "How tight is the security level at the stadium?"

    FAM should place a device that can detect any illegal items ( knifes, firecrackers etc ) at every stadium. Players been thrown with bottles and referee injured by firecrackers is not a myth. This is a true story and it's getting really bad from time to time. Then came the hardcore hooligans rippin the chairs and burn it. It's not safe anymore to bring along our kids to watch a football match.

    FAM must ban the usage of bottles ( plastic or glass ). If anyone wanted to a drink, replace the bottles with a coverless papercup. Why a coverless papercups? Let say if a moron decided to look cool and throw that papercup, obviously he will spill the water, thus saving someone's head from injury. Same goes for the food. Let the spectators hold the food in their hand and do not put the food inside a plastic bag. I've seen a moron pee in the plastic bag and threw it to the players!

    Another thing FAM can do is make higher fence to stop all those unwated items from flying around. A 6 metres high fence is fairly enough and above the fence, maybe FAM can string a heavy duty netting. Putting more undercover security guards or police might help. Or better, put as many fully-dressed policeman at the spectators areas. Right now, so many policeman "outside" the danger zone and that is not helping....not a bit.

    Identify the hooligans and put them where they belong, in the slammer. Nope, that's not a bad idea. To be honest, putting these hooligans in the slammer can send out a warning signal to others. A friend of mine said, "Feed them to the gays". Now, THAT's a bad idea. Maybe the only way to stay safe is by watching the matches in the local news. I have a better idea, why not we just play computer game of soccer instead?

    posted by Jamloceng @ 12:39 PM  
    My daughter
    Here's the photo of my daughter. Cute eh? Anybody care to buy her Nemo? Don't ask why.

    posted by Jamloceng @ 11:35 AM  
    Malaysian are idiots Idol

    Last night was a sickening show for me. Daniel is in the grand finale? Gosh....people are getting weirder every single day. In my previous post, i'm predicting Farah will be in the final. Well, maybe this is what my buddy said "pure luck". Daniel got huge voters and the voters are killing him slowly. Most of the judges disliked the way Daniel delivered his vocal. Enough of this "profit-making-game" show. I'm not gonna talk about the finalist but i think it's time to talk about the judges.

    "Awak macam tak kesampaian" and "Let it all out" were her favourite comments. Yup, i'm talking about "was-a-diva-of-the-80's" Fauziah Latiff. Coming from an experienced singer, that were her worst effort to help the "Idols-wannabes".

    It's like this, let say that i called John Doe stupid and John Doe is wondering "why?". I must explaine to him WHY i called him stupid so he can improve quickly in the future. I must give out all the details WHY he is stupid and ho to improve his skills. Now, compare this to Fauziah's comments towards the wannabes. She must explained what is "Let it go" and how to "let it go". Living the wannabes hanging is cruel. She should explaine all the details regarding WHY and HOW. What? Rushing with the time? Come on, the producer of this show should play fair. Not just to the voters but to the wannabes as well.

    Last Friday was the best for me in terms of comments. No, it was not Fauziah's but Ogy's. Ogy talked about breathing and how to get the right vocal. She was the guest judge but Fauziah has been since the first season. "Your vocal was not the best compared to the last show" what was that all about? She is comparing the singer's current vocal with the singer's last show and not giving the fair comments. She should tell the singer why the previous show was good, and that my friends, a fair trial.

    Paul who? This is the man that always say bad things about Malay songs. Let me tell you something, sorry to say but "The Fan Club" sucks. I don't care if his band made millions in New Zealand or on Mars. For me, when Aishah steps out from the band, the band is nothing. Comments coming from a guy that not entirely understand Malay is not fair. I know, you'll say, he was commenting the vocals. Yup, but this is a "package" show. The "feel" must be inserted ot suits the vocal and that is the one Paul can't give a fair trial. I know Paul understand Malay but not 100% and that gives me a fear of unfair comments.

    Roslan, he can do better than that. Roslan can give the details lil' bit more but i'm not getting that from a guy that produced big names in the local music scene. But, once in awhile, he gave a solid comments.

    So how can we ( and they ) improve the quality of this show? That's easy to say rather than doing it. How WE can help? Don't vote! Yup, you read that right. Don't vote if you do not have a strong musical background. Don't waste your money voting for something that is not dear to you. You are giving a "false dream" to the singers. If your hobby is voting for no reason, then send those SMS to Tabung Bersamamu TV3. That whould be great in returns don't you think so? This is the danger i predicted several years ago and it's happening! No, i'm not Nostradamus or Ayah Pin. The danger giving the full freedom to the publics resulting a "loophole" in our local scene. As we know, Malaysian does not take music as a part of their daily life. This is not accurate, but maybe 10% of Malaysian DO have a solid ground when it comes to music. What about the rest? For the rest, we just love to vote without knowing why we vote. Yup, we are zombies, walking around with our cell phones. Please don't vote will are killing the person ( that you're voting ) softly. Don't you think Akademi Funtasia is the giant killer enough? Why make it worse?

