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    Thursday, June 30, 2005
    Browser war
    Browser is the main tool for viewing any website. Nowdays, browser seems to be more smarter with multimedia support, add blocking and others. All this just to suits their user and for faster rendering.

    Some browser maker claims their browser is the fastest on the planet. Personally, nothing can beat Lynx. Lynx is a "text-based" browser making it the fastest on the planet. Go ahead, try Lynx if you are still on 14K modem. LOL

    Note: Lynx runs on Unix,VMS,Win95/98/NT with the most minimum requirement.

    An Open Source browser that overtake other popular browser is FireFox. With all plug-in available, FireFox is considered as a secure browser. FireFox also holds "extension" with varies function. Super-fast rendering engine and small in size is great for dial-up users.

    Note: Extension or plug-in for some, is great for extra function. FireFox is a great product from Mozilla engine.

    Netscape is another great browser. Considered as the big brother to FireFox, Netscape contains more added feature. Fast and rich in support is the big advantage for this "fast grandpa". Netscape is using the same engine as FireFox, that is Mozilla Engine.

    Safari is made for MacOS users. Apple claims that their browser is much more faster than IE. Running Safari on my emulated MacOS seems to give a fair deal. Maybe it is faster running on "real" MacOS, you decide. With "smart parental control", Safari is load with security and privacy.

    Opera is famous with their mouse gesture to make browsing much more easier. Skin supported browser gives you the eyecandy that suits you. Small in size but big in features, what makes Opera stands high. If you looking for stable and secure browser, get Opera. Forget about IE or Netscape and use Opera instead for your browsing craze.

    So, if you are looking for a simple yet powerfull browser, get FireFox. It is more than enough for a normal surfers. But if you are looking for a full jammed-packed feature, go for Opera.

    Get Firefox! Get Opera

    posted by Jamloceng @ 12:47 PM  
    Wednesday, June 29, 2005
    Land for sale
    I got a really nice land to sell. Nice location next to a school. Location in Sungai Soi, Kuantan,Malaysia. 2 acre of land without any major soil filling. Near to the main road with all utilities available. Lawyer fee and option letter is in your own cost. Any query please leave a message by clicking my Yahoo Messenger and i'll get back to you as soon as possible. Please leave your phone no,fax no,address and name. This offer is based on first-come-first-server basis. Below is the specs :

    1. A 2 acre land.
    2. Next to Sungai Soi school.
    3. No major soil cut and fill.
    4. Lawyer is under your own cost.
    5. Evaluation fee also under your own cost.
    6. Price RM65K per acre

    This land is suitable for a bungalow and shophouse. Population radius for shophouse is about 3-4km. If you are interested, please prepare your lawyer's and evaluator's fees.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 1:35 PM  
    Squashed that Google Spider
    Secrets to find google spider sooner
    By Tinu AbayomiPaul

    You know the scenario. You get an occasional click from Google for a certain keyword. You go to find out why you aren't getting more clicks, and you find out that you're ranked in the 30s, 50s, or heaven forbid, the 300s. "Great", you think, "I finally get ranked for a good keyword and it's a worthless ranking".

    Not necessarily. If you got ranked for a keyword you wanted At All, the game's not over yet. If your site's content is geared towards that subject, you can get your ranking in search engines increased, at no cost. How? The first thing you want to do is find out how well you are ranked for this keyword. For Google in particular, this used to be a difficult chore. In the old days of 2003, you'd spend your valuable time doing a search on your desired keyword, then a sub-search for your site, and crawling through pages of listings to find out exactly where you stood. Now there is hope in the form of the following website.

    Direct your browser to: You can use this site to find out what number you come up for in the Google listings, which can be very powerful information if used correctly. If you're ranked in the top 1000, you have a shot at raising your listing for that page by tweaking the page to be a little more relevant. So, secondly, you have to know how good a shot you have at getting a better listing. Go to: I posted a tip about this a month ago, and it's also in the free optimization Guide I released the week of March 7th. It tells you how hard it is to rank well for certain keywords in Google. You'll need a free Google API key to use it. Now that you know your chances, the third piece of information you need to know is how much traffic you can expect. Digital Point has a free tool that gives an approximation of how many hits per day a good ranking gets.

    Access it here: Okay, let's say everything checks out so far. You rank in the top 1000.! The term you want won't be that hard to get, and will get you enough traffic per month to justify your efforts. Our fifth step is to take the term you chose and optimize your page. This site does periodic reports on the search engines, and their February report gives their analysis of what the best ranking pages in Google have in common. And as a free bonus, it will also tell you what Yahoo wants. Follow the following link for details-

    Now that you know what to shoot for, you need to know how the page you want will measure up- you need to calculate your keyword density. You can also do the sixth step at - it has a free tool that will calculate it for you. Prepare your page with that in mind, re-upload, and you're almost done. Great, you're all set. Now you should submit your site to Google, right? Wrong. Absolutely not. If you can help it, you should never, ever submit any page of your site to Google. Let it find you. HOW it finds you can affect your page rank. I don't mean that there is a standard penalty for submitting.

    There's been speculation on that for a while but I have yet to prove it matters. What I DO know from personal experience and testing on my member's sites, is that getting the Googlebot search engine spider to happen upon your site shaves up to 6 weeks off the standard time it takes for indexing. You can show up in Google in as little as 4 days. Which site links to you can also affect your Google Page Rank.

    While this is not as important as it once was, it still carries significant weight- my site didn't start getting spidered on a daily basis until my Page Rank increased to 5. So even if the spider comes to your site on a Monthly basis, you're better off waiting for the spider to come back by. That's the seventh step, let your page be re-discovered with it's great new changes. And yes, there's an even faster, better way to get's search engine spider to re-index that page, but that's another article, isn't it?

    Note : The original author above is Tinu Abayomi Paul

    If you want to know what is the popular keywords on Overture and WordTracker, you can always use the tool below:

    Get Suggestions For Phrase:

    Brought to you by Digital Point Solutions

    posted by Jamloceng @ 1:02 PM  
    Black magic
    Lately it's getting worst. I know somebody cast a black magic spell on me and my wife. It started before our wedding day. Then at our wedding day things got bad. I had a bad fever for sudden. That night, i saw a shadow in our room. I know something is in our bedroom. I read Surah Qursi ( a chapter from Al-Quran ) and a prayer that was read by Nabi Sulaiman.

    I saw the shadow flew up and dissaper in thin air. Well, you might not believe me, but that's ok with me. We are not alone in this world tho.

    The next morning,my wife told me that im talking in my sleep. She said that im angry at someone and asked somebody to stay away from my wife. Yup, that "thing" is in my sleep. About a week ago, my wife saw a women in white walking pass the door. Then a frog was found on our bed. Our room is locked and no windows were opened. now,how can a frog be there? I tried to catch the frog and it jumped under my books cabinet. Guess what, i can't find it.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 11:30 AM  
    New home
    Tired and my body is in pain. Got a bad fever since friday and i can't get some sleep. My wife said,whenever im asleep, im talking in my sleep. Nightmares and more nightmares for me. Went to see the doctor and told him about my nightmares. He told me, if ones body heat is too much, we will experience nightmares. Ermm.....

    The next day, me and my wife pack-up our stuff and headed to our new home. Rent a small lorry and off we go. Im so weak at that time, i can't hardly lift a small chair. Took out my pillow and swallow some pills and im gone to the "Wonderland". Nice small house for us. I love this house, nice and airy.

    That night my wife wanted to make me "nasi goreng". Unpack her cooking stuff and our "dapur" suppose to be "berasap". "Bang, dah puas pasang api, dapur ni rosak dah ke?" she said to me. A frying pan already on the stove with prawns, crab meat,vegetables in it.

    " sampai raya haji pun tak menyala kalu gini" i laughed at her. We forget to buy the cooking gas. Well, back to basic....instant noodles.

    Still got the fever and it's getting worst. My wife took some ice cubes and put it on my burning head. All those sleepless nights that she gone through making sure i get the best rest made me realists that i married the right one.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 11:10 AM  
    Wednesday, June 22, 2005
    Heaven For Programmer
    Are you a pro programmer or just taking programming as a hobby? Wanna improved your skill? Why not looking at the source code? Yup, i do code and i take programming as a hobby. A good place to start will be They host to zillion of codes ranging from LISP ringht up to "all-time-fav", yup the big C. VB.Net seems to be leading right now and making a big hype all over the internet.

    A new search engine dedicated solely to source code is You can search source code from all sorts of language. A great site for new and advance coders. Search your code using the tool below. Happy coding and K.I.S.S ( if you're a programmer,you know what KISS is )

    Note : is a new search engine for searching source code.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 11:57 PM  
    TAMA twin pedal
    Hello all,how's life? Yesterday after posting about Black Dahlia Murder, i sat infront my my PC...thinking about drums. My favorite drum set is from TAMA. TAMA is a well known brand for any drummer in the world. Not just their drum sets but TAMA's drum pedal is great.

    Im talking about TAMA twin pedal called HP200TW model. This pedal got a powerful slide action and pretty fast too. Using this twin pedal can produce a "machine-gun-alike" sound and speed. Most rock and metal band use twin pedal because the sound and speed suites their music more. But hey,even jazz drummer use twin pedal for their solo.

    Note : Iron Cobra Jr. HP200TW from TAMA

    HP200TW model also called "Iron Cobra Jr" because it uses the same method as the Iron Cobra Single Pedal. What i like about this model is i can adjust the spring tension according to my style. No matter if you are the "heel-up" or "heel-down" type of drummer, the power glide can brings out your kick-bass drum sound.

    Errr...anybody want to donate their HP200TW pedal to me? :) Mine already boken into pieces...grrrr

    Bentley Sdn. Bhd is TAMA distributer in Malaysia located at 140 & 142 Jalan Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur, 55100 WP Kuala Lumpur. You can also contact them by email.

    posted by Jamloceng @ 12:18 PM  
    A big thanks.
    I like to thank Hakim for giving me the encuoragement to start my own blog. I got to admit,before this i thought blog can't handle complex coding (javascript and others ) but after trying Blogspot, im happy with the result. Hakim,thanks for this blogging idea, now im a blog-junkie. Ok,im not "that" addicted but when it comes to coding,yes im a coding-junkie. LOL.