    The producer of Malaysian are idiots Idol must change the format of the show. The media is playing huge role in making our music scene better and don't you ( the producer ) forget that. Media is the "middle man" bridging the people and the "big-fairy-tale" companies. This is how the show gonna be in my view. Tell the judges to give out the details of their comments. You know, the WHY's and HOW's thing. This is far more important than giving out the false dream to the wannabes. Not just for the wannabes, but also for the normal "Joe's" in the street to understand what music is made of. For example, let say an Idol singing using 4 octave higher that the original note. The judges must stated that "WHY" of the 4 octave and HOW to overcome the problem(s).

    Play fair is the best answer. Give the judges a bigger marks and less to the people. Maybe a 70/30 or 60/40 ratio might help. We are waiting a star and sometimes the intervention of bussiness making can jeopardised the whole show.

    For you information, I voted Fara and she was the best ( well, not THAT best ) amongst them. Pitty for her, well this is Malaysian are idiots Idol and anything can happen. Oh well, can't wait for the next season of The Apprentice.

    posted by Jamloceng @ 10:47 AM  
    Friday, September 16, 2005
    New added links
    As you can see, i've added two images. The first one is the link of my post that is at and the second one is the "Pick Of The Month". The reason i've created "Pick Of The Month" is because many of my readers wanted me to highlight their site.

    Continue to go now. LOL

    I'm in the mood of making a new layout for my space here. I'm making two sidebar and the main content will be at the middle. Using CSS is kinda fun if you do it using NotePad. Haven't code for a while in CSS template but if you decided to edit your template, why not use NVU, an open source WYSIWYG editor. Great for new comers. Maybe i'll not posting a new post in the next few days.

    I'm getting more and more exposure. Readers keep coming back for more info and i'm trying to keep up with your ( the readers ) request. I must say, the more the better for me. If anyone have made a 3 column template for Blogspot, care to give me the source code...kekekeke. O maybe you can point out any sample if you found any. Contact me at ring4blog [at]

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    Book on Jerusalem

    Jerusalem in the Qur’an is a great book that thrilled and delighted me in a number of ways. I am surprised that such a meticulously documented book had to wait for such a long time before seeing the light. It is now more than half a century since the Zionists began their appalling oppression and ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian people whose only offense is that they happened to live in a country considered by the Jews to be their promised holy land.

    The Zionists have continuously referred to distorted scriptures from the Torah and other Biblical material to justify their atrocious behavior and to motivate the Jews to establish a State of Israel that extends from the Nile to the Euphrates with Jerusalem as its capital.

    For example, David Ben Gurion, the first Prime Minister of Israel, is quoted to have said, The Bible is our deed to the land of Israel. Muslim scholars, on the other hand, have largely failed in refuting Zionist claims from authenticated historical and religious sources and have also failed to accomplish their religious responsibility in clearly documenting this question from the Holy Qur’an and the Blessed Ahadith of our beloved Prophet (PBUH). As far as I know, whatever is written on this subject is rather superficial and emotionally tainted or simply stating facts in a cool manner.

    May Allah Ta’ala reward Brother Imran Hosein for writing this scholarly document, which will indeed fill up this intellectual and religious gap and serve as an academic reference to Muslims in all parts of the world. As I write this introduction, this book that was published only this year is already being translated to Arabic and Bosnian. In a short time it will be rendered into other European languages and to all the other tongues of the Islamic world.

    It must be reported however that the importance of writing a book about the Holy Land in the Qur’an have not escaped the vision of far-sighted and creative Muslim thinkers such as Dr. Kalim Siddiqui, Founder-President of the Muslim Institute for Research and Planning, and Professor shaheed Ismail Al-Farouqi. I am surprised at the vision of the former scholar who asked Imran Hosein to write this book as early as 1974. He urged him saying that Jerusalem is the key to understanding the historical process of the Middle East and the world at large. Shaikh Imran successfully accomplished this task after 27years. Though seemingly late, but it has come at the right time in which the whole world is being shocked by Jenin and what happened in Sabra and Shatila.