    If you want to listen to Asian No.1 singer, try get any album from Siti Nurhaliza. Why she is the best in Asia? I wont tell you, you must get her album and hear it yourself.

    Note : Hakim also a member of Asian No.1 singer forum,

    posted by Jamloceng @ 9:50 AM  
    Need some traffic?
    So you made a fancy blog with all the flashy pictures but wait, no readers? If you want a low profile blog,then that's not a problem but if you want to share your blog with others, time to get that traffic.

    As i describe in my previous post, you can add something new. Im talking about Pheedo Traffic Exchange. This free service will place your add on someone's add vice versa. Pheedo will provide their service to blog that does not contain any porno,pop-ups or any illegal stuff. So ,spring cleaning anyone? Pheedo Traffic Exchange is fully customized to suite your blog colours and layout.

    Yesterday my blog hits only 3,800++ but today my blog get about 4,900++ hits. A 95% hit in less than 24 hours. Let your blog run wild. Share it with your "new" friends and enjoy a new dimension of blogging. Click here to get your traffic.

    Note: Pheedo is a free traffic exchange started in 2003 and been recommended by
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    Tuesday, June 21, 2005
    Metal Operation - Public Core
    What was that all about? Metal Operation - Public Core? A new US military operation in Iraq? Nope, i'm talking about metal music. Lately i really dig into Black Dahlia Murder, As I Lay Dying, Bleeding Through and Avenged Sevenfold.

    Note : If you're more into Britney and Maddona kinda music, please listen to all those above. LOL

    Before this i listen alot to Slipknot but after their latest album, they kinda not "that" heavy anymore. But,hey, Slipknot still in my CD collection. Joey ( drummer ) is one heck of a drummer. He kicks the fastest double-pedal i've ever heard. Maybe he's the next Buddy Rich, just my two cents.

    Black Dahlia Murder got that "heavy" music going on with ol' skol kinda sound. At first i thought i'm listening to Morbid Angel but after a while, Black Dahlia Murder got their on stuff. I like their kinda music compared to Cradle Of Filth ( sorry guys,you are not in my list ). Go ahead, click here to hear some good stuff from Black Dahlia Murder.

    posted by Jamloceng @ 3:40 PM  
    Monday, June 20, 2005
    Doodling around
    Take a good look at my sketch. Nothing much but right now i'm bored a little bit. Just to clear my mind, picked up a pencil and start doodling.

    I love using graphite pencil and charcoal. Oil painting a lil bit messy and to get a good art supplier here is hard job.

    posted by Jamloceng @ 3:32 PM  
    Sunday, June 19, 2005
    Other directory
    Google,Yahoo,MSN and others are great search engines. They normally put up popular links in their database. Sometimes popular doesn't get you anywhere, that's why you need About 500 million website in the internet and it's hard to find to exact info that you are trying to find. Most search engines only display to top ranking site and leaving those "unpopular" site behind.

    Search Open Directory

    Above i have already provide you an option. is an Open Directory for internet. You can find things beyond your imagination while using DMOZ. Hope this info can provide you an option on finding any info from the internet.

    posted by Jamloceng @ 9:43 PM  
    Batman vs Sith
    Batman is my personal favourite action figure. Before the movies screened on the wide-screen, this action man already making impact from TV episodes. Millions of kids and grown up kid (?) already placing Batman as the icon. Batman toys and T-shirts were making millions of dollar per year. But way before all these TV series and movies,Batman was introduced the the mass on paper. Using pencil,inks and special made colours back then. Hitting our comic store without any warning, Batman has come alive.

    Bruce Wayne ( Christian Bale ) was the man behind the mask living a perfect wealthy life in Gotham City with his butler. Now Bruce Wayne is back with a new agenda. Christopher Nolan's Batman Begins explores the origins of the Batman legend and the Dark Knight's emergence as a force for good in Gotham. In the wake of his parents' murder, disillusioned industrial heir Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale) travels the world seeking the means to fight injustice and turn fear against those who prey on the fearful. He returns to Gotham and unveils his alter-ego: Batman, a masked crusader who uses his strength, intellect and an array of high tech deceptions to fight the sinister forces that threaten the city.

    Batman Begins now hiring 2 great composers, making scores for the first time together. Hans Zimmer and James Newton Horward working on the OST that promise you a unique and fresh musical scores. Both men are know for their Oscar winning music scores in varies movies. Take a listen to their sample.

    Point your browser here to get some preview,wallpapers an much more. After seeing Star Wars, i'm looking forward to watch Batman. Star Wars just too "robot" for me and i'm not a huge fan of Star Wars. But hey, as long as you enjoyed the movie, thats ok for me.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 6:39 PM  
    Freeware for publisher
    wBloggar is a freeware that was made by Marcelo L. L. Cabral to ease blog posting and writing. It is small in size and making it fast to download. This freeware support numerous blog provider such as Blogspot,TypePad, Blog-City and much more. wBloggar is rich with feature and stability. Using its GUI is so easy and you can start posting in seconds.

    With wBloggar, you can easily create HTML without knowing about HTML. Varies type of function can be directly use with a click. You also can edit any existing post and change the fonts,format, aligment, insert an image, spell checking and more. If you have multiple blog,don't worry, wBloggar can handle multiple blog account. Tthe best thing is, you can publish the same post to all of your account at the same time.

    wBloggar also supports different language. No need to worry if your English is not that good, once you install wBloggar,you are already at home. As you can see, my blog was made using wBloggar and im happy with the result. By the way, you can also edit your blog's template if you decided to change the layout and colours. Couple of clicks and you aree done. Blogging is so easy with the help of wBloggar.

    If you are still using the web-interface to publish your blog, now is the time to get wBloggar. featured wBloggar in their Blogspot website.

    Click here to directly download wBloggar. ( 2Mb only )
    Click here to donate to wBloggar. ( Secured PayPal )
    posted by Jamloceng @ 6:28 PM  
    Stand up comedy
    Bill Cosby is geat man. I always listen to his stand ups. Mr.Cosby can make you laugh for hours just by listening to his jokes. I always bring along my headphone to my office. I plug it to my PC and fire up Yahoo LaunchCast. My first choice is Yahoo's "stand up comedy" channel. Having a good laugh listening to Bill Cosby seems like a drug to me. No,really, when listening to Bill Cosby im laughing while doing my work.

    Remember the Cosby Show? I really hope someone could release that show in VCD or DVD. I don't about you who are living in the US, but here in Malaysia, i just couldn't find that show. The one i like about Bill Cosby stand up comedy is about the "adult show". Do you know that Bill Cosby a big jazz fan? And he can sing too. Wow,what a talented guy he is. The way Bill Cosby make you laugh is using simple situation,you know, the ordinary stuff. But the way he execute the jokes is so smooth.

    posted by Jamloceng @ 1:52 PM  
    Friday, June 17, 2005
    New job?
    Our economy is not in the best situation. People got fired from their job because their company decided to cut their losses. As a senior civil engineer designer, im facing with this big issue. No projects for 2005 and our boss already told us about this. All of us are shocked with this news. Most of consultant firm in KL already firing their staff same goes for architecht firms. All those reports saying that Malaysian economy getting stronger is not 100% true. Yes for some sector showing great growht but for construction sector,we are facing a horror news. Our government is not releasing any project and that means "no job" for us.

    As stated in our newspaper, about 10,000 class F contractor are facing downturn in Penang alone. This indicates that all the top chain also facing the same problem. Below is the diagram of the chain :

    Client/Government --> Architechts --> Engineers ---> Contractors

    So, am i gonna find another job? How can i,everybody is firing staff. Should i go for something that is not related to me? That is the only option in the list. Maybe this is the best time for me to involve serioulsly in internet marketing. Or maybe turning to my old passion,graphic design. I can't made up my mind yet. A new born is expected in 2 months, re-finance my home, my father's major heart operation and others. But as my father always told me, "do not get worried for something that you already brave and go ahead". Yup,he's right...there's no need to worry about all this. Prepare for the worse ( or worst ) and get your gear ready.

    For me,there's always a solution for eveything and i truely believe theres a "hidden" message from God. Maybe God decided that i should take another path of life to remain close to Him. Well,no need to cry because i know that God is fair to everybody. I'll turn all my problems to Him because He can guide me to better place. I know that God will listen to me and that alone makes me feel secured. This reminds me of my own experience.

    Staying at "asrama" away from home to futher my study is something that i can't forget. Without any loans from the Ministry Of Education was a pain in the neck back then. My father gave me a monthly money about RM200. After paying all the fees and getting some books, i was left with RM15 in my hand. That is not even enough for my medical expenses ( i had an bone infection and still taking the medicine ) and im ellergic to eggs. Then i turn all my problem to God and miracles do happened. A "pakcik" offers me to cut his lawn and willing to pay me RM30. So i did. I went to his house and unpack my stuff. At that time my "asrama" serves breakfast at 8 in the morning but i can't wait any longer. I made a promised to that pakcik i'll be at his home at 8 in the morning. So, after my morning prayer, i walked about 5km to his house. Imagine walking at 6.30 in the morning for 5km without any meal.

    Once i arrived at "pakcik's" house, im totally hungry. Unpack my stuff and straight away begin to cut his grass. I said to myself, "God,your servent is hungry and hoping for some food after this". At 8.30 in the morning, that pakcik called me for a fresh "fried noodles" and hot coffe. At that time my tears started to flow slowly. Pakcik asked me why am i crying? I said a grass flew into my eyes to cover my true feeling. I knew God heard my prayer. Since that day, i never worried about anything for no good reason.