    Ismail Al-Faruqi actually put this issue in writing in his book, Islam and the Problem of Israel that the author referred to. He strongly stated that Israel poses a greater danger to Muslims than the Euro-Christian Crusades of the Middle Ages or the Euro-Colonialism of modern times. Israel, he wrote, is neither of these, but that it is both and more, much more. He therefore urged Arabs and Muslims not to accept the Jewish State as an integral part of the world nations of Asia and Africa. He also incited Muslim scholars to investigate this issue in depth. I am sure that if both of these great Muslim thinkers were alive, they would have acclaimed this classic book as what they have aspired for.

    I am amazed by Imran’s style of writing. Though Jerusalem in the Qur’an, is a meticulously written thesis combining religious and historical documents with recent political events and penetrating interpretations from the Qur’an and Hadith, it runs like a story. Once you begin reading it, it is hard to stop. This is the general quality of a novel. The person would read it once and throw the book away - but not that of a serious thought-provoking dissertation like the book that Brother Shaikh Imran published. It is a reference that one needs to keep and reread whenever the subject is to be researched. I believe that this eloquence of the Shaikh must be the result of a natural gift that has interacted with his indefatigable work as a preacher and da’iyah and the Divine Blessings for his sincerity.

    To

    Download PDF file
    Jerusalem in Quran Part 1
    Jerusalem in Quran Part 2
    Jerusalem in Quran Part 3
    Jerusalem in Quran Part 4

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    posted by Jamloceng @ 5:07 PM  
    Tuesday, September 13, 2005
    My dream musical instruments
    I love to jam with my friends. We usually go to our studio and play some heavy metal tunes. Drums is my main instrument and to buy a complete drum set gonna cost me zillions. Below is my dream-machine and other musical gears.

    Zildjian Cymbals

    This is the best cymbals ever made and i like their "splash" and "crash" cymbals. Using only the best materials, Zildjian is a must for all drummers in this world. The name alone is like having a Porsche for any drummers. You can select their wide range of cymbals from their starter-kit right up to their Pro sets. Drummers like Travis Barker, Kenny Aronoff, Rob Bourdon to name few, they play only the best, and that is Zildjian cymbals. Time for newbies to change to Zildjian to get that great sound and tone.

    Drum set

    What is more greater than DW Drums set? DW is the best drum sets in the world. Who uses DW drums? Of course a living legend Neil Peart. To be honest, DW is hard to find here in Malaysia so i'm off looking at TAMA. TAMA also a great brand when it comes to drum sets. Their drums and hardware are easy to find and it comes with a fair price tag to it. Below is what i'm looking for:


    Joe Satriani needs no introduction and so does his signature guitar from Ibanez. With fast brigde mounted to the body and high-end pickups, you just can't go wrong with this guitar. Nice freatboard and "just-nice" scales, i realy want this baby. This guitar can blow some heavy metal tunes at the highest level but with the right gear, you can use it for some nice pop/jazzy tune too.

    Another great metal guitar is ESP. Our own local metal band, Metalasia once use ESP guitar. ESP is a well-known for it's Kamikaze (George Lynch Series) and it's not that heavy compared to B.C Rich guitars.

    Stomp Box nad gear

    For some great effects and tones, you need the one and only weapon called POD 6. Nothing can beat this stomp gear. Just search Google and you can surely find the "pros" name using POD 6.

    POD 6 can be found at Bentley Bukit Bintang i think. Just ask them to try out POD 6 and they will plug it to your guitar. I've found that the best guitar for POD 6 is Ibanez guitar and Fender guitars. BOSS is another gear that i carry around in my "weapon" bag. Below are my BOSS gear.

    Ernie Ball is my choice of guitar string. Nice variety selection ranging from bullet head right up to accoustic strings, they can deliver it to you. Don't use that cheap guitar string with your guitar, time to get the real thing. Get Ernie Ball for your Ibanez, Fender, Gibson or ESP guitar.

    What good is a guitar without the right speaker. I'm using Marshall JCM 800 cabinet for my heavy metal tones and so should you. With low humming and great noise filtering, this is the best for me. Using Marshall cab can bring out any sound you are looking for. For me, Marshall JCM800 series is the best for rock and heavy metal but don't get me wrong, even blues guitarist plug their guitar to this cabinet.


    This Month Promotion

    So you have it, my dream machine ( or yours ). Yup, i know all those items are hand full but trust me, it worth it. Why must i get that "starter-kits" product when i can get the top of the list? No matter if you're the "bedroom" musician or a pro, you should get only the best products in the market. Maybe you can share your dream gear with me.
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