    The same situation im facing now and i know God is protecting His servent. So readers,why must you worry about not getting an extra cash? Why must you worry about not wearing "Versace's" jeans? Why must you worry so much? Enjoy your life and expend your view. Don't forget to thank God daily,say thank you to your parents,family and friends. Like Elton John's song, "sorry seems to be the hardest word" only applied to a person that ant say thank you to God will said that. I like to take this oppurtuniti to thank all. My thanks goes to :

    1. All my friends. ( Haidi,Haidir,Mat,Sham,Azham,Anuar, Lanzerd,Zam,Sham Teddy-bear,elizz and all at svoa's forum and to all my friends who are not in the list please remember, you will always in my heart )
    2. All my family ( Kak Ina and my brother in-law, Abang and my sister in-law, all my pakcik and makcik )
    3. My wife ( Thank you for being beside me in my ups and down and for understanding my craze for music,art,computer and books )
    4. My parents ( No words that i can think,not now and not in the future just thank you )
    5. All my cats ( Arwah Apek,Aboo,Makcik,Tembang,Ombak,Acheh, Snowy, Nami,Friskies,Tuning,Etot,Bulat,Bobo)

    posted by Jamloceng @ 2:35 PM  
    Thursday, June 16, 2005
    Anti spyware
    Nowdays security plays an important factor while we're online. Everybody is talking about spyware and how protect their computer. What is spyware actually? Below is the meaning of spyware :

    "A general term for a program that surreptitiously monitors your actions. While they are sometimes sinister, like a remote control program used by a hacker, software companies have been known to use Spyware to gather data about customers. The practice is generally frowned upon." ~ Resource

    Spyware can be installed without you knowing of it. Using ActiveX or any web script,spyware can be running freely in your computer. Freeware software do carry a truck load of spyware that send adds to you from their adds server. Sometimes,poor coding can lead to another threat, that is "backdoor". Spyware and adware usually come in pair to your computer. Start cleaning for all those nasty spyware with several trusted tools.

    The "grand daddy" of anti spyware tool is "OptOut" from . But this tool can be considered a obselete. Steve Gibson is not running OptOut anymore and handed his idea of anti spyware to another great company. Click here to visit OptOut. Note : Steve Gibson made an amazing tool for data recovery called SpinRite. A MUST have for all user.

    So,who did Steve Gibson handed his anti spyware idea to? Lavasoft is the one that handles most spyware today. Founded in Germany in mid 90's and still receiving multiple awards every year. Giving away "freeware" of the famous anti spyware called "Ad-aware" and providing you with secure and trusted tool. For Pro Version,Lavasoft released a "deep scanning" tool with a reasonable price. If you want to protect your privacy,get this great freeware anti spyware from Lavasoft. Click here to download Ad-Aware free version. ~ Note : Lavasoft received awards from varies company,groups and computer related magazine for "The Best Software".

    Another freeware that is on the list is "SpyBot S&D". Regular update and fast scanning tool,suitable for anyone who need some extra information about spyware. Super fast remooval system and "friendly" to your old computer. Patrick M. Kolla is the backbone of this cool tool and he made other cool stuff for you to download. RegAlyzer and FileAlyzer is also free. Not like Ad-Aware, SpyBot does not have any Pro Version,so please donate at any amount of money to Patrick so he can manage his website. You can get SpyBot by clicking here. ~ Note : If you can spare some money to Patrick,please do so. Your donation is welcome.

    SpywareBlaster is not a removal tool for spyware. It is a tool that block any spyware before it hits your computer. Combine this tool with SpyBot S&D and Ad-Aware,and you get a safe compputer. Again this tool is freeware but don't let the word "freeware" fools you. This tool is for a total protection. JavaCool Software is the maker of SpywareBlaster. Just like SpyBot,SpywareBlaster also a "donateware" tool. You can always donate to them at their website or by clicking here. ~ Note : Always update your SpywareBlaster for maximum protection.

    How can we forget Uncle Bill. Yup, Mircrosoft decided that "security" will be their main goal from now on. So,they decided to make their own anti spyware for free. This anti spyware is still in beta,so please be carefull running any BETA version software. Im not gonna review much about Microsoft anti spyware because of its beta level,but if you want to try this beta version, you are free to click here.

    All these great tools are made for ensuring your security and pricavy level at the best. Don't forget to update any tools after you have installed it. Happy surfing readers and be safe.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 7:54 PM  
    Equity line of credit
    What is equity line of credit? My friend asked me about this phrase "equity line of credit". Well after asking my other friend, that phrase "equity line of credit" is about loan and stuff. After putting up my post about "Can we make money from internet",my inbox are filled with question about how to make money. Nowdays everything is about money and how to get fast money. Im not surprised if my friend keep asking me about "equity line of credit".

    To be honest, im not the World Bank that can consult you about generating money. Just use for logic ideas and expend it more. Be creative and please be real. You can't make USD10000 by investing USD10. If somebody willing to direct me to that path,im more than happy to accept it. Simple idea can emerge into big idea...that what Hendry Ford was doing. Plan you money. Keep a real "money-log" so you can see and study. Keep aside some money for your medical and study things like that always not in the "high paying" list for some of us.

    How about life insurance? Do you invest in life insurance? Please choose the right plan for you,family or even your kids. Lfe insurance can safe you big bucks in the future by investing a small amount today. Different insurance company offer you varies type of insurance and period of time. Search as much info as you can before buying any life insurance.

    Cut off any unwanted paying bit by bit. For example your handphone bills. For a drastic measure,try to use pre-paid scheme to locate your most important call monthly. I know this is not for everyone but give it a try. Now in Malaysia, telephony already offers you a lite-plan pre-paid cards selling at RM10 only. Try that for 15 days and evaluate your cell usage. For credit card user please be careful once you signed the agreement. Please do more research about your monthly or annual fees. Do get too exicited when you received your credit card. Try to set a fix spending limit once you received your credit card. Allow only the lowest credit card's interest to be made. VISA credit card offers you a great help and they will make sure you understand all the terms of their policy before they allow you to signup.

    If you already in debt,you can always make debt consolidation with your bank. They always ready to help you to plan your spending habits. Debt consolidation can help you in a long-term run. Be sure to read carefully the agreement before making any decision. Morgage is another pain in the neck for some. Try finding the best home morgage provider by asking your friends,family or even go to the "helpdesk" for more details. Calculate the time period offered and the method of payment. Check if you will be fined for a late payment and what is your right to protect your home morage. Most community center provide you with a free lawyer advise. Always ask the lawyer and other community service providers regarding this matter.

    Why not donate your old family car and earn some money? Most of charity parties always looking for a cheap way to help their members and you can rent to them at reasonable price. My friend made RM100 when a charity club need a car. Getting RM100 for renting your can is not so bad for a 2 days job. Why not you download a software that can manage your spending habit? Or maybe you can just dump eveything in your Excel file. Note down all of your need and spending,then make a real formula in Excel,at the end of every month print out everything. Study that datas and compare it to your "real" need for spending.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 2:02 PM  
    Wednesday, June 15, 2005
    Can we make money from internet (Part 3)
    Getting on the top place from any Search Engines.

    To get on top of any search engines,one must give a hard promotion. Promoting your blog is not an easy task and it takes almost 2 weeks to promote to more than 300++ popular search engine ( Google,MSN,Yahoo,local country listing ). So why must we promote our "money-making" website? For me the most important thing is Traffic. The more visitors,the more popular your site. Getting a massive traffic is not an easy task for average joe's.

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    Am i addicted to bl00ooog?
    I dont hink that im hook to blogging but im hook to the coding. Im not a pro programmer but,yes i do make my own software. Compiling varies computer language such as PASCAL,Delphi,VB,C,C++,ASM,Java,LSP and much more. Making software using vaaries computer language is kinda fun for me. Running different Operating System on my old PC is a big advantage for me when it comes to programming. Im running SusE Linux, FreeBSD and Winn98. I tried once emulate MacOS on my old PC but seems to slow on this "grandpa".

    To tell you the truth, im not a programmer but a senior civil engineer designer. I like to try varies computer language for LISP purpose on AutoCAD. Some do work but normally not in the stable level. Once, i have to re-installed AutoCAD because screwed some core of AutoCAD. Yet, i enjoyed doing it. Making all those private-use software was a great challange for me. I've made tools for sending fake emails,simple anti-virus ( detecting around 300+ virus ), keylogger, remote control tools, IRC client, internet server, simple debugger for Intel chipset and Motorola and more.

    Computer language is getting faster and complex ( for a newbies ). For Visual Basic, im not a big fan of VB. I prefer to use Delphi for far more complex coding structure. It's true what people said about Delphi " It'll make simple things simpler and complex things even simple". Right now im looking at computer language from different view. Before this coding Socket Protocol is quite simple for HTTP,HTTPS,FTP and Telnet Protocol but now TCP/IP has changed alot. VoIP is a new field for me. My company also involve in making VoIP telephony service using SusE as the mainframe. We have relay server all around the world such as in UK,US,New Zealand,Singapore,Thailand and Malaysia ( KL,Kuantan,Ipoh ). Well i guess VoIP is not my passion because i have to re-study everything thus making my time not in the gap of pleasure. Well you know,managing all the civil engineer design and all that.

    Enuff said,im heading to bead. Good night my readers.
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    Tuesday, June 14, 2005
    Can we make money from the Internet? ( Part 2 )
    The answer still YES! Promotion is so vital in internet bussiness,companies are willing to pay you just to read their promotion and adds. As i type this blog, i've already made USD1,900.00 just by reading emails and looking at the adds. Is it that simple? Yes and no. YES because you dont have to do anything and NO because you have to read emails for them (is that so hard? ). I know you will call me a lier but thats ok because im the one who makes all the money and you are the one left behind. Still don't believe me? Take a look at the snapshot.

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    Music,MP3 and Billboard.
    Music is a global language for any human. Music in Africa is deffirent from Asian music but still,it's music. According to the culcute and current knowledge. Music do evolve from time to time. From the stone-aged to the Beetles and now,Britney Spears. Music is getting bigger every single day. Rock,pop,punk or blues...any music is getting a bang. Music can change our own culcute just like what the Egyptian,Greeks or Chinnesse ringht up to the Indian music.

    Music being pass down from their parents and their children will pass down to their children and so on. Take the Apache music for example. There was no written text aabout their music,yet the music still can be heard. In Malaysia,our grandfather never wrote a text about music. Traditional music and dances is the main root in the old days. They trained their siblings to master the art of the music. At that time music can only be learned by chosing children that was given a highest repect from the King.

    Now music is something that can be heard almost everywhere...even in the public toilet where they put-up a radio. Kinda funny tho...doing nature bussiness and listening to Britney Spears. Talk about Britney Spears,she was great at the start but now seems to be her album just wot capture the listeners. Just maybe if Britney kept her "nice-lil-virgin" girl,she can't go beyond the moon. I dont know...just my opinion. Britney can pick any image she like. Her first hit was "Hit me more time" and that was a big hit back then. Everybody was trying to be like Britney Spears,from her hair style,her pink T-shirt and her "ponny-tail".

    Then came along this great R&B singer by the name of Alicia Keys. Alicia got a very nice voice and hitting all the top charts allover the world. I really love Alicia's song by the title "Falling". Her voice is just right for that kinda song. The song that got high and low keys is a nightmare for some but for Alicia,that's not a problem. Chart-toppers for months with her single from the US down to our shore,Malaysia. Alicia's voice is kinda match with the sound of the grand piano. All the notes were at the best and the music just wanna make you smile and jump.

    Internet for some is heaven but tell that to Metallica. Metallica hit the big spotlight when they sued Napster. As we all know Napster is a file sharing portal that serves free mp3. Metalliica sued Napster and asked them to stop giving free mp3. Millions of song swapping freely without paying any fee to the artist. Using the internet,music can be downloaded to your hard drive in seconds with paying a dime to the artis. Just image a 40G hard drive loaded with free mp3 and how much is the cost to download all the mp3? For a Streamyx user in Malaysia, that would be RM88 per month.

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    Sunday, June 12, 2005
    LOAN,Loans,loans,lOANS,LoanS. No matter how you typed it,the word still pointing to one thing. Same as car loan,home loan,morgage loan,student loan,corporate load,private loan,personal loan...still pointing to one thing.

    Credit,credits,credit card.debit,debt,debts and all those other words still pointing to one thing. Same as income,incomes,profit,profits,bank,banks,banking still,the path. What is it about this words anyway? Well it's about "some-called-it" as The BOSS,The Green,The Wings but for me,i prefer to call it as MONEY.

    You need money to buy milk,fresh apples,cars,DVD player and much more. Where do we get money from? You can't go to a tree and ask for a home loan. You can't go to a mamak stall for a credit card. You need a student loan ( money ) to study at the highest level. You need a home loan to pay for your home. You need a private loan to kick-start your own "pisang goreng" stall.

    Nowdays,students kinda affraid receiving calls or visitors. Wanna know why? Because PTPTN guys will come knocking your door. Yup,these are the guys who collect your student loan. Because of this, i played a phone phrank. My office uses a private the "Private Number" that appears on your cells.

    "Ni Encik Azzwar Amar ke? Saya Encik Nordin dari PTPTN". " Ada apa Encik Nordin?" As you can see, im playing the PTPTN (student loan) guy. This dude speechless when he heard the word PTPN.

    "Pihak kami dapati Encik masih tidak membayar loan.Pihak kami telah pun mengeluarkan waran tangkap terhadap encik" i said to my friend. " Tap...tap...tapi saya masih takde kerja,cemana nak bayau" a thick-Melaka-speaking-guy said to me.

    "Kami sudah pun menyemak rekod encik dan didapati encik mempunyai saham di sebuah syarikat kontraktor kelas B" i knew this guy is working tho. "Err...aaaaa...errhhmm...tu cuma pakai nama saya aje...saya tak terlibat". "Kalau encik cuma gunakan nama,dah tentu pihak syarikat membayar elaun dan encik mampu membayar loan encik" i said to him with a deep voice.

    " la Encik Nordin..saya akan cuba bayau loan secepat mungkin...tapi tolong la batalkan waran tu..saya tak nak duduk penjara". At that time my stomach can't take it anymore. LOL. "Lahabau anak kerbau kooo...aku tikam buah pinggang ko nanti!!!"
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    Saturday, June 11, 2005
    Can we make money from internet?
    Internet user in Malaysia is around 2 millions. That and add up about another 30% of non-register user like in collages,cyber cafe and schools. So do you want to make an extra money ( around USD200 per month ) by using your internet? Well let me tell you how i make that extra money from this blog. Yup,you heard it right...just from using your blog. No need to setup a fancy .COM to gain some extra income.

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    Put your "money-making" blog to your bussiness card. People can't give you money if they dont know how and where. Print a T-shirt with your "money-making" blog on it or be creative and send a birthday card with your blog on it.

    Why not you make a "mobile-adds" for you "money-making" blog. Print a bumper sticker and stick it to your car. Come on,in Kuala Lumpur alone 2 million road users will read your bumper sticker. Print it like this "Want to make money for free? Log to".

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    Friday, June 10, 2005
    Going for a holiday
    "A long nice holiday would be good" That was my friend told me one day. He always wanted to go to Paris for a vacation. Well, actually he wanted to go to Louve Art Museum. If you eager to take a tour down the memory lane of Mona Lisa,this is the place. If you an art lover,than pack your bags and buy some good plane tickets and off to Paris.

    One day my friend decided to go there on his own. That is not a big surprise for me because i know this guy for years. He went to Pakistan for 2 months, Canada for 1 week...all that going solo. So this guy asked me last week where to get a nice cheap hotel in Paris. I told him that i never been to Paris ( been to Parit Buntar ) but i can give a link to book a nice cheap hotel. So i gave him AccomLine for a try. The funny part is,this dude never knew that he can book hotel room using the internet. "Is it safe" he asked. "You can always consult your credit card provider if they turn out to be a scam".

    Then i gave him another service provider called RatesToGo so he can compare the price. All this was happening last week. Since then, i never heard from him. Maybe he's already in the plane. Good luck my friend...let the vacation of yours remains sweet. For me, im still looking forward to go to Louve or maybe to any old castle like in Scotland. My boss just came back from his Europe Tour with his family and as usuall,more keychains...( like i really need that). I need a long vacation..away from job...away from stress...away from my typical-sitting-infront-of-PC life.

    BTW, i still need a donation from you,my readers. If you can fork-out couple of dollar or ringgit,feel free to do so. You can always use a secured layer from PayPal. Your donation is a bridge to our friendship and i do hold it tight in my heart.
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    My day of thinking
    Have you seen the movie Madgascar? Yup,the animation movie. Really great movie for family. Not just the story that is great but also thesoundtrack. It's nice to listen to an OST that "really" relate to the movie itself. Enuff of this movie.

    Im stuck with money problem. Still, i need more money to setup a proper server. After one of my sponsor cancelled my account, im looking for another path to generate money. Thank God Google seems to "understand" my situation and provide me with "small income". Now my "diary" runs their sponsoring adds. So feel free to browse Google links.

    Talk about income, im felt lucky for this one service. They will give you USD25 just for signing up to their service. GreenZap is a new company that runs an internet pay-out system service. You already know that eBay just landed on our soil ( Malaysia ). GreenZap is our alternative to pay and receive money.

    Donation still needed.
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    Wednesday, June 08, 2005
    Back from the cold ice of silent
    Not much happening lately. Haven't had a clue what to write. Still waiting for a proper server to be setup handling unlimited bandwidth connection. My Linkshare has been dropped for no reason....and they still not replying. So,if you clicked on my Linkshare sponsors,they won't work....darn. No sponsor and no donation from readers.

    Im working in this big project of mine regarding website issues. But,still, i can't tell when will it be release to the public. Regarding the server, im facing with hardware problem and the replacement was supposed to be on my door steps weeks ago. Well im talking about my "mini server" pounding the hell out from my home. Man, i really need a proper server to run my project. Running a "home" server on old PC running susE Linux is not "just right" for my project...too slow for a massive bandwidth.

    Errmm....helped Reen with her trojan thinggy :D. Not a big problem for user like me but for the "avarage joe's",that was hell going on a free bus ticket. Sometimes i just "love" virus.Why? Because i just love the challange to understand the virus. Re-code it again and disable it is fun thing to do....and no i do not provide any tutorial regarding virus writting. Learn how to code first. If these kiddies can't wrote a simple PASCAL,then no point writting a virus. BTW, don't write a virus just to make your friends afraid of you. If you can write a virus,why not write something thats gonna make our life better. Why not write a new "killer app" before this year ends.

    Haven't chat with Lizz for months. I do really like to chat with her just for 10 minutes. Well,she's busy with her job and study and im truly understand that. Darn....really hope that a nice chat would be great for a change.

    A dear friend from this forum IM me asking about his GMail. Sorry dude, this server has gone wild. Overloaded with bandwidth. Ombak,check your email to activate your GMail. Talk about forum, it seems to be "slow". Not much intereisting post there. Im trying to "entertaine" members with varies post but seems not at the best cup of tea. New user keeps opening new topic for no good reason. "Hi,nama saya bla bla bla" and they thought that was funny. This forum should be "rule-out" new law. Well that's not my problem because im not the Admin and GloMods in there. Im just a Mod. New law should be roll out just before any new user sign-in. Again, im not the Admin and i'll let the admin figure out this matter.

    For now, i have to keep this blog running because alot of my friends keep throwing several "molokov cocktails" at me. Cool posting, im posting LOL. For a "non-graphical" blog, 970++ hits in one month was a blast. Do i really have that much friends? LOL

    I went to my senior engineer's house to setup her streamyx....and man her PC was full of virus. 400++ virus running like a junky in her PC. It took me 3 hours to remove all the virus manually!! I can't connect to the internet to update her anti virus because all the trojan/diallers keep stealing her connection. The last time i did that was months ago when my office was strucked with a new breed virus. With help from Lizz, i managed to wipe out the virus. Luckily our server runs on Linux and no big damage was done. Back to my engineer, she kept calling me on my cells asking "cemana nak download lagu?", "cemana nak setup firewall?" things like that. As i type,she call again LOL...and this time asking me "how to block porno".

    Malaysian goverment asking users to install "anti porn" software. Me and my buddies keep on laughing. They already picked a "company" that sells this app. Well now,we are no stupid kids. One company for 2 million users in Malaysia? I don't think that's a good idea. Filtering must start from the ISP then to the users. Take a look at China,they filtered out porno and other things from their ISP. Porno filtering should be made at the first day of the launching of ISP's not after they made 2 million users. Yes filtering at user level can be made but if the ISP keep allowing porno traffic to the users,then this picture is not in the right place.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 7:44 PM  
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